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2009 Abraham Lincoln Commemorative Uncirculated Silver Dollar Coin

On this posting we have a most beautiful 2009 Abraham Lincoln Commemorative Uncirculated Silver Dollar Coin which is pictured below.  On the front side is a take on the great American President: Abraham Lincoln.  The reverse quotes a well known portion of the Emancipation Proclamation.  There were only 500,000 of this type of coin struck and the reason it was produced is to remember or commemorate the 200th anniversary of Lincoln’s birth. It is composed of 90% percent silver and has .7734 ounces of the precious metal in it.

Below we have photos of this 2009 Lincolon Silver Dollar.  It’s design is one of the more memorable of US commemorative coins made in the last few years.

 2009 Abraham Lincoln Commemorative Uncirculated Silver Dollar Coinkoin perak Amerika 2009

Koin perak dari Negara Amerika Serikat tahun 2009 di depan bergambar waja US Presiden Abraham Lincoln.

1976 Bicentenial Proof Eisenhower Silver Dollar

Greetings, here we will go ahead and examine a 1976 Bicentenial Eisenhower Proof silver dollar.  Have a look at it below.  This coin has the 34th President of the United States of America on its obverse facing left (designed by Frank Gasparro). On the reverse is the Liberty Bell with the moon behind it (the back was designed by Dennis R. Williams after winning a competition to do so).  This dollar coin is 40% silver and has 9.836 grams of the precious metal in its content.  This is part of a 3 coinset in which approximately 3.99 million were struck.

At the bottom of the post is our 1976 Bicentennial Eisenhower Proof silver dollar.  Its is in uncirculated condition.

Koin kuno perak proof satu dollar dari negara Amerika Serikat tahun 1976.

1986 Statue of Liberty Commemorative Silver Dollar

In this post will are going to look at a 1986 proof Liberty silver dollar from the San Fransisco mint as well as a copper liberty half dollar.  These commemorative US proof coins come in a nice blue collectors case, are slabbed in protective hard plastic casings and are viewable in the pictures below.

Now the dollar was struck with the traditional weight of 26.73 grams and a silver composition of 90% (.77 troy ounces of the precious metal).  On the front side is a take on the Statue of Liberty with the Ellis Island building in the background.   Also the year of production (1986) and “IN GOD WE TRUST”are struck on the obverse.  The reverse side of this coin has Liberty’s torch with UNITED STATES OF AMERICA struck above it and “E PLURIBUS UNUM” and ONE DOLLAR at the bottom.  Directly under the torch is a poem.  The credit for this coin goes to John Mercanti with assistance on the reverse side from Matthew Peloso.  This is really a silver beauty that any collector can appreciate.

The half dollar is really nice as well, also a proof coin but made mostly of copper (with a very small amount of nickel).   Its total weight is 11.34 grams.  The front side has an image of the Statue of Liberty facing a rising sun (an artistic take on a new life of Liberty for many).  This design was done by Edgar Steever.  The reverse is an impression of newly arrived immigrants at Ellis Island that are on their way to New York.  It was done by Sherl Winter.

Koin perak spesial satu Dollar bergambar foto Statue of Liberty dan koin setengah half dollar tahun 1986.

1921D Silver Morgan Dollar Coin (Graded by NGC)

On this post we are going to examine a graded 1921D silver Morgan dollar coin. Check it out at the bottom of this page.  Notice that it is graded by one of the authorities in coin grading: Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC).  Its grade is Mint State 62 (a lower grade uncirculated).  1921 was the last year that coins like these were produced by the mint.  As far as the 1921 D is concerned it was a highly produced coin with 20.345 million struck.

Collecting common date Morgan dollars has become more popular.  They are a great choice for collectors that want to own a great piece of silver American coinage without a giant premium. This 1921D silver Morgan dollar coin has the added  benefit of being slabbed and graded by NGC (which generally will add to the premium and value).


1921D Silver Morgan Dollar Coin

Koin perak kuno Satu Dollar dari negara Amerika Serikat tahun 1921

Koin perak kuno Satu Dollar dari negara Amerika Serikat tahun 1921.

1988 US 1 Ounce Silver Eagle Coin

In this post we have a 1988 US 1 Ounce Silver Eagle which was the third year that they were made.  There were actually just over 5 million of them struck in 1988.  It’s weight is 31.1 grams or 1 troy ounce.  This 1988 US 1 Ounce Silver Eagle we have in the photos below is not the very highest grade but nonetheless is a great fine precious metal coin to have.

