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1936 Buffalo Nickel US 5 Cents Coin

This posting will be about a 1936 Buffalo nickel coin. See the pictures of this US 5 cents coins below.

1936 Buffalo Nickels US 5 Cents Coin
On the front has a striking image of a Native American, facing to the right. Who the model was perhaps may never be known but there has been a lot of claims. The designer James Earle Fraser claimed his design was influenced by 3 American Indians.  There were over 119 million of these minted in the Philadelphia mint in the year 1936.  Buffalo nickels were made from 1913 until the year 1938.

Uang logam koin kuno 5 lima cents dari negara Amerika Serikat tahun 1936

The grade of our 1936 Buffalo Nickel appears to be fine.

Uang logam koin kuno 5 lima cents dari negara Amerika Serikat tahun 1936.

1866 US 5 Cents Shield Nickel

This post is about a 1866 US 5 Cents Shield Nickel.   The US mint director during this time was James Pollock who found that the fractional currency was so unpopular that it was a good idea to produce a 5 cent coin made from nickel.  What is very interesting is that previously Pollock wasn’t too keen on using nickel as it wasn’t easy to strike coins in.  The front of it displays a shield with  wreaths on each side and on the top we find a cross at the top.  The top legend says: In God We Trust whose origins are rooted in the American Civil War and increasing religious sentiment at the time. The Secretary of the Treasury of the time who was Salman Chase was contacted by many Americans with their concerns.  This prompted Salman Chase to ask for the addition of “In God We Trust” to be added to American money which took life first on the 2 cent coin issued in 1864.

The reverse side of this coin is shown below and has the denomination with 13 stars  and “United States of America” appears at the top.  This coin was produced in the Philadelphia mint.

5 Lima Cents dari negara Amerika Serikat tahun 1866

Koin nikel koin 5 Lima Cents dari negara Amerika Serikat tahun 1866.

1857 Flying Eagle Penny One Cent US Coin

Here we’ll have a look at a 1857 Flying Eagle Penny One Cent US Coin.  This was the second year that this the Flying Eagle was produced out of an only 3 year production.  1857 saw 17.45 million of these minted.   This old US penny is 88% copper and 12 percent nickel.  The front or obverse side has an eagle in flight as well as “United States of America” in the legand and the year at the bottom.  The designer of the Flying Eagle Penny is James Barton Longacre.

1857 Flying Eagle Penny One Cent US Coin

Koin kuno 1 satu Cent Penny dari negara Amerika Serikat tahun 1857 di depan burung rajawali.

The reverse is below which has the One Cent denomination surrounded by the wreath.

Koin kuno 1 satu Cent Penny dari negara Amerika Serikat tahun 1857 di depan burung rajawali

You may also like our 1858 Indian Head Penny seen here.

1985 S Dime US Collectible Coin Graded PF 69 Ultra Cameo

This post will discuss a 1985 S Dime, this nice coin which is slabbed has been graded PF 69 Ultra Cameo by NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation).  The San Francisco mint struck only proof coins that year.  On the front or obverse of this coin we find Franklin Delano Roosevelt who was the only President in United States of America history to be in office more than two terms.  He was from the state of New York and was Governor there before being elected US President.

Koin kuno uang logam 10 ten sepuluh Cents dari negara Amerika Serikat tahun 1985 di depan bergambar Presiden Franklin Roosevelt.

1985 S Dime US Collectible Coin Graded PF 69 Ultra Cameo

Koin kuno uang logam 10 ten sepuluh Cents dari negara Amerika Serikat tahun 1985

1908 Indian Head Penny US Coin

In this post we’ll have a discussion about a 1908 Indian Head Penny US Coin which is in the two pictures at the bottom.  On its front (obverse) there is an image of Lady Liberty wearing a traditional Native American headdress.   There were a total of  32,327,987 of these made in the year 1908.  This was the second to the last year these were produced (the Lincoln cent and Indian Head penny were both produced in 1908.  This coin is made from 95% copper.

The 1908 Indian Head Penny US Coin here has an attractive appearance to it and its grade appears to be very good.

Uang logam koin kuno 1 satu cent dari negara Amerika Serikat tahun 1908 tarbuat di bahan sembilan puluh lima persen tembaga.


