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1954 Silver Franklin Roosevelt Dime Coin Koin Perak Kuno Uang Logam One Dime10-Sepuluh Cent Dari USA

Here we will look at  a 1954 silver Franklin Roosevelt Dime coin.  This was made in Philadelphia as there is not a mint mark.  Philadelphia produced 114.010 million of these (including 233,300 proofs) in 1954.  It has a silver content in the amount of .07234 ounces or 2.0508045 grams and on its obverse is Franklin Delano Roosevelt (32nd President of the United States of America).  During his terms in office several programs were initiated that exist today like Social Security and FDIC.  The back of the coin has a torch with an olive branch on the left and an oak branch oN the right.  This 1954 Silver Franklin Roosevelt Dime that we have in the pictures below would grade almost uncirculated.

Uang Logam Koin PERAK kuno dari Negara Amerika Serikat Koin logam One Dime Sepuluh Cent tahun 1954 koin perak bergambar wajah mantan President AS yang ke nomer 32 yang bernama (Franklin Delano Roosevelt) dan di belakang koin bergambar pohan daun olive pohon zaitun,  koin antik ini dicetak/diproduksi di kota Philadelphia, United-States-Of-America One Dime. Kondisi-nya seperti BARU. Silahkan dilihat gambar-nya sendiri sangat jelas dan timbul sekali….

1954 Silver Franklin Roosevelt DimeKoin logam One Dime Sepuluh Cent tahun 1954


1939 D Dime

In this entry we are going to talk about a 1939 D Dime that I purchased recently.  I have picked up a number of these US Mercury 10 cent coins  as of late. Not only am I a fan of the precious metal silver but also adore this coin’s design (an excellent job and work of art by Adolf Weinment).  I also like their compact portable size weighing in at precisely two and half grams.  This type of American 10 cent piece is 90% silver (.07234 ounces of the precious metal) and ten percent copper and has a diameter of 17.9 milimeters. Now this example we have was minted in Denver which made 24.39 million Mercury Dimes in 1939.  As far as grade is concerned this would be graded fine.

American Mercury Dimes had a long mintage with the US mint making them from 1916 until 1945.  They are also commonly referred to as Winged Head and their design is an impression of the freedom of thought and liberty.  This 1939 D Dime looks like its very fine, look at the wear on the back specifically on the fasces.

1939 D DimeUang kuno 10 Cents Amerika


Uang kuno 10 Cents Amerika.

1916 Mercury Dime Silver US Coin

1916 was the very first year that the 90 percent silver Mercury dime was produced by the United States mint.  The Denver minted liberty head 1916 ten cent is a key date and one of the more desirable American coins of the twentieth century.  There were only 264,000 of them struck in the D mint versus 10.45 mil in San Fransico and 22.18 million in Philadelphia.  We have images of a 1916 Mercury Dime in this post.

See a 1916 Mercury Dime from the Philadelphia mint in the pictures below.  This US coin has a silver content of .07234 ounces or 2.05 grams.  This particular coin is in a good grade with apparent wear but letters are still readable.  What is particularly nice about these types of coins is they are highly recognizable, easily portable (with their small size) and of course the silver content they contain.

mercury dime first year1916 Mercury Dime


Uang logam koin perak Amerika 1916.



1917 D Silver Mercury Dime Coin Uang Logam Perak Koin Kuno Dari Amerika Serikat Uang Mercury Dime 10-Sepuluh Cent USA

1917 was the second year that the United States struck the Mercury dime 10 cent silver piece.  This winged head dime (its image is of Lady Liberty and not a Roman or Greek God) is popular among coin collectors, the design is great.  These 10 cent pieces are made up of 90% silver and 10 percent copper.  1917 saw these made in all 3 mints: Denver, San Francisco and Philadelphia.  Those struck in Denver are less common with only 9.402 million coins made versus 27.33 mil in San Fran and 55.23 million in Philly.

See our 1917 D Mercury dime in the following images. It is not in perfect condition with heavy wear that would likely grade in about good condition, perhaps. Please contact us for the price, Thank you,

Koin Libety Duit perak antik tahun 1917 mint mark “D” di produksi dicetak di kota Denver, Uang Logam Perak Asli Koin Kuno Dari Negara Amerika Serikat Duit Logam Perak  Mercury Dime 10-Sepuluh Cent USA bergambar wajah lady libery memakai topi bersayap, kondisi lumayan bangus silahkan priksa sendiri foto-foto-nya diatas ini, harga kontak,

1942 Denver Mint Mercury Silver Dime US Coin Koin Perak Antik Dari Negara Amerika Serikat 10 Cent Dime Tahun 1942

The 1942 mercury silver dime was produced in all three US mints (Philadelphia, San Francisco and Denver).  Now the most interesting of these coins this year is the 2 over 1 which came out of Philly and Denver.  The US mint had left over coins from 1941 and decided to stamp a 2 on top of the 1 in that year.  Now there isn’t a huge population of these 2 over 1 coins so they are worth a premium.

