2006 Jamaican 1 Dollar Coin Koin dari Negara Jamaika Satu Dollar Tahun 2006

Here we are going to talk about a 2006 Jamaican 1 dollar coin.  It is made out of steel which has plating that is from nickel.  This particular example we have which can be seen in the photographs below appears to be at least almost uncirculated.  On its front is an image of Sir Alexander Bustamante who is a hero in Jamaica.  He was a supporter of Jamaica becoming its own sovereign nation and when it did he became its first Prime Minister.  The reverse side of this coin has an image of their coat of arms as well as the country, year and the denomination. The coin’s weight is 2.91 grams.

The currency of Jamaica is the dollar which is divided into cents.  As far as coins are concerned they have made some interesting collectors’ items like a 1979 one hundred dollar gold piece.

See the  One Dollar (made from steel nickel) from 2006 underneath.