2007 Australian 10 Cents Coin Koin dari Australia Sepuluh Cents Tahun 2007

On this post we will examine a 2007 Australian 10 cents coin.  It as other commonwealth countries’ coins has the Queen of the United Kingdom and head of the commonwealth Elizabeth II on its obverse.  The back side has a lyrebird which are birds found in Australia that travel on the ground versus the air.  They are known for their keen ability to replicate sounds.  This coin is made out of a combination of copper as well as nickel.  Their were 61.09 million of these struck in 2007 and it weighs in at 5.68 grams.  This particular one that we have would likely be in extra fine condition.

The cent is a sub unit of the currency in Australian which is their dollar.  The AUD (which is the symbol  for the Australian Dollar) has become very popular for trade recently, in fact it is the 3rd most popular in the world behind just the USD and the Euro.