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The Top 3 Silver Walking Liberty Coin Key Dates and 3 Common Dates

The silver Walking Liberty half dollar coin is an inspiring design that pays tribute to Lady Liberty in a great way.  It has her on the obverse in stride moving towards a rising sun and it really embraces America’s ever developing freedoms and democracy.  With these silver coins that were struck between the years 1916 and 1947 (with a few breaks) there are some very key dates.  Below we will review what we believe are the top 3 and at the bottom the most common as well.

  1. 1921D (Denver) – there were only 208,000 for these made making it the lowest mintage of any Walking Liberty Half Dollar.  Currently (06/07/2012) you might expect to pay two or three hundred for one in good condition and for an example in uncirculated way into the thousands and easily 5 figures for a gem.
  2. 1921 (Philadelphia no mint mark) – 246,000 of these were produced making it the second most rare key date.  Good currently (as of this writing 6/07/2012) might cost one over $100 and for uncirculated easily into the thousands of dollars.
  3. 1938D – there were only 491,600 of these coins made making it third least common.  For good expect around $100 and for one in a lower uncirculated state around $1000.

Now for the most common silver Walking Liberties which were all struck in Philadelphia during these years:

1943 – 53.19 million made

1942 – 47.818 million struck

1945 – 31.502 million produced

Below is one of the common date coins we have.

Koin perak kuno dari negara Amerika Walking Liberty lima puluh cents.

1967 Kennedy US Silver Half Dollar Coin Koin Perak Dari Negara Amerika Kennedy Lima Puluh Cents

This is a 1967 Kennedy Silver Half Dollar which there are photographs of at the bottom of this post.  This year is one of the 40% percent silver types and specifically it has .1479 ounces or 4.192 grams of the precious metal in it.  A few years ago these type of US half dollars appeared in circulation at times and still may be found today though this has become less and less the case with the price of silver being what it is.  1967 saw a mintage of approximately 295 million of these coins struck, which is one of the highest production years for the 50 cent piece.  All were made in Philadelphia this year.  Our particular coin though dirty in spots appears to be in uncirculated condition.

The circulated Kennedy silver half dollar existed from 1964 (which was the only 90 percent year) until 1970.  After that (1971 forward)  the half was still made for circulation but it’s make up was of just copper as well as nickel.  These types of coins (Kennedy 50 cent pieces) were the replacement for the Franklin half dollar and were produced to honor the late President.  John F. Kennedy was a popular President with the American people.

We will end this entry with one of JFK’s quotes: “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”

1953 San Francisco Benjamin Franklin Silver Half Dollar

Here we have a 1953 Franklin silver half dollar struck in the San Francisco mint.  This was the sixth year that these were made and the S mint produced 4.148 million of them.  On the front is a bust of Benjamin Franklin facing right with the words “In God We Trust” underneath and “Liberty” at the top. Franklin was key to America becoming independent from England including being involved with the Declaration of Independence and had a hand in getting French support.  The back of this silver US half dollar coin is the Liberty Bell which is a great symbol of independence that was thought to have been rung when the Declaration of Independence was declared.  This coin that we have is in very good condition.

Ben Franklin coins like this are a nice way to collect US silver half dollar.  They do not have a large premium on them yet and their design is underrated.  They have .36169 ounces of silver in their composition.

Uang Logam Perak Asli Koin Perak Kuno Setengah Dollar US Tahun 1935 Gambar Image Mantan President Amerika Serikat Mr Benjamin Franklin , Kondisi sangat bagus sekali lihat foto-nya.

1929 American Walking Liberty Silver 50 Cent Coins Koin Kuno Perak Dari Negara USA Tahun 1929

1929 saw the 10th year that the American silver Walking Liberty half dollar was made.  This year had coins struck in Denver and San Francisco.  The diameter of these are 30.6 mm and the total weight is 12.5 grams of which 10.253739 is silver (.36169 ounces).  These are one of the more popular (if not the most) US 50 cent piece not only for its precious metal content but also because of the stunning design features.  The 1929 Walking Liberty halves in both mints that year (D and S) are not considered key dates at this point though only 1 million coins were made in Denver.  The 1921 D is the most valuable key date of the WLs.

Take a look at the pictures following to see our two 1929 silver Walking Liberty half dollars.  On the left is the D mint and on the right S.  These coins would grade very good or better.


1966 Kennedy US Half Dollar Coin 40 Percent Silver

In this post we are going to talk about a 1966 silver Kennedy half dollar (US 50 cent piece) coin.  We have pictures of it below and you will notice that is in superb condition, definitely uncirculated and perhaps MS 63 (or better).  On its obverse is John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 35th President of the United States of America, founder of the Peace Corps and author of Pulitzer Prize winning book Profiles in Courage.  The back side of this coin has the Great Seal of the USA.  It is forty percent silver in its content and contains exactly .1479 ounces or 4.6002 grams of the precious metal.  This coin was struck in Philadelphia where 108.98 million were produced in that particular year. Email us at butikmewah@gmail for additional questions on it or if you are interested in purchasing it.

The US half dollar coin has a long history going way back to the year 1794.  They have featured various designs including several variations on Lady Liberty as well as Benjamin Franklin and JFK.  Silver was discontinued in them (circulated coins) starting in 1971.

