2002 Chinese 5 Jiao Coin Koin dari Negara Cina Lima Jiao

This entry will examine a 2002 Five Jiao coin from China.  The front of it has the denomination and year in English.  There also as expected Chinese characters at the top and right side.  The back of it has a flower image as well as the words: “Zhongguo Renmin Yinhang” which means Peoples Bank of China.  This coin’s metal content is brass and it weighs roughly 3.8 grams.  This coin would grade at least extra fine and perhaps is good enough to even be considered almost uncirculated.

The Jiao is a subdivision of the main currency unit in China known as the Yuan (10 of which equal 1 Yuan).  As far as I can tell prior to the year 1980 coins were only in the Fen currency sub unit and then in 1980 the Jiao was introduced to Chinese coinage.

Uang logam koin 5-lima Jiao tahun 2002 terbuat dari bahan metal perunggu.