2007 Russian 1 Ruble Coin Koin dari Rusia Satu Rouble Tahun 2007

A 2007 Russia 1 Rouble coin is the subject of this post.  See it in the photographs right at the bottom of the entry.  On its front side is a picture of a double heading eagle below which is the name of the bank.  The mint mark lays below that and this coin is made out of a combination of copper, nickel as well as zinc.  Its weight is 3.25 grams and its reverse has the value of the coin as well as a flower.  The condition of this one in particular would be almost uncirculated.  Send us an email at butikmewah@gmail.com if you would like to purchase it or for questions.

The Rouble (or otherwise known as Ruble) is the Russian Federation’s currency.  It is currently is in its 7th edition which started in 1997.  The first time Ruble’s were produced was way back, roughly 5 century’s ago and they were not revalued (for the first time anyways) until 1922.