1964 Kennedy Half Dollar Silver US Coin

1964 was the only year that the US mint made the Kennedy half dollar in 90 percent silver form as far as circulated coins are concerned.  After that from 1965 until 1970 they had a reduced composition of the precious metal of 40 percent before the decision was made to not include any silver anymore.  In the photographs below you will see a 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar that has on the obverse an image of President John F. Kennedy facing left.  The reverse side has the Great Seal of the United States ofAmerica on it.  This design was made by Gilroy Roberts and was put into effect not long after JFK was assasinated as a memorial to the President.  At the time of its issuance their was great demand for the coin, so much so that the mint had to ration them at first and they were not often seen in circulation.  The public hoarded them and if one looks around they should be able to find uncirculated rolls of these coins.  The example that we have is in uncirculated condition.

John Fitzgerld Kennedy was the 35th President of the US and was in office from 1961 until 1963.  He was the youngest elected President and one of his well known quotes is: “…ask not for your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

1830 US Silver Capped Bust Half Dollar Coin Large O Kolektor Koin Langka Uang Logam Perak Kuno Setengah Dollar US Dari Negara Amerika Serikat

Take a look at the 1830 Large O Capped Bust silver half dollar we have in the pictures below.  This coin has on its front has an early take on Lady Liberty (see the head band) by John Reich (an engraver for the mint who came from Germany). His impression of her hair is quite interesting and notice that their are 13 stars representing the 13 original colonies.  The back side is has an image of an eagle gripping an olive branch in its talon with a shield on its chest.  All in all a great classic design.  There were 4.76 million of these made in 1830 and all were struck in Philadelphia.  In this year 3 varieties are known small O, large O (which our is) and the rarest of the 3 the large letters.  After examining this coin particularly close I think it would qualify as a high very fine, like grade 35. For further questions or to inquire on the asking price email The capped bust half dollar coinage ran from the years 1807 until 1836 and they have a total weight of 13.48 grams.  They all have .3866 ounces of silver in them though their numismatic value is much greater than melt value.  Those that like to collect US silver halves (I certainly do) will want to have at least one of these in their collection.

1830 US Silver Capped Bust Half Dollar Coin Large OUang Logam Perak Kuno Setengah Dollar US Kolektor Koin Langka Uang Logam Koin Perak Kuno Setengah Dollar US Dari Negara Amerika Serikat tahun cetak 1830 dengan Nomer (O BESAR) koin antik ini benar-benar langka dan jarang…Para kolektor pencinta koin-koin kuno diluaran sana sangat beruntung sekali apabila sudah memiliki koin yang satu ini!. Uang logam koin perak ini bergambar wajah lady Liberty dan dikelilingi oleh 13-tiga belas BINTANG dan belakang bergambar Burung ELANG-EAGLE Bird lagi membentangkan sayapnya. 1830. 50C. UNITED-STATES-OF-AMERICA. E PLURIBUS UNUM. Walaupun koin perak langka ini sudah berumur labih dari 180 seratus delapan puluh tahun tetapi kondisi-nya masih sangat BAGUS dan gambar tulisan dan angka-angka-nya terlihat dengan jelas dan TIMBUL….. Jangan RAGU  dan Jangan Bimbang 1000% Dijamin Uang Logam Koin ini ASLI Original Authentic REAL Genuine Koin Perak Antik Kuno Dari USA !!!….  Anda berminat untuk mengkoleksi koin yang super langka dan jarang ini? Silahkan hubungi kami sekarang juga via e-mail atau kirim sms di nomer yang telah kami sediakan, Terima kasih.

1927 S Silver Walking Liberty Half Dollar Coin

The Mint decided to implement a new design for the American 50 cent piece (replacing the Barber coin) which started in 1916 and is referred to as the Walking Liberty half dollar.  It is ninety percent silver having .36169 ounces of the precious metal and the other 10 % is copper.  Adolf Weinman won the job to design the coin and this was when the Secretary of the Treasury at the time was considering letting Barber have this task.  In any case this design was not easy to get right and perhaps a reason why it is so highly regarded.

Below in the following pictures we have a silver Walking Liberty US half dollar minted in San Francisco (see mint mark on reverse).   This coin has seen it use and would grade good.  The lettering is still highly readable as well as the date and the denomination.  For inquiries, questions or to ask about anything we have on our site email

1953 D Silver Franklin Half Dollar Coin

This post is about the 1953 D silver Benjamin Franklin silver half dollar that can be seen at the bottom of this page.  Denver made 20.9 million of these coins in 1953 and they have .36169 ounces of the precious metal silver in them.  This is a common year Franklin and has a low purchase point versus older US 50 cent pieces.   This particular one that we have would be likely a fine grade.

Ben Franklin is a forefather of the United States of America.  He was instrumental in the production of the Declaration of Independence as well  as an excellent diplomat that kept US relations with France in good standing.  Ben also contributed greatly to American society organizing the first firefighting company in Philadelphia.  On top of that he advanced the field of science with his inventions like the Bifocals and increased our awareness of electricity (plus also invented the lightning rod).

“A learned blackhead is a greater blockhead than an ignorant one.”  An amusing quote by the always witty Ben Franklin

1920 S Walking Liberty Half Dollar US Coin

1920 saw the fourth year of production of the beautifully designed US Walking Liberty silver half dollar coin.  The obverse has Lady Liberty in stride towards a rising sun.  This design was so highly thought of that even though the half dollar no longer uses it now, when the silver eagle bullion coin was introduced in the 1980s it revamped Walking Liberty.  It is the creation of Adolf Weinman who emigrated from Germany to become an American and enjoyed the occupation of architectural sculptor.

Below there are images of a 1920 S Walking Liberty silver coin.  There were 4.624 million of these made in the San Francisco mint in 1920.  It is not a key date but it has .3617 ounces of silver in its content.  This example that we have would be graded good.