3 Tree Famous Diamonds 3 Tiga Model Batu Permata Berlian Paling Terkenal Di Dunia

One of the most famous diamonds in the world is known as the Dresden diamond.  It is quite a specimen that is naturally green and actually is like that because of radioactivity from the ground.  The rock was discovered in the country of India.  Its size comes in at 41 carats and it supposedly has a clarity of internally flawless.  Its cut is pair and its normal home when not on display in places like The Smithsonian is in a castle in Dresden, Germany.

Another exceptionally impressive diamond is the Cullinan I with a weight of 530 carats and was found in the year 1905.  It is part of the crown jewels of the British royal family and this particular rock was discovered in South Africa.  It is in the pear shape and was cut by the Asscher brothers (who are from Amersterdam, The Netherlands and who also developed the Asscher cut) and has 76 facets in total.

Is there such a thing as a perfect diamond?  Perhaps the answer is yes in the form of the Strawn-Wagner stone which was graded as perfect by not only GIA but also AGS (both of which are the authorities on such things).  They gave this rock an ideal cut mark, D color and clarity of flawless.   Its carat size is 3 and it was found in the USA in the state of Arkansas where it still resides.  It was discovered in the year 1990 in a park where people can pay to look for gems.

Ini contoh batu permata berlian paling terkenal kecantikan keindahan kebersihan-nya di Dunia, Batu berlian paling unik jarang dan langka !.