The following are pictures of a 1942 D minted silver Mercury (or winged head) dime coin (this one is not a 2 over 1).  It has a capped Lady Liberty on its obverse and the fasces (which represents strength through unity) on the back.  This particular example has nice luster and minimal wear, perhaps a low grade extra fine 40.

Koin Perak Mercury Lady Liberty Koin Antik Unik Dan Langka Uang Logam Dari Negara Amerika Serikat USA Duit Perak Kuno 10 Sepuluh Cent One Dime Tahun 1942 koin yang cantik dan unik bergambar lady Liberty beliau lagi mengenakan topi bersayap ini dicetak diproduksi di kota Denver “D” mint mark. Kondisi-nya sangat bagus sekali , untuk harga silahkan kontak, Terima kasih.

1944 Silver Mercury Dime Coin San Francisco Mint

One of the most creative interpretations of the Lady Liberty as far as coins go is the Mercury (also known as the wing head 10 cent) dime.  These coins were made from 1916 until 1945 and are 90 percent silver or specifically have 0.0723 ounces (or in others words 2.2488 grams) of the precious metal included in them.

See an example of a 1944 San Francisco minted (49.49 million) silver Mercury Dime that we have in the images following.  Its condition would be a higher grade very fine.  What is particularly nice about these coins is they are an easy and cheap way to buy silver and they are very portable with their small size.  Like this coin?  Send us an email:

1939 US Mercury Silver Dime Coin S Mint Koin Perak Kuno 10-Sepuluh Dime Dari Amerika Serikat Tahun 1939

In 1939 the US mint made silver Mercury (or their other name is Winged Headed) dimes.  This highly thought of designed coin was struck this year in San Francisco (as well as Philadelphia and Denver).  San Fran minted the least # of them out of the 3 with 10.54 million.  Adolph Weinman did a nice job on the designs he did for the mint which include not only the Mercury 10 cent but also the Walking Liberty half dollar.

Take a look at the following 1939 silver Mercury Dime that was minted in San Francicso in the photographs below.  This coin is not perfect but would likely grade in very fine condition.

Koin USA tahun 1939 Uang Logam Koin Perak Mercury 10-sepuluh Dime Bergambar Lady Liberty Memakai Topi Bersayap koin perak ini dicetak diproduksi di Kota San Francicso “S” Mark. Kondisi very fine sangat bagus,

Mercury Head Dimes

This page is dedicated to the Mercury Head Dimes and here we will talk about information about it, show images and more related to this great coin.  By the way if you didn’t know already it also goes by its other name of Winged Head Dime.  The origin is in the fact that the Barber series was thought to need a replacement and therefore artists competed for this job.  Those that submitted designs include: Victor David Brenner, Charles Barber, Hermon MacNeil and the sculptor who got the job: Adolph Weinman.

Artists generally would use models to create the face of Lady Liberty on various coins and generally we know who they are.  Mercury Head Dimes is one where Weinman never said who it was nor did the model herself claim to be it.    The design itself depicts Lady Liberty wearing a winged cap (which for those familiar with Greek Mythology explains how it got its name).  It is actually a Phrygian cap whose origins go back to the time of the Roman Empire and whose meaning is freedom as well as liberty.  The back of these silver American coins have an image of a fasces which are a sticks attached together with a blade at the top.  This is a symbol that means that there is power in unification.

Mercury Head Dimes were struck starting in 1916 and ending in 1945 (except for 1922, 1932 and 1933) after which the Roosevelt 10 cents piece was made to honor the late President.  They are 90% silver and specifically have .07234 ounces or 2.0508045 of the precious metal in their metal make up.  The diameter of one of these coins is 17.9 millimeters.

The silver Mercury Head Dime does certainly have some key dates most notably the 1916D which in just good condition is worth at least $1000.  When talking about uncirculated grades for a 1916 Denver the price can go into the 5 figures.    Three other key dates to keep an eye out for are the 1921 Philadelphia (no mint mark) as well as the 1921 D and the 1926 S.

