3 Piece 2 Two Pence British Coins Koin Kuno Inggris Tahun 1991-1985 Dan 1980 UK United Kingdom

The two Pence of Great Britain has been around in its current decimal format since the year 1971.  Back when it came out and for several years (until 1992) it was struck from bronze but in recent years was changed to copper-coated steel.  The two pence is the second smallest denomination of British coins (the 1 penny is the smallest).  This coin has seen changes in design over the years, the obverse side is now its 3rd impression of Queen Elizabeth II.  The reverse saw one revamp in 2008.

We have 3 of these coins below.  The first is a two Pence from 1980 that features the first design of the obverse.  This particular example is in very fine condition and there were 260.2 million of these struck this year.    Notice we also have examples from 1985 and 1991 well.  The 1991 two pence has retained some of its mint luster and would grade extra fine.

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