Berlian Diamond Symmetry And Polish Impormasi Tentang Simetri Dan Semir Polesan Batu Permata Berlian

A diamond’s symmetry is another factor to think about when contemplating a diamond.  It represents how well the cuter of the stone has fashioned it from a proportional stand point including how good the facets have been crafted to complement each other.  GIA does include a rating on this feature in their diamond reports which range from excellent to poor.  A stone’s symmetry is acceptable at good or better but you know this attribute is not that noticeable to the naked eye.  It will more relevant to diamonds that are good clarity wise.  In the end the though not as vital the quality of the cut of the facets, symmetry can be factor on a rocks value.

A diamond’s polish can also be a variable to consider when pondering a stone.  It represents how well a rock’s facets have been subject to polishing.  It is something that also appears on reports from reputable grading companies like AGS and GIA who’s ratings on the attribute can range from ideal, excellent, very good and on down to poor.  Polish has a bearing on how well the diamond can accept light and stones that lack at least good polish will suffer in their brilliance.  Really poor specimens in this regard may give off an unclean appearance.

Tips:untuk memilih batu permata berlian perhatikan juga Symmetry/Simetri dan Polish/Semir Polesannya karna simetri dan semir polesan ini sagatlah penting untuk membantu menyampurnakan berlian yang anda pilih akan lebih terlihat sempurna keindahan dan kecantikannya dari setiap sudut pandangan mata dan akan terlihat lebih bersinar sparkle dibawah cahaya lampu,

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