1908 Indian Head Penny US Coin


Uang logam koin kuno 1 satu cent dari negara Amerika Serikat tahun 1908

1988 S Quarter Proof Ultra Cameo

This post is about a 1988 S Quarter Proof Ultra Cameo.   It was struck in the San Francisco mint.  At has 1st US President George Washington on the front who liked to eat pancakes with butter plus honey for breakfast.  It is also of note that he had a very basic education and never went to college.  After the American Revolutionary War Washington had considerable power perhaps enough to make himself an emperor but believed strongly in and embraced the ideals of a republic.   The back of this coin has the American eagle with talon around a group of arrows with an olive branch (formerly used on the US Quarter for decades).

See our  1988 S Quarter Proof Ultra Cameo coin below.

Koin kuno dua puluh lima Cents dari negara Amerika tahun 1988.

1988 S Quarter Proof Ultra Cameo

ultra cameo US quarter

1943 D Jefferson Nickel US Silver Coin Koin Perak Kuno Dari Negara USA Lima Cents

Here we will look at a silver 1943 D Jefferson Nickel 5 cents piece.  In this year the D mint made 15.294 million of these which is a somewhat less of a production than comparable war nickels.  This coin is partially made out of silver, in fact thirty five percent of it is made out of the precious metal.  It has precisely .05626 ounces of silver included in it.  Most of the rest of this coin (56%) is of the metal copper and the remainder Manganese.  As you may have noticed in the photos below ours is not the greatest looking example.  Perhaps it may grade in the very good, V8 range.  These coins unfortunately (maybe because of their metal composite) do not take to wear very well and often look like this.

Jefferson Nickels feature third President of the USA Thomas Jefferson on their obverse.   He is well remembered for his contributions to early America including his role with the Declaration of Independence, the Louisiana Purchase, state’s rights and use of the Marines in the Barbary Wars including Tripoli.  The back of the these nickels have Monticello which was the self-designed home of Jefferson and is a very nice historic place to visit (located in Charlottesville, Virginia).

1943 D Jefferson Nickel


This 1943 D Jefferson Nickel looks like a very fine grade.

1985 Uncirculated Mint Set Of US Coins Alot 12 Pcs Total Uang Logam Kolektor 12-Dua Belas Keping Coin USA Koleksi Lengkap Dari Amerika Serikat Kondisi BARU-UNC !!!!

Take a look at the 1985 Uncirculated Mint Set of  US coins that we have in the pictures below.  One was minted in the Philadelphia and the other in Denver.  Each has six coins (wrapped in plastic) including a half dollar, quarter, dime, nickel and penny as well as a mint coin struck with the initial of where it was made.  In 1985 there were 1.710 million of these 1985 Uncirculated Mint Sets made .  They are nice for the collector and go along great with proof sets or are a cheaper alternative.

Uncirculated sets have been around 1947 and certain years are more valuable.  For instance the 1947 set may be worth $1500+.  Their production has been for the most part continuous except for a few years including 1950, 82 and 83.  Take a look at those awesome coin collection sets below, Thank you so much for looking at our 1985 uncirculated mint set  and enjoy collecting have fun guy’s Cheers……!


1985 Uncirculated Mint SetKoleksi lengkap uang logam koin kolektor dari Negara Amerika Serikat

Koleksi lengkap uang logam koin kolektor dari Negara Amerika Serikat  total jumblah isi 12-dua belas keping…. Koin kuno tahun 1985 koin campuran beragam berpareasi mulai dari yang : 1-satu cents penny, 5-lima cents, One dime 10-sepuluh cents, Quarter dollar 25-dua puluh lima cents, dan paling besar adalah Half dollar 50-lima puluh cents, dan yang terakhir adalah koin bertuliskan hurup/aksara besar “P” tanda pencetakan koin dari Kota Philadelphia, koin-koin ini dilengkapi oleh sertifikat keaslian-nya berserta buku panduan dan foto-foto gambar orang-orang nomer 1-satu mantan President Amerika Serikat USA United-States-Of-America. Yang bernama, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Franklin D. Roosevelt, George Washington, dan JFK John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Kondisi uang koin ini sangat BARU sempurna koin-nya tidak pernah tersentuh oleh tangan sangat bersih koin kolektor ini benar-benar sempurna tidak ada cacat sedikitpun terbungkus rapi dan disegel didalam plastik kusus untuk penyimpanan koin, koin ini adalah koin kolektor dan dengan kondisi yang super se-sempurna seperti ini semakin lama harga-nya akan semakin sangat mahal…..Jadi apabila anda berminat untuk mengkoleksi koin yang super lengkap seperti ini koleksi lah dari sekarang juga selagi masih ada dan harga-nya pun masih terjangkau,  Mungkin suatu saat nanti koin kolektor yang seperti ini akan sangat susah dicari dan susah ditemukan dan walaupun ada pasti harga-nya akan sangat mahal sekali !!!!…… APAKAH ANDA BERMINAT ?.  UNTUK HARGA SILAHKAN KONTAK KAMI SEKARANG JUGA !… TERIMA KASIH,

