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1909 VDB Wheat Penny Coin

In this post we are going to discuss the 1909 VDB Wheat Penny.  Its called this after its maker’s initials which are short for Victor David Brenner.  These are found at the bottom of the reverse side (see the pictures below). He was chosen to create the US one cent piece to remember that it had been 100 years since the birth of President Abraham Lincoln.  These coins started production in 1909 with the VDB struck on the back and upon further inspection the mint found the initials to stick out too much.  After 27.995 million were made in Philadelphia and 484,000 in San Francisco the decision was made to remove the VDB from the back.  They returned later in 1918 on the obverse on Lincoln’s shoulder.  These are much more valuable than the average Wheat Penny especially when its of the S mint variety.

We have a United States 1909 VDB Wheat Penny from the Philadelphia mint in the proceeding images.  This coin would most likely grade very good, some of the upper wheat lines on the back are still visible.

1909 VDB Wheat PennyKoin kuno satu Penny dari negara Amerika Serikat tahun 1909 VDB


Koin kuno satu Penny dari negara Amerika Serikat tahun 1909 VDB.

1994 US Mint Proof Coin Set

The United States Proof sets have been a nice way for collectors to get American coinage since the year 1936. Over the years what coins have been included have changed with what the mint has produced.  In the past they included silver dimes (prior to 1965),Susan B. Anthony dollars,state quarters just to name a few. Proof coins are made in a special manner to give them that wonderful mirror finish which includes polishing the dies as well as utilizing special chemicals.

Take a look at a beautiful US coin proof set that we have in the image below.  It comes in a green box with a certificate of authenticity.  As far as the coinage included: 1 half dollar, quarter, dime, nickel and penny.  This is great addition to any collection.  For the price or more information please email us at  Thank you, Terima kasih.


1939 S Jefferson Nickel 5 Cent Coin

Take a look at a 1939 USA S mint 5 Cent nickel in the photographs below.  This was the second year that the Jefferson nickel was produced and there were 6.63 million made in the San Francisco mint in 1939.  This type of 5 cent piece was made until 2003 and then the year after was replaced with the Westward Jouney coin.  This particular example that we have is in very fine condition.

Thomas Jefferson was the 3rd President of the United State of Americas and was the drafter of the Declaration of Independence.  This forefather completed the Louisana Purchase during his Presidential in which America purchased a large portion of ground (which are now US states) from France. “A Bill of Rights is what the people are entitled to against every government, and what no just government should refuse, or rest on inference.”-Thomas Jefferson

1923 S Lincoln Wheat Penny Coin

The US Lincoln wheat penny is one of the most popular coins with collectors.  They were made from 1909 until 1958 and some of the later years can still be found in circulation.  Victor David Brenner came up its design and his initials, VDB appear on the reverse of some of the 1909 coins.  The initials were later removed that year because they were too visible.  1909 Lincoln wheats with his initials are valuable especially if they are the variety have the VDB with the S mint mark (found on the obverse under year).  There are certainly other valuable Wheat one cents like 1914D and 1931 S just to name a couple.

Below we have a 1923 S (San Francisco mint) Lincoln Wheat Penny which can be seen in the pictures.  This coin would be considered a good grade as far as its condition is concerned.  It is worth more than the average US penny because of its low mintage which was just 8.7 million made.

Abraham Lincoln is still honored on the American penny today.  He was the 16th President of the United States of America and helped keep the nation together during the perilous time of the Civil War.  He also authored the Emancipation Proclamation which said that slaves were free in all states including those there were in the rebellion.  One of his most notable quotes is: “ A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Abraham Lincoln

1943 P Silver War Nickel Coin

1943 was the second year the US mint made what is known as the Jefferson war nickel.  During WWII because of the need for nickel for the war, 5 cent pieces were stuck in a silver alloy.  Their actual composition of the precious metal is .0563 ounces or 1.7511 grams.

See the pictures of a 1943 United State silver Thomas Jefferson war nickel  made in the Philadelphia mint.  There were 271.16 million of these struck making it the most common American 5 cent piece made in the 1940s.  This one that we have in the images below is in the grade of fine.  Purchasing coins like this one are a cost effective way to purchase silver.  For further inquiries email us at

4 Pcs US Indian Head Penny Coins 4-Empat Keping Koin Amerika Serikat Koin Kepala Indian Tahun 1902, 1904, 1905,

The Indian Head penny is a popular US one cent coin that started production in 1859 and ended in 1909. This was the same year the Lincoln wheat started being made.  They are a success with collectors who enjoy them greatly as well as the mint (who had problems producing the handsome Flying Eagle penny which is also popular with collectors).

