BLUE Dead Sea Mineral Facial Face Scrub EXFOLIATOR EXFOLIATING Full Size 6.8 fl. oz. 6.8 fl. oz. (200ml) From Blue Dead Sea Minerals Skincare Cosmetic Made In ISRAEL

BLUE Dead Sea Mineral Blue Facial Face Scrub EXFOLIATOR EXFOLIATING Full Size 6.8 fl. oz. 6.8 fl. oz. (200ml) From Blue Dead Sea Minerals Skincare Cosmetic Made In Israel. This natural exfoliator is specially formulated with dead sea mud and natural scrubbing particles (Apricot seeds) to allow a thorough cleansing of skin pores revives tired skin by cleansing away surface impurities and lifting dead skin cells Skin will look fresh and feel younger,It helps rejuvenating the look of the skin. BLUE DEAD SEA MINERALS SKINCARE PRODUCTS MADE IN ISRAEL, 100% GUARATEED AUTEHENTIC AND 100% BRAND NEW NEW PRODUCS SEALED UNTESTED AND UNOPENED.  PRICE / HARGA RP 650 RIBU RUPIAH / SATU BOTOL, Maaf harga-nya belum termasuk biyaya pengiriman, Terima Kasih.

The Exclusive Minerals of the Dead Sea The Dead Sea, contrary to its name, offers the benefit of a total of 26 minerals and compounds that help your skin come alive. In fact, 12 of the minerals are exclusive to the Dead Sea, and cannot be found at any other place on earth! They are all listed below, along with their main skin health enhancing qualities: BICARBONATE: Plays a major role in maintaining a healthy pH balance. BORON: Plays a crucial role in maintaining trans-membrane functionality. BROMIDE: Stimulates the skin’s natural repair process; acts as a natural antibiotic; helps relieve the discomfort associated with skin disorders. CALCIUM: Strengthens cell membranes; aids skin cell metabolism; essential for healing wounds and preventing infection;  helps cleanse pores. CHLORINE: Vital for proper cell metabolism. CHROMIUM: Promotes healthy skin and a healthy circulatory system. COBALT: Has beneficial properties, as it comprises a part of vitamin B12, which is essential for human health. COPPER: Plays an important in role in forming elastin and collagen, which are essential for healthy, supple skin; promotes the health of cell membranes; plays a part in skin pigmentation. FLOURINE: Promotes healthy skin and nails. IODINE: Essential for maintaining the water balance necessary for cell metabolism, absorption of nourishment and removal of waste products. IRON: Promotes a healthy skin tone. MAGNESIUM: A building block for the skin’s structural elements and for enzymes that control the skin’s metabolism; protects cell membranes; a low level of magnesium is associated with accelerated skin aging. MANGANESE: Increases the production of antioxidants; insufficient levels of manganese may lead to dermatitis. MOLYBDENUM: An antioxidant, necessary in high concentration in the skin for proper cell function. NICKEL: Necessary for proper membrane metabolism and integrity. PHOSPHORUS: Play a role in tissue growth and repair. POTASSIUM: Regulates the transfer of nutrients through cell membranes; helps prevent the formation of free radicals; helps prevent acne. SELENIUM: An antioxidant that protects cell membranes; important for maintaining tissue elasticity; protects against dry skin and dandruff; low levels of selenium are associated with premature aging, eczema and psoriasis. SILICA: Promotes the formation of collagen; improves skin elasticity and thickness. SILICON: Important for maintaining  proper skin thickness and strength, as well as for the production of collagen. SODIUM: Helps fight free radicals formed in the skin; mitigates skin aging. STRONTIUM: Plays a role in connective tissue formation, reduces sensory irritation such as stinging, burning, itching, and inflammation. SULFUR: Important for collagen synthesis and for healthy skin keratinization. VANADIUM: Necessary for maintaining proper cellular metabolism. ZINC: An antioxidant, aids in tissue repair and wound healing; plays an important role in the formation collagen; helps prevent dermatitis and outbreaks of acne. A low level of zinc is associated with skin disorders. Directions: Wet face. Apply scrub and massage for 1 minute with finger tips in circular motion avoiding the eyes. Rinse off abundantly with water. For all skin types. HARGA RP 600 RIBU RUPIAH / BOTOL. belum termasuk ongkir.