2005 Polish 1 Grosz Coin Koin Dari Negara Polandia Satu Grosz

In this post we will examine a 2005 Polish 1 Grosz coin.  Its metal content is brass and there were 375 million of these made in 2005.  On the front of it is Poland’s coat of arms which is a crowned eagle.  They have been using various forms of eagles on their coinage for many centuries, roughly a thousand years.  Going around the top of the front are the words Rzeczpospolity Polska which means Polish State in English.  Below the eagle is the year.  On the back side we side we see a turning oak leaf which is on top of the denomination or value of 1 Grosz.  This coin weighs 1.6399 grams and its diameter is small at 15.5 millimeters.  Looking at it we see the mint luster is not full but the detail on the eagle’s chest feathers is there so we may say a grade of almost uncirculated.

Koin dari negara Polandia 1 satu grosz tahun 2005.