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2000 US Silver Eagle 1 Ounce Coin

The 1 ounce Silver Eagle is a bullion coin made out of the precious metal silver and perhaps it is the most highly recognized coin of this type in the world.  On its front is a design that was brought back into use as it first appeared on the US half dollar coins which were made from 1916 until 1947 (Walking Liberty).  This design’s creator was Adolf Weinman.  The back side of the Silver Eagle has an eagle with a banner in its beak with the words: E Pluribus Unum (one out of many).  This bird has a shield on its chest and 13 stars over its head as well as an olive branch in its left talon and arrows in its right talon.  The back side’s look was created by John Mercanti.

These coins were first produced in the year 1986 and are still made today though the US mint has had a difficult time keeping up with demand for them especially in recent years.  These are produced in the Philadelphia and the West Point mints currently and San Francisco in the past.  Proof issues of the one ounce Silver Eagles have also been produced.

See the 1 oz Silver Eagle that we have in the photos following.  This one is from the year 2000 and is uncirculated.  This is a fantastic coin all around that collectors should have at least one of in their collection.

1900 Morgan Silver Dollar Coin New Orleans Mint $1 Satu Dollar Koin Perak USA Tahun 1900 $$$ USA

Morgan silver dollars are one of the most popular coins as far as collecting US coinage goes.  They were struck from the years 1878 until 1904 continuously and then again for one year in 1921.  Their silver content is .7734 ounces or 25.0554 grams.  The credit for their design goes to George T. Morgan.  He used Anna Willess Williams (who was from Philadelphia) as a model to create the coins look.

We have a 1900 Morgan silver dollar in the pictures below minted in New Orleans (which made 12.59 million of this coin in 1900).  This was a relatively common year for production.  This particular example is in almost circulated condition and has beautiful mint luster to it still (more so on the obverse) and the back has the presence of some toning.  Email us at butikmewah@gmail if you’re interested in this silver $ coin or for further questions.

 $1 Dollar Koin Perak Dari Amerika Serikat Silver One Dollar Coin Bergambar Lady Liberty , Koin PERAK Asli USA, HARGA RP 5 LIMA JUTA RUPIAH ONGKOS KIRIM GRATIS !.

1921 US Silver Peace Dollar Coin

The US Silver Peace Dollar saw its first production in the year 1921.  This particular coin is one of the more desirable of the Peace Dollar variety. They were all high relief (which the mint switched to low relief in 1922 with the exception of a special proofs) plus the minted quantity is relatively low at just over a million coins struck.  In 1921 they were all produced in Philadelphia.

There were 2 things that led to the making of the Peace Dollar.  The first was an act of congress that was passed (Pittman Act) that required the purchase of silver domestically for use in US coinage.  The second was that currency experts got the Secretary of the Treasury at the time to adopt the idea of recognizing the peaceful time that followed World War I.

The front of the Peace Dollar has an impression of Lady Liberty by designer Anthony de Francisci who modeled it after his wife’s face.  The back of this coin has an American bald eagle on its perch that has the word “Peace” in it and an olive branch.  These dollars weigh in at 26.73 grams and are composed metal wise of 90 percent silver (.7734 ounces) and 10 percent copper.

The following is one example of a 1921 silver Peace dollar that we have.  Look closely at the high relief of this beautiful coin.  This particular one that we own is in very fine condition.

1886 One Dollar Silver Morgan United States Of America In God We Trust E’ Pluribus Unum Image Of Lady Liberty And Eagle $1-Satu Dollar US Koin Perak Morgan Amerika Serikat Foto Liberty Dan Burung Elang EagleTahun 1886 USA

Morgan dollars are arguably the most popular and collected silver dollars as far as US coins go.  In the year 1886 the Philadelphia mint struck 19.9 million Morgans (including 886 of the proof variety) 10.7 mil. in New Orleans and there was a lesser production in the San Francisco mint where 750,000 were made.

The most desirable and valuable of the 1886 silver Morgan dollars would be from the New Orleans mint if in gem state 65 grade.  A coin like this is not easy to come by and would command a high price. We are talking 6 figures.  An 1886 64 grade 0 mint is worth substantially less but still in the thousands.  Another quite valuable specimen from this year would be a proof coin from Philadelphia in PF-63 grade.

