5 Cinq Francs Banknote Banque De L’Indo-Chine (1940 Issue) 5-Lima CINQ FRANCS Uang Kertas Kuno Dari Negara Perancis

France occupied parts of Asia starting in the 1800s.  For those territories the French established a bank known as Banque de l’Indochine that issued currency.  Its purpose changed has over the years and it has gone through mergers and the like.

In the early part of the 20th century the Banque de l’Indo Chine’s purpose was to assist the French government with trading in Asia.  They had offices in various locations throughout the continent.  The following is a 5 Cinq Franc bill issued by them.  It does not appear to have any date on it though most likely it was the early forties based on some research I’ve done.  Though it has not much in the line of crispness it is still in decent condition, I would say perhaps a lower very fine grade.

Uang kertas frank frencs berumur 100++ ratusan tahun uang kertas kuno antik langka dan jarang ada dari Negara Perancis French Money Banqeu De L’indo-Chine 5 Cinq Frencs Noumea Payables En Especes Au Porteur ( U.90 697 ) Notes Pertuliskan : L’article 139 Du Code P’enal Punit Des Travaux Forces Ceux Qui Auront Contrefat Ou Fal-Sifie Les Billets De Banques Auto-Reisees Par La Loi.