Below are mintage figures as well as an image gallery:

1916- 22,180,080


1916D- 264,000

1917- 55,230,000

1917S- 27,330,000

1917D- 9,402,000


1918S- 19,300,00

1918D- 22,674,800


1919S- 8,850,000

1919D- 9,939,000

1920- 59,030,000

1920S- 13,820,000

1920D- 19,171,000

1921- 1,230,000

1921D- 1,080,000

1923- 50,130,000

1923S- 6,440,000

1924- 24,010,000

1924s- 7,120,000

1924D- 6,810,000

1925- 25,610,000

1925S- 5,850,000

1925D- 5,117,000

1926- 32,160,000

1926S- 1,520,000

1926D- 6,828,000

1927- 28,080,000

1927S- 4,770,000

1927D- 4,812,000

1928- 19,480,000

1928S- 7,400,000

1928D- 4,161,000

1929- 25,970,000

1929S- 4,730,000

1929D- 5,034,000

1930- 6,770,000

1930S- 1,843,000

1931- 3,150,000

1931S- 1,8000,000

1931D- 1,260,000

1934- 24,080,000

1934D- 6,772,000

1935- 58,830,00

1935S- 15,840,000

1935D- 10,477,000

1936- 87,500,000

1936S- 9,210,000

1936D- 16,132,000

1937- 56,860,000

1937S- 9,740,000

1937D- 14,146,000

1938- 22,190,000

1938S- 8,090,000

1938D- 5,537,000

1939- 67,740,000

1939S- 10,540,000

1939D- 24,394,000

1940- 65,350,000


1940D- 21,198,000

1941- 175,090,000

1941S- 43,090,000

1941D- 45,634,000

1942- 205,410,000

1942S- 49,300,000

1942D- 60,740,000

1943- 191,710,000

1943S- 60,400,000

1943D- 71,949,000

1944- 231,410,000

1944S- 49,490,000

1944D- 62,224,000

1945- 159,130,000

Mercury Head Dimes

1945S- 41,920,000

1945D- 40,245,000

There are a couple of noteworth errors in the silver Mercury Head Dimes series which happened in 1942.  In the Philadelphia mint there was a 2 struck over 1 in the year on the front of the coin.  In the Denver mint that year there is also the same error.  Either one is quite valuable.

Here is a video of a collection of Winged Head Mercury Dime 10 cent coins:

1944 Silver Mercury Dime 10 Cent Winged Liberty Coin Uang Logam 10-Sepuluh Cent Koin Perak Kuno USA $ Dollar US

The ninety percent silver Mercury US dime was struck in the year 1944 (as well as many others) and was the second to the last year that this design was utilized for the 10 cent piece.  We can thank Adolf Weinman for the look of the Mercury or Winged Head dime.  He got this job after competing with two other competent designers.  The 1944 silver Mercury dime made in the Philadelphia mint was the highest production of any other winged head 10 cent piece with 231.4 million struck.  There was also large numbers of these minted in Denver (62.2 million) and San Francisco (49.49 mil).

Check out a 1944 silver Mercury dime in the photos below.  This coin would likely grade extra fine 40, its details are sharp.  It does not not much apparent wear and still has nice luster.

1928 Mercury Winged Liberty Head One Dime Koin Antik 1-Satu Dime US Uang Logam Kuno Dari Negara Amerika Serikat Tahun 1928

Mercury silver dimes feature Liberty wearing a winged cap and perhaps are my favorite type of US dime as far as design is concerned.  It was composed by Adolf A. Weinman, kudos to him as not only was he the creator of the Mercury dime but also the Walking Liberty half dollar.  These Winged Liberty 10 cent pieces are also made up of a mixture of 90 percent and 10% copper.

One of the years Mercury dimes were produced was 1928 (in fact it was the 13th year of production).  There were 19.48 million made in the Philadelphia mint, 4.16 mil in Denver and 7.4 million struck in the San Francisco mint.

Check out a Mercury silver dime (Philadelphia mint) in the image following.  It appears that this coin would grade good, the coins strong point would be that it has some detail left on the wings on the front and its weakness is the wear on the rim on the back.

Koin Kuno tahun 1928 Mercury Winged Liberty Head One Dime Koin Antik 1-Satu Dime koin dollar US Uang Logam Kuno Dari Negara Amerika Serikat berbambar wajah Nyonya Lady Liberty beliau lagi mengenakan memakai topi bersayap, koin antik kondisi-nya lumayang bagus. silahkan check sendiri diphoto yang telah kami pajang ini Terima kasih.