The American Silver Eagle bullion coin was first issued in 1986 .  The obverse design was recycled from the Walking Liberty half dollar which was designed by Adolf Weinman.  The back has an image of a heraldic eagle with 13 stars and was designed by John Mercanti.  The production of this coin was born out of the debate in the US government to sell off the defense national stockpile of silver.  After a few attempts at legislation it was signed into law (in 1985) to produce these coins from that silver and production began a year later.


1988 US 1 Ounce Silver Eagle

1889 US Morgan Silver Dollar (Philadelphia Mint)

The Morgan silver dollar was in its 12th year of production in the year 1889.  This was a common year as far as Philadelphia minted Morgan’s are concerned as there were 21.72 million of them struck there.  The CC version of this year is a key date and in fact quite valuable in any grade (exponentially so when talking about uncirculated specimens).  Here we will discuss a 1889 US Morgan silver dollar.

Observe the 1889 silver dollar (Philadelphia no mint mark) that we currently have in the photos following.   I’m not an expert on grading (though I am practicing) but this coin I believe would be good enough to graded mint state 63.  This 1889 US Morgan silver dollar is quite nice and it is in uncirculated condition nonetheless.  Feel free to email us at with any questions or for the price.  Thank you and have a great one, terima kasih.

Fantastic 1 satu dollar koin Perak Morgan dari negara Amerika Serikat koin langka dan unik tahun 1889 kondisi-nya benar-benar SEMPURNA BARU UNC lepel grade nomer 63 sangat jarang sekali ada koin yang sudah berumur berpuluh-puluh tahun dengan kondisi semulus dan sesempurna seperti koin yang satu ini, Koin kuno antik bergambar lady Liberty dan burung Elang ini di cetak diproduksi di kota Philadelhia, Kepada para kolektor diluaran sana yang belum punya koin perak morgan seperti yang satu ini silahkan koleksi lah sekarang juga agar koleksi-koleksi ada lebih lengkap!. Untuk Harga Silahkan Kontak Kami Sekarang Juga.


1889 US Morgan silver dollarsatu dollar koin Perak Morgan

1921 US Morgan Silver Dollar Coin

The Morgan Dollar is easily the most well known circulated $1 coin ever produced in the USA.  Some of the rare key dates are worth a fortune.  A few examples of those would include 1889 CC, 1895 proof and 1893S especially when speaking in uncirculated terms.

1921 was the last year that the United States Morgan Silver Dollar was produced.  They were made in all 3 mints including Philadelphia which produced 44.69 million of them, Denver 22.345 mil and San Francisco with 22.695 million struck.  These high number make 1921 a common date though they still are a worth a premium over their spot price (they have .7734 ounces of silver in their content).  Bear in mind that the reason that Morgan’s were made in 1921 after 17 years of non production was the Pittman act.  This allowed America to melt coins and sell Great Britain the silver (which they were in need of) and at the same time replace that stock with new coinage.

We have an example of a 1921 Morgan from Philadelphia in the photographs proceeding.  I would grade this coin as almost uncirculated AU 53.

1 dollar us

1925 US Silver Peace Dollar Coin Koin Perak Kuno Uang Logam Antik Satu Dollar Peace Dari Amerika Serikat Tahun 1925

In the image following you’ll see a 1925 US silver Peace dollar that we have that was produced in the Philadelphia mint.  This particular example is great looking and after close examination it appears to be in almost uncirculated condition. On its obverse is an inpspiring impression of Lady Liberty’s face.  The reverse side is the great American bald eagle sitting on it perch and below it the words “Peace.”  Professionals in the coin industry at the time wanted to honor the period of time that came after World War I that was peaceful and lobbied congress to do so. This action was pivotal to the production of the Peace dollar. 1000% GUARANTEED AUTHENTIC REAL GENUINE ORIGINAL 1925 US Silver Peace One Dollar Coin USA !…. Please contact us for the price Thank you !.

