2009 One Cent Euro French Coin Koin dari Negara Prancis Satu Euro Tahun 2009

In this post we will take a look at a 2009 one Euro cent from France.  On the front side is the face of Marriane who is the French symbol of liberty as well as reason. Those things are of great importance and this is displayed in Marrianne in many statues around France.  The design was created by Fabienne Courtiade who is a sculptor. The back of this euro cent is a globe with Europe in the center and was designed by Luc Luycx.  Even though this coin is only 3 years old and is of a small denomination that probably isn’t the most practical it has seen some use or circulation.  The metal composition is of steel with copper plating and its weight is 2.27 grams.

The European Union’s roots go back to 1951 and France was one of the founding members.  They used the Franc as currency up to 2002 after which the coinage of the Euro started to be used.