2004 Brazil 5 Centavos Coin

Below we have pictures of a 2004 Brazilian 5 Centavos coin that have in our collection.  It is struck from the metals copper (which is the plating) and steel (core).  On the front is an image of Jesus Christ as well as a dove in flight.  The back has the year, value inside of vertical lines and to the right a artistich design (which has curving lines inside of which are stars).  This Brazilian 5 Centavos weighs 4.1 grams and there were more than 262 million of them made in the year of 2004.  Our particular example is quite nice and has some traces of mint luster on it.  With that said it appears that it would grade in almost uncirculated condition.

The Brazilian Centavos is a sub division or sub unit of Brazil’s currency which is known as the Real.  One hundred Centavos will equal out to one Real.

Uang Logam dari Negara Brazil 5 lima Centavos tahun 2004.