.33 Carat Batu Berlian Princess Cut Diamond

Beautiful princess cut diamond for sale!  This is a .33 carat princess cut S1 Clarity (slightly included) F Color (rare very white) diamond with lots of sparkle. This gorgeous diamond comes with a GIA certificate.   Own something special with this beautiful rock.  Terima kasih 🙂  Batu berlian princess cut .33 carat

Warna: F

Kejelasan: S1

Carat: .33

jual berlian sertifikat gia

Dijual Harga 37 Juta 

Untuk pertanyaan please contact/e-mail kami di butikmewah@Gmail.com

Princess diamonds have a squarish shaped top and are very popular (in fact the 2nd most after round).  This lovely type was first used back in the 1960s.  You’ll find Princess cut rocks to be less expensive than other types of stones because there is less waste when they are cut from the rough.  When setting one of these it is vital to protect the corners as they have the highest risk of damage.

When purchasing one choose at least a clarity of SI1 as inclusions can be noticable and a color of at least H (though if budgets are tight I is ok).  Cut wise stick with at least good though go with excellent or ideal if possible.  The table and depth are important too, try to get a princess diamond that has a as table in the range of 56 to 78 and depth of 57 to 79%.  If looking to buy a graded princess cut stone than choose one graded by either GIA or AGS as their grading standards are the strictest.

Batu Intan Permata Berlian Berbentuk Segi Empat Princess Cut simply elegant sangat cantik unik anggun dan menpesona,

Batu Berlian princess!