2008 Australian 20 Cents Coin Koin Dari Negara Australia Dua Puluh Cents

Here we will talk about a 20 cents coin from Australia. On the obverse side is a picture of Queen Elizabeth II facing right and wearing a royal tiara. Australia is part of the Commonwealth so this is nog unusual. The reverse or back of this coin is an artistic impression by Stuart Devlin of a duck billed platypus swimming through a body of water. The value is on the back side. This coin is made from copper as well as nickel and possesses a weight of 11.3 grams. There were 106.220 million of them made in 2008 and ours in particular would easily grade uncirculated.

See the photograph of our 2008 Australian 20 cents coin below.

Uang Logam Koin Dari Negara Australia dua puluh cents tahun 2008.