2004 Australia 5 Cents Coin

Here we have an Australian 5 cents coin from the year 2004.  On its front side is an image of Queen Elizabeth II wearing a royal tiara.  The back is adorned with an artistically done picture of a Echidna which is a spiny mammal that eats ants as well as  termites (and is related to the platypus).  The are 2 variations of the reverse designer’s (Stuart Devlin) initials (SD) which are regular size and small size.  Ours appears to be the regular size.  This coin is made from the metal copper as well as nickel and it has a weight of 2.83 grams.

One can examine pictures of our 2004 Australian 5 cents coins by viewing the photographs underneath.  Our coin looks to be quite nice and uncirculated.

Koin 5 lima cents dari negara Australia.