They have on their obverse an image of Lady Liberty who dons a Native American head dress.   The back has a wreath with the denomination in the middle.  Interestingly they were referred to as Nickel at one time (bear in mind this was before the 5 cent piece) because at one point they were 12% nickel (from 1859 to 1864).

So in the photographs below there are 4 Indian Head pennies.  There are two from the year 1902 the top one being very good grade and the bottom example good.  There is also a 1905 specimen that is very good grade and a 1904 that is in fine condition.

4-Empat Keping Koin Kuno Koin Antik Dari Amerika Serikat Koin 1-Satu Cent Kepala Indian One Cent Indian Head Penny Beragam Tahun 1902, 1904, dan tahun 1905, 2 dua keping untuk yang tahun 1902,  Kondisi nya juga beragam silahkan bisa anda periksa sendiri difoto-foto yang telah kami pajang diatas ini , Harga super spesial untuk 4 empat keping/4 buah/4 biji hanya Rp 1 Juta Rupiah, Maaf harga-nya belum termasuk ongkos kirim, Terima kasih,

1913 United States Penny Wheat One Cent

1913 was the fourth year that the US mint struck the Abraham Lincoln wheat penny.  They were struck in Philadelphia (with 76.53 million produced), Denver (15.80 mil) and San Francisco (6.10 million).  Wheat pennies are a good place to start with collecting coins, especially because the entry cost is low.  There are rarer ones with high values as well like the 1931 S.

Take a look at this 1913 United States Penny minted in Philadelphia that we have in the images following photos.  This coin has certainly seen some circulation but still maintains its rim and lettering is readable.  Back in this year the mint used 95% cooper plus smalls amounts of zinc and tin to strike pennies.  For more information or for the price of this coin email us at:

1913 United States Penny Uang logam koin kuno satu Cent dari negara Amerika tahun 1913US 1 Cent 1913wheat penny 1913


Uang logam koin kuno satu Cent dari negara Amerika tahun 1913.

1989 US Mint Uncirculated Coin Sets (1 Philadelphia and 1 Denver)

The United States mint has been making uncirculated sets since the year 1947 (with a few skipped years).  They are a set of US coins of every denomination made in a particular year and these mint sets are enclosed in plastic for preservation.  They have traditionally had an uncirculated luster to them which changed to a satin finish a few years back.

Take of look at two US mint uncirculated sets that we have from the year 1989.  They include a half dollar, quarter, dime, nickel, penny and a special copper colored mint coin stating the mint that made them.  Bear in mind we have a Philadelphia as well as Denver version of these.  A 1989 uncirculated coin set can make a great addition to any collection and for further questions or price email

1989 uncirculated coin set

1980 US Mint Proof Set of Coins

The US mint has been making proof sets for collectors since the year 1936.  They are a nice way for those that collect to get the different coins for a particular year all in one place with mirror finish.  The mint has a much more involved process for making proof sets (versus the standard business strikes for circulation) including special plancets, making sure the dies are perfect etc.  There are a few ways to collect proof sets including getting them for every year, just special or significant years to the collector, those with just silver content, buying this year and every year going forward etc.

See the 1980 United States proof set that we have in the following pictures.  It includes 6 coins (which were all made in San Francisco) and are: dime, penny, nickel, Susan B. Anthony dollar, half dollar and Washington quarter.  A 1980 proof set is a wonderful addition to a coin collection that can generally be attained by most collectors for not much money.

1980 Proof Set of  US Coins

1914 Wheat Penny Philadelphia Mint

1914 was the sixth year that the US mint struck the Lincoln wheat penny.  Back then they were comprised of bronze which is 95 percent copper and the other 5% is a combination of zinc and tin.  In 1914 pennies were minted in all 3 mints including: Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco.  The D and S minted coins this year are much more valuable than Philly ones.   The Denver in particular is a key date.  See our 1914 Wheat Penny Philadelphia mint below.

The 1914 United States wheat one cent penny that we have (in the pictures following) was struck in the Philadelphia mint which made 72.5 million of them that year.  This one that we have would grade good G-4.  Feel free to contact us at butikmewah@gmail.

Koin Kuno 1-Satu Cent Uang Logam Dari USA Tahun 1914.

1914 wheat penny

Koin antik dari Amerika Serikat USA koin kuno 1-satu cent tahun produksi cetak pada th 1914 koin ini sangat tua sekali berumur 98 sembilan puluh delapan tahun. koin antik bergambar wajah Mantan President US yang bernama Bapak Abraham Lincoln, Kondisi lumayan bagus tulisan dan gambar-nya masih timbul,