Below we have a standard 1886 silver Morgan dollar from the Philadelphia Mint that is in almost uncirculated condition. Notice that most of the original luster is there making lady liberty on the front and the eagle on the back look amazing.

Vintage Antique Old Silver Coin Money $1 Dollar US Koin Perak Morgan bergambar foto nyonya lady “Liberty” dan burung Elang – Eagle bird, Uang logam antik kuno tahun produksi untuk tahun 1886 dibuat diproduksi dikota Philadelphia Amerika Serikat, Koin morgan dengan foto Liberty dikelilingi oleh 13-tiga belas gambar bintang dan dibelakang koin bergambar foto burung Elang EAGLE dan dikelilingi oleh daun pohon batang “Gandum”. Uang logam perak koin $1-satu dollar US bertulisakan One Dollar United States Of America In God We Trust E’ Pluribus Unum 1886. Silver Morgan Coin. Kondisi-nya super-super bagus terpelihara dan terjaga dengan baik, Gambar angka-tulisan-nya sangat timbul jelas dan bagus…Uang logam antik koin kuno 1886 One Dollar Silver Morgan United States Of America In God We Trust E’ Pluribus Unum Image Of Lady Liberty And Eagle $1-Satu Dollar US Koin Perak Morgan Amerika Serikat Foto Liberty Dan Burung Elang Eagle Tahun 1886 USA Untuk harga silahkan kontak via e-mail atau kirim sms ke nomer yang telah kami sediakan di contact phone&email Thank you, Terima kasih, Hatur nuhun ! 🙂

1890 Silver Morgan Dollar Philadelphia Mint Koin Perak 1-Satu Dollar US Uang Logam Kuno Amerika Serikat Tahun 1890

In the year 1890 the US mint made quite a few Morgan silver dollars.  In fact they struck roughly 38 million that year of which 16.8 million were minted in Philadelphia, 2.3 in Carson City, 10.7 in New Orleans and 8.2 million in San Francisco.  All in all it is a common year with only one real notable error coin which is known as tailbar and is only found from the Carson City mint.  This can be identified by looking at the back and examining the tail feathers of the eagle.  This bar extends from the feathers to the olive branches underneath.A couple of other notable examples of 1890 Morgan dollars would be proofs (of which 500 were made) from Philadelphia or mint state 65 specimens from Carson City.  Both would be quite valuable.  The coin we have in this post following is a 1890 Morgan silver dollar Philadelphia mint in extra fine grade.


1890 Morgan silver dollar Philadelphia mint

Koin Kuno Koin Antik United Of America in GOD we trust One Dollar Silver Eagle Coin 1890 Uang Logam Koin Perak $1 1-Satu Dollar Eagle Silver Morgan Coin pembuatan untuk tahun 1890 koin ini diproduksi dibuat di Kota Philadelphia Mint USA bergambar wajah lady Liberty dan bergambar burung Elang Eagle Bird.  Kondisinya sangat-sangat bagus terawat dan terpelihara dangan baik , Gambar angka dan tulisannya sangat terlihat jelas dan timbul, Untuk harga silahkan kontak e-mail kami di P.S kami punya beberapa koin yang model Morgan ini dari beragam tahun dan barbagai kondisi apabila anda berminat untuk mengkoleksinya lebih banyak lagi silahkan hubungi kami sekarang juga.

1884 United States Of America In God We Trust Morgan One Dollar Morgan Eagle Silver Coin $1-Satu Dollar US Morgan Koin Perak Eagle Uang Logam Kuno Tahun 1884 Amerika Serikat

$1 Silver Morgan Coins During the year 1884 there were more than 28 million silver Morgan dollars produced.  They were made in the Philadelphia, San Francisco, Carson City and the New Orleans mints.  This year is relatively common. The CC or Carson City examples are actually more valuable than the others (with some notable exceptions like a higher grade uncirculated S) as production was approximately 1.1 million from there (substantially less than other mints).

