Absolutely Gorgeous Etruscan Style French Gripoix Poured Glass Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings Set

Here we are going to talk about a wonderful and stunning  necklace, bracelet and earrings set.  It has beautiful blue, orange, red, pink, green and yellow French Gripoix poured glass stones.  The style of this necklace is of Etruscan fashion and its finish appears to be of brass.  There is no designers signature but in any case this set is clearly of very high quality and it is vintage from the 1970s.

This gorgeous stand out set has a total weight of 185.2 grams.  The necklace has a weight of 155 grams , the clip on earrings 22.6 g and the bracelet 67.4 g.

Some of the other important measures for the necklace are that the necklace is 48.26 cm long and 1.9 cm wide.  The bracelet is 19 cm long by 1.9 cm in width whereas the clip on earring are 5 cm long x 1.9 wide.

Now this set’s condition it is a least VERY GOOD vintage with some normal wear as per its age.  There are absolutely no stones missing as seen in the picture below.

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On Sale Price Harga $500 USD with free shipping