3.27 Carat Andesine Labradorite Gemstone Batu Permata Natural Andesine Berat 3.27 Carat

Here we are going to look at an andesine labradorite gemstone which has a carat weight of 3.27.  Check  it out in the photographs below.  It has been cut in the cushion shape which is a nice old fashioned style (has been around well over 100 years) and is better for stones that are slightly included or better clarity (as inclusions if present would be noticeable ).  This particular andesine labradorite gemstone is internally flawless so it has no inclusions.  Its color is light golden yellow and it could be used as a nice highlight to a gold necklace perhaps.  It does have some hardness to it (6.5 rating measurement on the Mohl scale) making is somewhat durable though harder gems will be able to scratch it.

Andesine labradorite is a mineral (feldspar family) that can be found in a variety of colors from yellows to red and others (like green).  They can be found naturally in those colors but its important to note that some people heat the yellow andesine labradorite  variety to turn the stone’s color orange or red.   Andesine labradorite comes from several countries like Congo, China and Mongolia.

Batu permata natural “Andesine Labradorite” batu permata cantik berbentuk klasik cushion batu bening dan jernih berukuran lumayan besar  seberat 3.27 carat, Batu ini sangat cocok sekali apabila disetting dengan emas berwarna kuning dan dijadikan sebagai coktail ring, atau fashion ring pasti akan terlihat indah modern dan angun di jari jemari anda,