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1827 Capped Bust Half Dollar

This post is about a 1827 Capped Bust Half Dollar Square Base.  The capped bust half dollar is a beautiful old US coin is not out of reach price wise for a good number of coin collectors.  This 89 percent silver coin has on its obverse displaying Lady Liberty facing left and was designed by a German immigrant by the name of John Reich. Reich was given the job of updating Robert Scot’s Draped Bust designs resulting the Capped Bust design.


The reverse side of this 1827 Capped Bust Half Dollar has the United States of America in large letters and the latin motto E Pluribus Unum (one out of many).  Also there is an American eagle with union shield in its center holding an olive branch and arrows in it’s talons.

Koin perak kuno lima puluh Cents dari negara Amerika Serikat tahun 1827

Koin perak kuno lima puluh Cents dari negara Amerika Serikat tahun 1827.

1935 s walking liberty half dollar

The topic of this entry is a 1935 s walking liberty half dollar.  This silver coin is not a key date but it is more scarce than the most common Walking Liberty dates.  The minted number was 3.854 million.   It was struck a few years into the Great Depression and had good purchasing power that might buy one a pound of steak, a container of ketchup and a quart of milk.  This 1935 s walking liberty half dollar is composed of 90% silver and 10% copper and has a depictions of Lady Liberty on the obverse and an American eagle on a perch on the reverse.  It is a very handsome design, perhaps one of the best in US coinage history.

Our 1935 s walking liberty half dollar appears to be a very good grade.

Koin perak kuno uang logam Setengah Dollar dari negara Amerka Serikat tahun 1935 San Francisco.

1935 s walking liberty half dollar old american coin

Koin perak kuno uang logam Setengah Dollar dari negara Amerka Serikat tahun 1935 San Francisco

Columbian Exposition US Commemorative Silver Half Dollar Coin

In this entry we will take a look at a 1893 Columbian Exposition US silver half dollar.  This coin commemorates the 400th anniversary of Chistopher Columbus landing in the new world.  It has a portrait of Christopher Columbus who was the first European to establish wide spread awareness and contact with the Americas (North and South).  The reverse has an image of the Santa Maria boat which was one of the three ships Columbus used on his first trip to the new world.  The front’s design was done by Charles Barber whereas the reverse was by George Morgan.  The mintage of this half dollar was only 1.55 million.

Take a look at our silver 1893 Columbus half dollar in the photos below.  It has seen a bit of circulation.

Commemorative US silver half dollarkoin perak kuno Amerika 1893

Koin perak kuno dari negara Amerika Serikat tahun 1893 bergambar waja Chistopher Columbus.

1904 Silver Barber Half Dollar Coin

Here we are going to examine a 1904 silver Barber half dollar coin.  It is composed of 90% silver and 10 % copper.  It has no mint mark so we know that it was struck in Philadelphia which produced 2.992 million of this type of coin in 1904.  On the front of this half dollar is an impression of the face of liberty.  The design belongs to long time US mint engraver Charles Edward Barber (who has credit for many other US coin designs as well).  The Barber half dollar enjoyed a relatively long production life of 24 years and today are usually valued at a premium above their precious metal content especially for fine or better grades.

Please check out our 1904 silver Barber half dollar coin in the photographs below.  It has a lot wear and appears to grade good.

Koin perak kuno setengah dollar dari negara Amerika tahun 1904.

1963 Silver Proof Franklin Half Dollar

In this post we will examine a 1963 silver proof Franklin half dollar.  It can be seen in the photos below.  For those not familiar with what a proof is, it is a special preparation applied to a coin with collectors in mind.  Throughout history they have been made in a special fashion with polished dies though at times that process has been modified with the use of chemicals in more recent years.  In any case this Franklin silver half dollar proof is nice example to have that is that much more special that just a regular non-proof.  There were a lesser number these coins made with only approximately 3 million of them struck.

Our 1963 silver proof franklin half dollar has not seen circulation as is expected with proofs as they are made with collectors in mind.

1963 silver proof franklin half dollarKoin perak kuno uang logam antik  lima puluh cents dari negara Amerika serikat USA tahun 1963

Koin perak kuno uang logam antik  lima puluh cents dari negara Amerika serikat USA tahun 1963.

1954D (Denver) Silver Franklin Half Dollar US Coin

Here we will feature a 1954D silver Franklin half dollar coin.  This is one of the higher production coins in the Franklin 50 cent series with a production of  25.445 million made in Denver in 1954.  It is a 90 percent silver coin and it shouldn’t cost too much of premium to purchase over the spot price of silver because of the relatively high supply of them.  The one in our collection seen in the pictures below is in a very fine grade.

Ben Franklin was pictured on the US silver half dollar 50 cent piece between the years 1948 to 1963.  At this point there is no rare coin in the series as many folks often kept the ones they came across.  So at this time there is still a fair supply of them out there.

Ben Franklin was not only a forefather of the United States of America but a pioneer in the use of electricity as well as an inventor of extraordinary proportions.  He is often remembered for his savvy political acumen but he was also a contributor to the arts.  He enjoyed music greatly and even invented an instrument called the glass armonica (which Mozart wrote 2 pieces for).  Ben Franklin’s home and grave (died in 1790) are located in the “Cradle of Liberty” Philadelphia.  He was born in Boston in the year 1706.