In 1884 there were more than 14 million Morgan dollars struck in the Philadelphia mint (including a proof version which is quite valuable).  We have a standard Morgan from  Philadelphia, and therefore there is no mint mark and this specimen appears to be in very fine condition.  View it below. Please let us know if you have any questions about this 1884 Morgan dollar or if you like to see more picture, Thank you,

1884 morgan dollar no mint mark Philadelphia

Koin Perak $1 1-satu dollar US uang logam silver perak tahun pembuatan untuk th 1884, Didepan koin bergambar foto wajah kepala nyonya lady Liberty dan dibelakang koin kuno ini bergambar foto Burung Elang Eagle Bird, Koin perak ini diproduksi dibuat diKota Philadelphia USA, Kondidisinya sangat bagus terjaga dengan baik very fine condition kalau kata kolektor uang antik bilang yang artinya kondisi tersebut masih terlihat bagus walau pun koin ini sudah berumur lumayan tua , gambar tulisan dan angkanya masih terlihat dengan jelas dan timbul, Coin United States Of America In God We Trust Morgan One Dollar Silver Coin Eagle Coin, Untuk lebih jelasnya lagi silahkan bisa anda check dan periksa detailsnya sendiri difoto yang telah kami pajang ini, Koin perak kuno ini untuk dijual for sale apabila anda berminat silahkan anda bisa kontak e-mail kami langsung di P.S kami punya beberapa keeping uang logam koin perak yang model Morgan ini kondisinya hampir semuanya sama dengan koin yang kami pajang ini, mungkin anda ingin menbelinya lebih dari 1-satu keping atau ingin mengkoleksinya lebih banyak lagi silahkan jangan sungkan-sungkan anda bisa bertanya kepada kami langsung dan kami siap melayani menbantu anda ! Thank you, Terima kasih,

1922 United States Of America $1 Liberty And Eagle Silver Coins 1 Dollar US Koin Kuno Perak Eagle Tahun 1922 Amerika Serikat

1922 was second year that the Peace silver dollar was produced and they were made in Philadelphia (no mint mark) as well as Denver (D) and San Francisco (S).  In this year there were many coins that were struck and between all mints the total would come out to be roughly 84.3 million  (a huge 51 million of which were made Philly Philadelphia). This fact would make 1922 the highest production year for Peace dollars.   There is also the existence of high relief versions in this year which are on the rare side (very valuable as well) as only just over 35 K were minted.  Actually the high relief coins made in 1922 were made first and then the mint decided because of die problems (and other reasons) to switch to low relief thereafter. We have 5 1922 silver peace dollars  in various grades including extra fine, very fine etc. that can be viewed below:


1922 silver peace dollars

United States Of America one dollar $1 Liberty and Eagle silver coin year 1922 5-lima keping 5-lima buah/pcs 1-satu dollar koin Eagle kuno uang logam silver perak dari Amerika serikat koin Eagle pembuatan untuk tahun 1922 didepan bergambar wajah nyonya lady Liberty dan dibelakangnya bergambar burung Elang Eagle bird , koin Eagle ini diproduksi dibuat dikota Philadelphia USA pada tahun 1922,Yang berarti koin perak ini sudah berumur 90 tahun lumayan tua, sangat bagus untuk dikoleksi karna harga koin perak yang seperti ini setiap harinya selalu naik dan naik dan koin perak model ini banyak disukai oleh pengkoleksi pencinta uang kuno, Kondisi dari mulai sangat bagus sampai ke yang biasa-biasa saja , Silahkan bisa anda lihat dan periksa sendiri langsung dari foto-foto yang telah kami pajang ini, Terima kasih, Thank you, Untuk harga silahkan anda bisa bertanya langsung di e-mail kami ini Koin ini akan kami jual semuanya 5-lima buah lima keping untuk menambah koleksi koin kuno koin antik anda 🙂 , Thanks again.

$1 Dollar Koin Kuno Amerika Serikat Tahun 1880 $1 Dollar Coin San Francisco Silver Morgan One Dollar 1880 Old American Coin

Below you’ll find an example of an 1880 s Morgan silver dollar that appears to be an almost uncirculated grade and very nice.  Mint luster is apparent slight wear at high points.

An 1880-S (San Francisco Mint mark found on back of coin) is a common silver Morgan dollar.  In this particular year there were a total of 8 million 900 hundred thousand of these minted.  Specimens of this coin exist in grades of up to 67 and are out there.  Grade 66 or 67 won’t be very common.  There are also what you might call over date examples in this case the 1880/79-S  variety.  Basically the 0 (last number of year) on the coins was initially a 9.  To detect an example of one of these magnification will need be utilized and there are 3 features that would qualify this.  The easiest way is to look for polishing marks in the 0 in the upper portion of the number.  There are marks on the 8 and the presence of modified S on the back of this coin type as well.


