BB CREAM Produk Kecantikan Dari Negara Ginseng “KOREA” HANSKIN Premium Super Magic BB Cream Preneer Super Plus + Caviar Gold B.B Cream

Korean Cosmetic Product BB CREAM HANSKIN Premium Super Magic BB Cream Preneer Super Plus + Caviar Gold B.B Cream Multifunctional Makeup Cream Foundation Flawless Coverage Blemish-Balm Or Beblish Balm BB Cream For Anti-Wrinkle, Antik-Againg, Antik-Black-Spot, Whitening Skin, Perfect For Covering Up Blemishes With Sun Screen UV Protection SPF 37/PA++ Full Size 43.5g.

For all skin type, Color shade Natural Beige, Soft Creamy This product is made from natural material and is gentle to the skin,Perfect Coverage+ Whitening + Anti-Wrinkle + UV Protection. Premium Version that included Whitening, Wrinkle Care and Sun Protection, Helps Sensitive Skin from Sun be Strong and Healthy, Includes Vitamin E And Vitamin C,With caviar content up to 5 times. Great coverage and a very Natural Look you can wear it day or night any time you need it, Customized Skin Expression as well as Skin Protection, Making moist skin by providing nutrition perfect skin flaws covered, About HANSKIN (KOREA’S COSMETIC BRAND)

BB Cream was first used by Korean after they receive facial treatments: Used by many selebritiesin Korea and now every women’s around the World using this beauty products as well, It has healing properties and also protects their skin from the harmful sun and environment. HANSKIN is a trusted Korean brand name that offers natural and clean products that are unremarkably so light on the skin. HANSKIN fundamental brand slogan, “Health & Nature” summarizes their loyalty to improving the customer skin utilizing modern technology and natural ingredients to make cosmetics that will surely make life better and safer for you. HANSKIN holds Korea’s top technologies and know-how in special line products which are most effective on thinning acne and in soothing blemished skin. Brang BARU masih di segel di dalam dus box.Harga Rp2Jt Rupiah, GRATIS ongkos kirim! Made in KOREA.