A BEAUTY SECRET FROM KOREA, Korean Oriental Herb Medicin “YEDAM YUN BIT YUN JIN GYEOL” Moisturizer And Toner Skin SET Duo 2 Two Piece Full Size 150Ml Each Made In KOREA

A BEAUTY SECRET SKIN-CARE PRODUCT FROM KOREA, Korean Oriental Natural Herb Medicin Skincare “YEDAM YUN BIT YUN JIN GYEOL” Moisturizer And Toner Skin SET Duo Two Piece.Full Size: 150ML Each Total 300 ML. This Korean Oriental herb Medicin will give your skin a beautiful healthy glow and looking younger every day and forever”

YEDAM YUN BIT YUN JIN GYEOL Skin Care Products Made In KOREA, Moisturizer And Toner Skin SET Fermented ORIENTAL NATURAL HERB MEDICINE Moisturizer and Toner Include Phyto placenta (1) YEDAM YUN BIT YUN JIN GYEOL Every Day Skin Toner Fermented ORIENTAL MEDICINE SKIN Include Phyto placenta, Full Bottle Size: 150g, (1) YEDAM YUN BIT YUN JIN GYEOL Moisturizer Fermented ORIENTAL MEDICINE MOISTURIZER Day And Night Cream Include Phyto placenta, Full Bottle Size:150g,

FEATURE: This Korean medicine Moisturizer & Skin contains precious Korean medical herbs and royal jelly. Best kept secret Korean medicine formula raises your skin’s water level(Yin) and lowers fire level(Yang) so that your skin will look soft and vivid. This Moisturizer & Skin, with traditional oriental herb medicine, immediately helps to firm and moisturize the loosened skin for its best radiance while protecting dryness and sensitiveness skin. This highly concentrated Moisturizer & Skin, with royal jelly extract for revitalizing and rejuvenating the skin cell effect, protects and soothes the exhausted, damaged skin from various kinds of pollutants. By maintaining hydration on skin level for a long lasting time, moisturizer nourishes and clears up the skin tone at the same time to take bright, smooth, moist skin for best radiance.

Effects Phyto Placenta: Phyto placenta increases the skin’s ability to absorb oxygen and affects on faster metabolism and cell rejuvenation.It contains rich and balanced essential nutrition such as amino acids, vitamins, and  minerals. Also , female hormone and growth factor ingredients replace skin trouble like sebum , pore, And pimple as well as skin aging like freckles by ultra violet rays and skin wrinkles due to dryness with  young collagen and improve your skin to have vivid, beautiful , and healthy skin

HOW TO USE: Skin Toner After facial wash in the morning and at night, apply an appropriate amount gently onto the face along with skin texture. Slowly press the face  with your palms to make it deeply absorb into the skin.

HOW TO USE Moisturizer Cream:After putting on the toner,apply onto the face along with skin texture and press the face lightly with palms to make it evenly absorb into the face. HARGA HANYA RP3JUTA RUPIAH / 2 DUA BOTOL SET, Harga belum termasuk ongkos kirim,