500 Pesos from Mexico 1987

This posting will be about a 1987 Mexican 500 Pesos coin (check out the photos below).  On the coin’s front side is an image of Francisco Indalecio Madero Gonzalez who was a popular President of Mexico during the Mexican revolution period and was killed in a military coup.  The back side of this coin has an image of a coat of arms.  This 500 pesos is made from a combination of copper and nickel and has a weight of 12.6 grams. There were 230 million of them struck in the year 1987 and it was made in the Mexico City mint designated by the Mo mark on the front.

Our 500 Pesos has a rim ding at the top but other looks like extra fine in its grade.

Koin kuno lima ratus Pesos dari negara Meksiko tahun 1987.

1987 Mexican 500 Pesoslima ratus Meksiko