BB Cream BRAND NEW For 2011- 2012 ‘BRTC’ Full Size: 60g, Glamorous Sparkling BB Cream With Sun Screen Protection SPF 36 Pa+++ Perfect Cover Face Cream Made In KOREA

BRTC Cosmetics Skin Care Product Glamorous Sparkling BB Cream With UV Protection SPF 36/PA +++ “BRTC” Stand For (Bio Remedies Therapeutic Cosmetics), BRTC Skin-Care Product Made In KOREA One Of The Best Hottest Selling BB Cream Around The WORLD BB Cream Stand For Blemish Balm Cream, BRAND NEW For 2011- 2012 ‘BRTC’ Full Size Big Size: 60g, Glamorous Sparkling BB Cream With Sun Screen Protection SPF 36 Pa+++ Perfect  Cover Face Cream With Gorgeous Glamorous  Sparkling Shimmering Effects,  Selebrities Favorite Make-up BB Cream, Shine and show off that glow with the ALL NEW Glamorous Sparkling BB Cream from BRTC Made In KOREA. 100%  Guaranteed Authentic Products. Protect your face from the sun with SPF 36 PA+++. Wrinkle repair and whitening. Cover your face from harmful elements. Get ready for the party get a sparkling glow on that night out . blends the benefits of skin care and makeup, simultaneously performing functions of whitening care, sunscreen, anti-wrinkle care and concealer in all in one. It not only evens up and brightens up complexion, but also conceals imperfections. In addition, it keeps providing skin with rich nourishment and a reliable sunscreen. Ingredient Containing: Lavender Chamomile, Titanium, Dioxide, Zinc, Oxide, Arbutin, Adenosine, Extract, it relieves stressed skin. Prolonged use could lift up slackening skin. Skin looks youthful. Its light and soft texture allows natural and flawless finish that is far superior to any traditional foundation. For all skin types, especially dehydrated or aged skin.

Product Features: Glamorous Sparkling BB Cream 3D MAKE-UP MULTI FUNCTION , GET GLOWING FACE IN JUST 1 MINUTE, WRINKLE CARE, BRIGHTENING CARE, UV PROTECTION, MOISTURIZING CARE,  ALL IN 1 MAKEUP PERFECT COVER BB CREAM. SPARKLING SHIMMER MAKE YOUR FACE GLOWING. WITH GOOD SUN SCRENN PROTECTION SPF 36 PA+++. GET SPARKING GLOWING 3D COVER READY FOR CAMERA ACTION. WHITENING AND WRINKLE REPAIR. Color : Natural Beige, Contents full size big size 60g. For all skin type. Directions: Apply small dabs on your face cheeks and forehead and lather in until the bb cream covers naturally. Wash off at night. Made In KOREA. Harga Rp2Juta Rupiah belum termasuk ongkos kirim. The Best And Hottest Selling BB Cream Product On The Market Today !.

Hanya Dengan Harga Rp2Juta Rupiah Anda Akan Memdapatkan Wajah Bersih Mulus Putih Dan Bersinar Dalam Waktu Sekejap anda tidak perlu alas bedak atau memakai bedak yang tebal lagi sekarang hanya dengan memakai sedikit BB cream ini dijamin wajah anda akan menjadi Kinclong Putih Bersinar Bercahaya Muda Halus Mulus Lembut Seperti Kulit Bayi  !. BB Cream Produk Kecantikan Lagi Nget-trend saat ini banyak dipake dan diminati oleh para Diva Artis-Artis Di KOREA, JEPANG, EROPA Dan AMERIKA. Selamat Mencoba !