1925 US Silver Peace Dollar Coin PhiladelphiaUang Logam Kuno Satu Dollar Peace Dari Amerika Serikat Tahun 1925

Koin PERAK uang logam kuno 1 satu peace dollar US uang logam perak dari nagara Amerika Serikat tahun 1925 Philadelphia mint, Koin Antik bergambar wajah lady Liberty dan bergambar burung Elang dibelakang-nya bertulisakan LIBERTY IN GOD WE TRUST 1952 UNITED-STATESOF-AMERICA. E.PLURIBUS-UNUM ONE DOLLAR PEACE. Berat Gram koin antik ini: 26.73 Grams, Koin kuno ini Terbuat dari bahan Silver-PERAK Asli 90% dan dari bahan Copper-Tembaga 10%.Total berat OZ: .77344 oz. Diameter: 38.1 mm, Dicetak-Diproduk DiKota Philadelphia mints. Kondisi super BAGUS mendekati keSempurna gambar dan tulisan-nya timbul dengan jelas. Dijamim 100% Guaranted Authentic Real Original KOIN ASLI Dari USA!. UNTUK HARGA SILAHKAN KONTAK KAMI VIA E-MAIL ATAU SMS, TERIMA KASIH.

1922 Silver Peace Dollar Coin Koin Perak Kuno $1 Dollar Lady Liberty Dari Amerika Serikat USA $$$

1922 was the second year of production of the wonderful American Peace Dollar coin.  These are silver (90%) with .7734 ounces (21.92 grams) of the precious metal.  Anthony de Francisi is the creator of this fantastic design and was an underdog in the competition to get the job.  Its obverse is a vision of Lady Liberty that de Francisi used the face of his wife for inspiration for.  On the back has an eagle standing on a mound with an olive branch with the word PEACE below.  Collectors wanted this coin made to commemorate the peaceful time after the “the war to end all wars” or in another word World War I.

See the 1922 silver Peace dollar coin that we have in the photos below.  There were 51.73 million of these made in the Philadelphia mint in this year.  Take notice that this 1922 Silver Peace Dollar coin here has some of its mint luster and would grade almost uncirculated.

1922 Silver Peace Dollar Coin Koin Perak Kuno dolar

Koin PERAK Asli Tahun 1922… koin uang antik kuno $1-satu dollar US bergambar wajah Lady Liberty dan dibelakang koin bergambar burung Elang-Eagle Bird koin antik berasal dari Amerika Serikat , Koin kuno yang satu ini super langka jarang ada-nya layak sekali dan patut untuk dikoleksi karna kelangkaan koin ini para kolektor pencinta koin antik dari seluruh Dunia mereka mencari-nya dan ingin memiliki-nya, setidak-nya untuk para kolektor koin kuno sejati mereka harus memiliki-nya 1 atau 2 keping untuk dijadikan koleksi pribadi koleksi lengkap mereka!.  Apabila ada kolektor diluaran sana bulum punya belum memiliki koin antik yang satu ini jadi miliki lah sekarang juga untuk menambah pelangkap koleksi anda!.. LIBERTY IN GOD WE TRUST 1922 “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA“ E-PLURIBUS UNUM, ONE DOLLAR PEACE , Koin Perak kuno ini dicetak/diproduksi diKota Philadelphia Mints USA, Untuk harga silahkan hubungi kami sekarang juga via e-mail atau kirim sms, Terima kasih, Thank you, Dan Selamat Berkoleksi Koin-Koin Kuno-nya Lebih Banyak Lagi Cheers….!!!….. 🙂

1878 US Morgan Silver Dollar Coin CC Mint Uang Logam 1 Satu Dollar Koin Perak Morgan USA Tahun 1878

The year 1878 was the first for the United State mint produced the very popular US silver Morgan dollar coin.  It was designed by a Britton by the name of George T. Morgan and had its production run until the year 1904 and then reappeared for 1 year again in 1921.  The 1878 Morgan dollars were made in Carson City (with a mintage of 2.21 million), Philadelphia (10.50 mil) and San Francisco with (9.77 million) coins struck.

See our 1878 Carson City Morgan silver dollar in the image following.  Notice the CC mint mark on the bottom of the back side below the wreath.  This coin with its apparent wear can nonetheless be considered a fine grade.  Its silver content as other Morgan’s is .77334 ounce though its numismatic value easily exceeds its precious metal content value.


Koin dollar unik langka dan jarang hanya kolektor-kolektor tertentu saja yang bisa memiliki koin perak Morgan yang seperti ini uang perak logam tahun produksi cetak pada tahun 1878 diproduksi di kota Carson City USA mint mark CC. Koin yang langka dan unik ini dari negara Amerika Serikat bergambar wajah lady liberty dan bergambar burung elang dibelakang-nya dan ada mint mark CC dibawah kaki burung elang persis tempat-nya dibawah pohon gandum, Kondisi uang perak yang benar-benar unik ini sangat bagus silahkan bisa anda periksa sendiri difoto yang telah kami pajang diatas ini, Harga silahkan kontak kami via e-mail atau kirim sms.