250th Anniversary Of Birth Day Mr George Washington 1982 Half Dollar Silver Coin Image Of George Washington And He’s Horse Koin Perak 1/2 Setengah Dollar US Dari Amerika Serikat Th 1982

To remember 1st President of USA and American Revolutionary War general (and hero) George Washington the US mint produced a commemorative coin for the 250th anniversary of his birthday.  It was produced in 1982 and has Washington with his horse on the front and the back is adorned with his home in Virginia which is Mount Vernon.  These coins are actually the first return to a 90% silver coin since the year 1964 and have a makeup including 0.36169 ounces of silver.

There are 2 versions of the 1982 Washington Commemorative that were made, one in a proof format that was struck in the San Francisco mint and the other known just as uncirculated which was made in Denver.  Based on minting rules there is a limit on how many of these that could be made which was 10 million but supposedly something like 1 million were melted down later as they were unsold.  In any case there enough made that getting this coin would not be the least difficult.  This was the mints first return to commemoratives after not making them for decades.

See the following pictures for example of the 1982 Washington half dollar we have.  View the images in larger scale by clicking the photos.

250th Anniversary Of Birth Day George Washington 1982 Half Dollar Silver Coin George Washington CoinKoin Perak Tahun 1982 Bergambar Mantan President Amerika Serikat George Washington 1982 Half Dollar Silver Coin George Washington Coin

Koin Antik Spesial Edisi Special Edition Untuk mengenang 250 tahun Anniversary of Birth Day Mr George Washington 1982 Half Dollar Silver Coin George Washington Coin Liberty  Coin United States Of America In God We Trust , Koin antik bersejarah uang logam unik lain daripada yang lain koin perak, Koin bersejarah mengenang hari ulang tahun yang 250 tahun hari jadinya Pahlawan dan Mantan President Amerika Serikat yang nomer 1-satu yang bernama Mr George Washington Koin ini special dibuat hanya untuk Mr George untuk hadiah ulang tahunnya, Koin perak ½ setengah dollar US pembuatan untuk tahun 1982 bergambar wajah President George Washington lagi naik kuda dan kuda ini adalah kuda kepunyaan-nya dia sendiri dan dibelakang koin unik ini bergambar  foto Rumah besar yang terkenal dengan julukan Rumah Mount Vernon Rumah ini adalah rumah tempat tingalnya Mr George Washington yang berlokasi di Virginia USA, Apa bila anda berminat untuk mengkoleksi dan memiliki koin perak yang bersejarah dan unik ini silahkan anda bisa kontak e-mail kami langsung di butikmewah@gmail.com untuk menanyakan harganya, Terima Kasih, Thank You,