Batu Permata Berlian Paling Terkenal Dari Berbagai Negara Warna Dan Keindahan-nya Well Known Diamonds

The Oppenheimer diamond is one that has never been subject cutting and is of fancy yellow color.  Its carat weight is over 250 carats and is named after a business man that had significant influence in the mining industry.  Its origin is South Africa and has been owned by De Beers and well as Harry Winston the latter of which decided that it would be best suited for display at the Smithsonian.

The Portuguese Diamond is another one of Harry Winston’s prized specimens that now makes The Smithsonian museum home.  Its real origin is not confirmed but stories indicate that it could have been from Brazil or South Africa.  It is more than 125 carats and is cut in an octagonal fashion.  This stone’s lack of inclusions makes it quite magnificent.

The Wittelsbach Graff Diamond is an awesome blue specimen that has been part of more than 1 crown jewel collections (of royal families Europe).   This stone’s history goes back hundreds of years into the 1600s.  Its most recent owner is a jeweler from the UK who shockingly cut the rock after purchasing in a few years ago.  Apparently doing this improved the color and clarity.  The diamond’s carat weight comes in at 31.06.

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