5000 Russian Rubles from 1993

Take a look at our 5000 Russian Rubles paper money banknote in the pictures below.  This particular bill that we have appears to be in a lower very fine state with some crispness to it.  On its front side is a take on the Russian Federation flag together with a portion of the Klemlin on what appears to be a scroll.  Notice a few other different patterns going on as well.  The back side of this old 5000 Russian Rubles currency note is a larger scene of the Kremlin.  The serial number is on the top left and again towards the right bottom. This banknote was part of the 6th Ruble era which lasted from 1961 until the end of 1997 before the newest ruble was introduced in Jan. 1998 due to hyperinflation.

5000 Russian Rubles Uang kertas lima ribu 5000 Rubles

Uang kertas lima ribu 5000 Rubles uang lama tahun 1993 dari Negara RUSIA-RUSSIAN. Uang kertas berwarna merah hijau dan sedikit warna coklat ini bergambar bendera Rusia Federation. Dangan kondisi lumayan bagus tidak ada robekan hanya ada sedikit bekas lipatan saja.