1880 S morgan silver dollar   Uang Logam Silver Duit Antik Unik Jarang Dan Langka Koin kuno

Uang Logam Silver Duit Antik Unik Jarang Dan Langka Koin kuno Dari Amerika Serikat Tahun 1880  $1 Dollar USA Koin Morgan bergambar wajah Nyonya Lady Liberty dan gambar Burung ELANG Eagle Bird dibelakangnya dengan Mark tulisan seri ada gambar 7-tujuh buah/pieces Bintang  dipingirnya dan tulisan besar hurup  E.PLURIBUS.UNUM dan ada 6-enam gambar Bintang lagi dipingirnya. Kondisi bagus gambar nomer dan tulisannya masih terlihat dengan jelas dan tulisan-tulisannya pun sangat timbul jelas walaupun koin ini sedikit terlihat kotor. Silahkan bisa anda periksa sendiri kondisinya di foto yang telah kami pajang ini, untuk harga silahkan anda bisa menanyakan nya langsung di Terima kasih, Thank you, Dan Selamat Berbelanja di ! 🙂

1893CC Silver Morgan Dollar Coin

We going to talk about a 1893CC Morgan silver dollar in this entry.  This can be considered a semi key date as its numismatic value is multiples of its silver content value even in just good condition. It would not be considered a key date either as there were 677,000 of these produced in Carson City this year but one could be considered rare in a higher grade.  This would especially be true in uncirculated grades.  Also 1893 ws the last year that the Carson City mint made them.

Any 1893CC morgan silver dollar is worth slabbing or having it graded in fine or better grade.  Actually it is a worthy consideration even in good grade but as some people like touching their coins that its really up to the collector’s preference.  As far as purchasing one it makes sense to stick with just professionally graded examples (preferably NGC, PCGS or ANACS) as a precaution to avoiding conterfeits.

Morgan silver dollars are one of my favorite coin types for collecting and I enjoy all of them whether they are common dates, semi-keydate or otherwise.  Some may opt for the CC minted examples because as a whole Carson City produced less than the other mints.    That is a matter of preference and really makes collecting so great as it is customizable to one’s tastes. In any case the entry point for collectors to purchase a 1893CC Morgan silver dollar is around $200 (for good grade) at this time.  For better grades expect to pay significantly more and its worth consulting the PCGS and NGC coin price guide to start but don’t stop there.  Asking a trustworthy coin expert for their opinion/help can be a good idea as well and there is nothing wrong with getting several opinions.

Below is a video from Youtube highlighting a 1893CC Morgan Dollar.

Seated Liberty Silver Dollar Coins Koin Perak Kuno Dari Negara USA Satu Dollar Seated Liberty

Before the Morgan dollar was produced there was the silver Seated Liberty dollar which was made in the years 1840 through 1873.  This coin depicts an artistic impression of Lady Liberty seated on a mound with a shield in the left hand and in the right is the flag.  Also at the top of the obverse are 13 stars representing the thirteen original colonies.  The reverse has a vision of the American eagle with a shield on its chest holding arrows and an olive branch (similar to the Great Seal of the USA).  The Seated Liberty dollars had the “In God We Trust Motto” added to them in the year 1866.

The person who is given credit with the design is Christian Gobrect.  He was one of US Mint’s Chief Engravers and was from Pennsylvania, the son of a German immigrant.   The artist Thomas Sully also played a part in the creation of this coin with his sketches.

What I find interesting is the Seated Liberty silver Liberty Dollar continued production right through the Civil War; this despite the fact that their value was much greater than their paper equivalent.  Inflation was rampant during this period of time so I don’t believe one would see this coin being circulated often as well as the fact that people were hoarding coins with any metal value (even copper ones).  Eventually the Seated Liberty Silver Dollar saw its end with the coinage act of 1873.

Here is a video about a Seated Liberty Dollar 1870 CC

Koin perak kuno dari negara USA Seated Liberty Satu dollar.