2006 us mint 50 state quarters proof set Kolektor Koin Lengkap Ber-Sertifikat Dari Amerika Serikat

Here we will examine a 2006 us mint 50 state quarters proof set (take a look at the pictures at the bottom).  This set has the 5 quarters which honor Nevada, Nebraska, Colorado, North Dakota and South Dakota.  All 5 have an image of George Washington on the obverse.

The reverse of the Nevada coin has wild horses on it (which are more plentiful there than any other state) as well as the motto The Silver State.  The precious metal has played an important role in its history.

The next quarter in this 2006 us mint 50 state quarters proof set is the one for Nebraska, the 37th coin in the US State Quarter program.  This one has on its reverse an image of Chimney rock (which is a National Historic Site) as well as settlers in a wagon (representing westward expansion back in the 1800s).

Next is Colorado which became a state in August of the year 1876.  The back of this coin has an impression of the Rocky Mountains and the motto Colorful Colorado.  This refers to the beauty of the scenery there.

The fourth 25 cent piece of this proof set is the one for North Dakota (39th state admitted in the union).  The reverse side features pictures of buffalos which are representive of the Badlands area (which Teddy Roosevelt was key to in preservation of).

The fifth and last coin of this collection is for South Dakota which became a US state in 1889.  This has an impression of the famous landmark(located in South Dakota) Mount Rushmore National Memorial.  It is a sculpture of 4 great Presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.

2006 us mint 50 state quarters proof setkoin kolektor

1- satu set koleksi lengkap uang logam koin perak Perempat/Quarter dollar koin isi 5 buah lima keping koin kolektor complete untuk tahun 2006 koin ini dilengkapi dengan sertifikat keaslian-nya dari Negara “Amerika Serikat” dicetak dari berbagai kota di USA,  (1) Navada-1864, (2) Nebraska-1867, (3) Colorado-1876, (4) North Dakota-1889, (5) South Dakota-1889, Kondisi koin kolektor ini BARU dan sempurna UNC….Untuk lebih lanjut-nya silahkan bisa anda periksa sendiri dan perhatikan sendiri difoto-foto  yang telah kami pajang ini, Untuk Info Harga Silahkan Kontak, Thank you, Terima kasih,

1960 US Set of Five Pcs Coins Koleksi Lengkap 1-Satu Set Lima Keping Koin Kuno Dari Amerika Serikat USA

On this page we have a collection of US circulated coins from 1960 in a really nice Whitman holding case.  This would include an American silver half dollar, quarter and dime. Between the 3 coins that is a total .6148 troy ounces or 19.1224175 grams of the precious metal.  Also included are a Jefferson Nickel and a Lincoln Memorial Penny.  These are not proof but just circulated coins in very to extra fine condition stored in protective Whitman thick plastic holder.  For the price or question email us at

Koleksi lengkap 1-Satu set jumblah ada 5 buah lima keping koin antik kuno dari Negara Amerika Serikat uang koin perak tahun 1960 beragam campuran ada yang Setengah Dolar-Helf Dollar, Seperapat Dollar-Quarter Dollar, 10 Cent Sepuluh Cent-One Dime, 5 Lima cent lima cent-Five cent dan koin paling kecil 1 cent satu cent-One cent, Koin perak asli bergambar 5-lima orang pria mantan penguasa mantan President USA United-States-Of America, Mr Benjamin Franklin, MR George Washington, Mr Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Mr Thomas Jefferson, Dan Mr Abraham Lincoln, Kondisi Sangat Bagus seperti Baru dan mendekati ke kondisi Sempurna, Koin antik ini tersimpan dilalam kotak plastik kusus untuk koin. Uang logam kuno yang lengkap ini sangat cocok sekali untuk dijadikan pelengkap koleksi koin-koin antik anda!.