A Diamond’s Girdle And Crown Info Tentang Girldle Dan Crown Batu Permata Berlian

Diamond girdle is another attribute of a stone to pay attention to and it refers to the outside edge of the rock.  The Gemilogical Institute of America (GIA) when grading a diamond will make a comment on girdle thickness assigning a grade between extremely thin to extremely thick.   Generally speaking the best grade as far as girdle goes is thin/medium.   Slightly thick is also quite desirable followed by very thin which is also nice.   The last girdle grade that is decent is very thick, try to avoid if possible extremely thin or extremely thick.

GIA is only concerned with making an assessment on girdle thickness.  Some girdles on a diamond will have facets especially if they have been subject to additional cutting beyond what is normally found.  Having facets on the girdle supposedly have no bearing on the diamond’s cut grade.

A diamond’s crown is the uppermost part of the rock that lies above the girdle and it contains the table facet as well as additional facets found below. Crown height is a measurement of the space between the table and the girdle,

Tips memilih batu permata berlian: Girdle Dan Crown batu permata berlian adalah salah satu katagori terpenting untuk menyeimbangkan batu permata berlian yang anda pilih agar terlihat lebih sempurna kecantikan dan keindahan-nya dari setiap penjuru pandangan mata , berlian akan terlihat lebih bersinar bercahaya seperti pelangi rainbow sparkle like a star, Foto berlian ini hanya untuk contoh saja tidak untuk dijual Not For Sale , Diamond’s Berlian Lovers sekian dulu info tentang batu permata berlian dari kami semoga bermanfaat  Terima kasih , Thank you,