Austrian 1 Schilling Coin from 1947 Koin Dari Negara Austria Satu Schilling Tahun 1947

Here we are going to talk about an Austrian 1 Schilling coin from the year 1947.  See pictures of it below.  On its obverse is an image of agriculture perhaps as it has a man with a sand bag in his left hand and dropping seeds from his right hand.  The coin’s value is on his sides and around the rim is the name of the country: Republik Osterreich or in English Austria.  The back side has an image of the coat of arms there with the year designated below.  This coin is lite in weight at just 2 grams because of this compositional metal which is aluminum.  Its diameter measures 25 millimeters and there were 35.838 million of these struck in 1947.  Our particular coin has seen little in the way of circulation and appears to be in extra fine condition.

Uang logam koin dari negara Austria 1 satu Schilling tahun 1947.