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The 1964 Silver Coin Image Of Franklin Roosevelt Dime Koin Kuno USA Uang Logam Perak 1-Satu Dime Bergambar Foto Franklin Roosevelt Tahun 1964 Amerika Serikat

The 1964 United States silver dime features highly regarded 32nd President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) on the obverse.  On the back of the coin is a torch with an olive branch and oak branch.  John Sinnock (whose initials appear below the bottom edge of the neckline on the front of the coin) is the designer of this dime that honors the 4 term President.

1964 was the last year circulated dimes had silver in their content.  In fact they are composed 90% of the precious metal and the other 10% is copper.  They were made in Philadelphia (9.29 million struck including 3.9 mil. proofs) and Denver (D) with a production of 1.3 billion.  There is the existence of a double die reverse error coin from Denver this year which one would need magnification to detect when examining the back of a coin in question.

Below you’ll see an image of a 1964 silver Roosevelt dime struck in the Philadelphia mint that we currently have.   It appears to be in almost uncirculated condition.

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” – Franklin Delano Roosevelt in a speech he made during 1933 when being sworn in as President.

One Dime Silver $ dollar US Koin Kuno USA Uang Logam Perak tahun 1964 Bergambar Foto Wajah Mantan Persident Amerika Serikat yang ke nomer 32-tiga puluh dua yang bernama bapak “Franklin Delano Roosevelt” dibelakang koin bergambar Obor api, batang cabang pohon zaitun olive tanda damai dan batang cabang pohon Ek,  Konsidi koin ini sangat bagus angka tulisan dan gambar-nya sangat timbul, silahkan bisa anda periksa sendiri difoto2 yang telah kami pajang ini , Terima kasih , Thank you,

Koin Perak Kuno Koin Antik Tahun 1853 1/2 Setengah Dime Liberty Coin Dari Amerika Serikat 159 Years Old Collectible Coin

At one time the US mint made half dimes (small 5 cent pieces preceding nickels) and from the years 1837 until 1873 they are known because of their design as Liberty Seated.  On the front of the coin Lady Liberty is seated on a rock holding a flag in her right hand and a striped shield in her left hand.  On the back the words “Half Dime” are struck and surrounded by a wreath. They are the last of the silver half dimes produced by the United States mint.

Below you’ll see an example of 1853 silver Seated Liberty half dime that we have.  Unfortunately it appears that it was damaged at some point in its history.  Check out the arrows on the front of the coin.   1853 was the first year that this type of coin is adorned with these arrows and perhaps designates the reduction of weight due which was done because of its precious metal content.  This coin in particular has .0388 ounces or 1.09 grams or silver.  This one was produced in Philadelphia where 13.2 million Liberty Seated dimes were made in 1853. This coin is 159 years old. See picture below.

Koin kuno berumur 159 seratus lima puluh sembilan tahun Koin Kuno Koin Perak kuno uang logam antik perak mata uang dollar Amerika Serikat tahun pembuatan untuk tahun 1853 koin perak ½ setengah dime koin dollar US bergambar lady Liberty beliau lagi duduk dan memegang bendera Amerika, dan dibelakang koin begambar tulisan angka “Half Dime” dikelilingi oleh bunga wreath,  uang logam koin kuno yang langka dan jarang ini dibuat diproduksi dikota Philadelphia pada tahun 1853 yang berarti koin kuno ini sudah berumur 159 tahun wow…sudah sangat tua sekali, kondisi-nya kurang bagus tapi masih layak untuk dikoleksi dan masih banyak dicari dan diminati oleh para pengemar koin kuno dari berbagai daerah. untuk lebih jelasnya lagi silahkan bisa anda lihat check sendiri difoto-foto yang telah kami pajang ini ,

1942 One Dime Silver Mercury Coin Winged Liberty Heads Koleksi Koin Kuno Koin Logam Silver Bergambar Wajah Lady Liberty Mata Uang Asing 1-Satu Dime Dollar Amerika Serikat

From the years 1916-1945 the US mint made what are known as Mercury (or otherwise referred to as Winged Liberty heads) dimes.  They are composed of 90% silver and 10% of the metal copper.  The font of the coin has a picture of lady liberty wearing a winged hat (the meaning of which could be the freedom of thought and expression).  The back of the Mercury dime is adorned with a fasces (bundles sticks with a blade) and olive branch.