Pictures of our 1954D  silver Franklin half dollar coin are below:

1954D Silver Franklin Half Dollar US Coin

2003 Silver Kennedy Half Dollar Coin PF 70 Ultra Cameo Koin PERAK Setengah Dollar Dari Negara Amerika Serikat Tahun 2003

We are going to look at a 2003S silver PF 70 Ultra Cameo Kennedy Half Dollar coin in this post.  See it in the pictures underneath, it is slabbed and graded by the Numismatic Guarantee Corporation (NGC).  This is a nice new era silver coin for collectors and because it grades as a mint state 70 it can command a premium that is multiples higher than even a MS69.  This 2003 US Kennedy half dollar fifty cent coin is constructed out of 90 percent silver (.3617 ounces of the precious metal) and the other 10 percent is copper.  The diameter measures 30.6 millimeters and its total weight is 12.5 grams. Please contact us for the price Thank you.


Koin Perak Setengah $Dollar 50 lima puluh sen US dari Negara Amerika Serikat uang logam koin perak asli tahun produksi pada tahun 2003 kondisi BARU-UNC Fresh diambil langsung dari tempat pembuatan uang/koin perak di mint San Francisco, tidak pernah tersentuh oleh tangan terbungkus dan sealed didalam box plastik (NGC) berkualitas paling tinggi nomer MS68, PF 70 ULTRA CAMEO, Koin perak bergambar wajah mantan president Amerika serikat yang bernama JFK “John Fitzgerald Kennedy” dan bergambar burung Elang-Eagle Bird lambang USA dibelakang-nya dan bertuliskan: LIBERTY 2003 IN GOD WE TRUST, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA HALF DOLLAR, Dengan Mint marks “S” yang berarti koin perak ini dibuat/diproduksi di kota San Francisco USA. Untuk harga silahkan kontak kami via e-mail atau sms, telephone, Terima kasih.

Silver Franklin US 50 Cents Coin from 1954 Philadelphia Mint

In this entry we will highlight a 1954P silver Ben Franklin half dollar coin.  Take a look at in the image underneath, its condition or grade looks to be very fine.  There were 13.188 million of these struck in 1954 and this would include 233,300 proof coins.  A coin like this is nice way to buy a 50 plus year old silver coin with out a large premium over spot.  As time goes on this may change.  Actually completing a whole set of them won’t cost one a very large amount of money because there aren’t any big key dates with the Franklin Half Dollars.

Benjamin Franklin is welll known for his role as a forefather to the USA.  He also came up with inventions and ideas like the lightning rod and free public libary.  A couple of  interesting things most don’t know about are he was father of the American cartoon and he only reached the 2nd grade in his education as a child.  He did however recieve a much desevered advanced honorary degree later.

Koin perak kuno dari negara Amerika serikat lima puluh cents tahun 1954.

Silver US 1933 Walking Liberty Half Dollar Coin San Francisco Mint

In 1933 the US mint only made silver half dollars in the San Francisco mint.  They made 1.786 million of these Walking Liberty 50 cent pieces in the S mint and this was after a break of 3 years.  The previous year of production for these was 1929.  Silver was continually used comprising 90 percent of this coin or in measurement terms .3617 ounces of the precious metal.  Though the mintage isn’t that high and they were only made in one mint that year, the 1933S doesn’t get much of a premium above more common date Walking Liberty half dollars.  As time goes on we may see more of a premium of course dependent on demand.

Walking Liberty Halves began in the year 1916 and I would say their design is the most memorable of any US 50 cent piece in the 20th century.  Certain silver Walking Liberty Half Dollars are keydates can command large premiums especially those with very low mintages (especially in uncirculated grades).  A complete set with every year and mint would also be quite a prize.

The pictures below are of a 1933S Walking Liberty that we have.  After looking over this coin it would grade a very good.

Koin perak kuno dari negara USA lima puluh cents tahun 1933.

The Barber Silver Half Dollar Koin Perak Kuno Barber Lima Puluh Cents

The US Barber Half Dollar was made in the years 1892 until 1915 and was replaced by the silver Walking Liberty Half Dollar. In the late 1880s the treasury wanted artists to come up with a new design for the half dollar but because of compensation issues chief engraver Charles Barber was chosen instread to create the look of this coin.  So he made his impression of Lady Liberty which adorns the front, she is wearing a cap with an olive branch attached on.  His initial is found on the neck of Liberty.  The back of it has an eagle with an olive branch and arrows like the Great Seal of the USA.   Bear in mind the same design was used in the same years for the American quarter and dime as well.

Barber Half Dollars are 90% silver and have .3617 ounces or 10.2540225 grams of the precious metal in them.  The other 10% consists of the metal copper.

Here is a list of some of the more sought after dates (as well as one error) of the silver Barber Half Dollar series to be aware of:

1892O (very low mintage only 390,000)
1892 with a Micro O (error, rare)
1897O (mintage of 632,000)
1914 (124,230 minted)
1915 (138,000 minted)

Below is a YouTube video of a rare 1892O Barber Half: