British Guiana 4 Pence Silver Coin 1941

In this posting we will take a look at a 1941 British Guiana silver 4 pence coin.  This is a rather small coin (see the pictures below) that weights in at 1.88 grams,  has a sterling fineness of .925 and has .0561 ounce of silver in it.  On its obverse or front side is an image of a crowned former King of the British Empire and Emperor of India: George VI.  The reverse side has the denomination of 4 pence in the middle of a crowned wreath as well as the county’s name around the rim.  There were not many of these produced with 180000 struck in total that year.  Our particular coin appears to be in very fine condition.

British Guiana became Guyana an independent sovereignty in the year 1966.  Interestingly its currency known as the Guyanese Dollar has been used since the year 1839 and that was even when it was a colony of Great Britain.  Its creation had a lot to due with the transition from Dutch rule to British in the early 1800s.  As far as coins are concerned the groat or 4 pence denomination was long discontinued in Great Britain while still being used in British Guiana.


Koin perak kuno empat Pence dari negara British Guiana tahun 1941.