In the year 1942 one can find examples of these in the standard D(Denver), S (San Francisco), or no mint mark (Philadelphia) version.  In this year there is the existence of Mercury dimes in what we may call a mint mistake, in this case referred to as a 2 over 1.  Initially a 1 was stamped as the last numeral in the year and then was re stamped a 2.  One of these would be quite valuable even in just good condition.  Apparently these only came out of Philadelphia and Denver.

We have a 1942 silver Mercury dime (which can be seen below) in fine condition as was created in Philadelphia (no mint mark). PLEASE CLICK ON PHOTO FOR LARGER IMAGE .

Koin kuno koin antik dan langka uang logam silver 1-satu dime Mercury koin pembuatan untuk tahun 1942 mata uang asing dari Amerika Serikat bergambar wajah nyonya lady Liberty memakai topi bersayap uang ini diperoduksi dibuat di Philadelphia pada th 1942 yang berarti koin ini sudah berumur 70 tahun lumayan tua, kondisinya lumayan bagus biarapun agak kotor didepannya dan ada bekas goresan-gorensan tapi gambar dan tulisannya masih timbul dan masih terlihat jelas, Untuk lebih lanjutnya silahkan bisa anda check periksa sendiri detail lengkapnya di foto yang telah kami pajang ini biar lah anda yang menilai sendiri apakah kondisi koin kuno ini apa masih bagus atau tidaknya 🙂 , Silahkan klik foto-fotonya untuk menperbesar gambar agar kondisinya terlihat lebih jelas lagi, Terima kasih, Thank you,

1 Satu Dime Koin Logam Silver Kuno Unik Dan Langka Tahun 1912 Bergambar Kepala Patung Liberty Koin Antik Dari USA American Collectible Coin One Dime Silver 1912-D

Barber dimes are becoming harder to come by especially for the tough years and mint marks (1895-O is one notable example of a highly prized dime).  Putting together a whole set of all the years and mints would be costly and a challenge. Below we have an example a very fine grade specimen from the year 1912 (common year) that has the D mark for the Denver mint. Please CLICK ON PHOTO FOR LARGER IMAGE

The Barber Dime has the face of lady liberty wearing a hat with an olive branch as an attachment.  As you may expect the word “Liberty” is engraved in the hat.   After some arguments about what the design should be (from artists as well as the public) the task was ultimately given to the head of engraving for the mint at the time: Charles E Barber.   As far the reverse is concerned, it notates that the coin is “One Dime” and well as has various symbols of agriculture.  This coin type was made from 1892 through 1916.

1 Satu Dime One Dime dollar koin kuno duit tua jaman dulu dari Amerika Serikat Ini adalah uang logam silver koin kuno antik bergambar kepala wajah patung nyonya lady Liberty koin ini dibuat pada tahun 1912 sangat tua sekali umurnya langka dan jarang sangat bagus sekali untuk di koleksi setiap hari harga koin ini selalu naik banyak diburu oleh banyak kolektor pecinta uang kuno ,  Kondisinya sangat bagus sekali seperti baru tidak terlalu banyak tersentuh oleh tangan terbungkus rapih didalam plastik dan kertas tebal kondisinya (Very Fine) kalau si pengkoleksi uang kuno bilang, Gambar dan angka tulisannya masih terlihat sangat jelas sekali, Tahun series dan code: 1912-D , Sangat beruntung sekali apabila anda bisa memiliki koin yang langka dan jarang ini 🙂 Jadi untuk para pecinta uang KUNO Apabila anda berminat untuk mengkoleklsi uang koin kuno ini silahkan anda bisa menghubungi e-mail kami langsung di Terima kasih , Thank you 🙂