2001 Croatian 1 Lipa Coin Uang Logam dari Negara Kroasia Satu Lipa Tahun 2001

Here we are going to examine a 2001 Croatian 1 Lipa coin (please see the photographs at the bottom).  On the obverse side is the name of the country: Republika Hrvatska (or in English Croatia) as well as the value (which appears to be on top of sprigs and leaves) and at the bottom is the coat of arms for that country.  The back of this 1 Lipa coin has the word Kukuruz which in English means corn and an image of a couple of ears of corn.    This one Lipa is constructed out of aluminum and weighs only .6999 grams.  Its diameter measures 17 millimeters.  There were 2 million of these made in 2001 and our coin appears almost uncirculated.

The Lipa is a unit of the currency in Croatia which is the Kuna (which started in the year 1994).  One hundred Lipa equal one Kuna.

Uang logam dari negara Kroasia satu Lipa tahun 2001.