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1938 Washington Quarter Philadelphia

Here we’ll talk about a 1938 Washington Quarter Philadelphia mint which is 90% silver.  There was a mintage of 9,472,000 of these struck.  The front has George Washington who by the way didn’t have a middle name and holds the military rank of General of the Armies of the United States and by law can never be outranked by any other officer.

1938 Washington Quarter Philadelphia

The reverse side of this 1938 Washington Quarter Philadelphia mint:


Uang logam koin perak kuno 25 dua puluh lima cents tahun 1938 bergambar di depan adalah Presiden Amerika Serikat yang pertama.

The grade of this Quarter appears to be at least very fine 35 if not greater.

To see a picture and read about our 1949 D Quarter please go here.

1915 D Barber Quarter

Here we are going to talk about a 1915 D Barber Quarter which can be observed in the pictures at the bottom.  This coin has a metal composition of 90% silver and 10 percent copper.  It features Lady Liberty (as per designer Charles E Barber) facing to the right side with “In God We Trust” above her, stars to her sides and the year (1915 in this case) at the bottom.  In the second picture below you’ll notice the D (for Denver) mint mark below the eagle’s tail feathers.  There were 3.694 million of these made in Denver in 1915.

This 1915 D Barber Quarter appears to grade very good.


1915 d barber quarter


Uang logam koin perak kuno 25 dua puluh Cents dari negara Amerika Serikat tahun 1915 tarbuat di bahan sembilan puluh persen perak dan sepuluh persen tembaga.

2009 Silver Quarter Coins Proof Set US Territories

The topic of this post is a US Mint 2009 silver proof quarter set (US territories).  Have a look at in the pictures below.  One can tell that this is the silver set because inside of the coin  encasement is red in background color.  In any case each of these quarters consists of 90% of the precious metal.  On the back of each is a US territory including Washington DC, Puerto Rico, Guam, US Virgin Islands, American Somoa and Northern Marianas.

These proof quarters are a handsome and attractive choice for collectors who want US coins that have silver in their content.

Satu set koleksi uang logam koin perak dari negara Amerika Serikat tahun 2009.

Washington Silver Quarter Key Dates

The Washington silver Quarter was made from the year 1932 up until 1964 after which the precious metal silver was discontinued in the US 25 cents coin.  Below we will examine the key dates of that series of American coins.  We will also mention some of the semi-key dates as well which are also worth keeping an eye out for.

The 2 most valuable key dates for silver George Washington Quarters are the 1932D and the 1932S.  The 1932 Denver had a very low mintage of 436,800 coins and is valuable in any condition and extremely valuable in gem mint state 65.  We are talking easily 5 figures for one.  The 1932 San Francisco is also a key date as there were only 408,000 made.  A 1932S in mint state 65 can command several thousand dollars but not as much as the 1932D (which is rarer in a high grade).

I would consider all other silver Washington Quarters either semi-key or common dates (we will not talk about any error coins here).  So the semi keydates and their mintages are: 1936D- 5.374 million, 1936S- 3.828 mil, 1937S- 1.652 million, 1938 San Francisco- 2.832 mil, 1939S- 2,628,000 and 1940 Denver with 2.7976 million struck.  Actually a few other borderline semi keys could be 1936S, 1937D and 1938 no mint mark (Philadelphia).


1949 D Silver Quarter Coin Koin Perak Kuno Dari Negara USA Dua Puluh Lima Cents Tahun 1949

Here we have 1949 d silver quarter coin.  Its grade, after examination would be very fine and it possess .18084 ounces of the precious metal silver.  Its diameter is 24.3 millimeters and the total weight on this coin is 6.25 grams.  Check it out in the pictures at this bottom of this entry. This coin was struck in Denver which produced 10.06 million of these in 1949 making it slightly less common than other silver George Washington Quarters.

The US Quarter coin has honored George Washington for several decades now. The first US President has also been on many other types of American money as well including of the course the one dollar bill but also on the 1982 commemorative half dollar coin as well as a 2007 Presidential dollar.  He was also on post-colonial pre US mint coinage including Getz half pennies.

The grade of this 1949 d silver quarter looks like it is very fine.

You can see our 1940 Quarter Philadelphia mint here.

1949 D Washington Silver QuarterUang logam koin perak kuno dua puluh lima Cents Amerika tahun 1949


Uang logam koin perak kuno dua puluh lima Cents Amerika tahun 1949.

1911 Silver Barber Quarter Coin (Philadelphia Mint)

See the pictures below for a 1911 Barber silver quarter that was struck in Philadelphia.  There were 3.72 million of these coins struck in that mint in 1911 including 543 proofs.  This Barber Quarter would likely be graded as very good after doing some grading research (Im not a professional grader).  I looked at some pictures of other examples that were pro graded to come to this conclusion.  Examples like this are a cost effective choice for those that want to purchase old (in this case over 100 years old) US silver coins.

Barber Quarters were first produced way back in 1892 when after some searching for a designer the mint chose its own engraver (Charles Barber) for the task.  They do contain .18084 ounces or 5.12672776 grams of the precious metal silver and the other 10% of the composition is copper.  There total weight is 6.25 grams and their diameter is 24.3 mm.

1908 Silver US Barber Quarter Coin (Denver Mint)

Here we have a 1908 Barber Quarter from the Denver mint which made 5.788 million of these that year. This coin has .1808 of an ounce of silver in its composition which is 90% of it and the other percent in case you are wondering is copper. This one which can be viewed in the proceeding images is in good condition, the date is readable as well as mint mark but the “Liberty” on the obverse head band is not.

The silver Barber Quarter started being made in 1892 and was around until 1916 when it was replaced with the Standing Liberty.  This coin was designed by Charles E. Barber who was the Chief Engraver at the US mint at the time.  He was chosen for this job after a contest was held for an artist to take on the task but the mint wasn’t happy with any of the submissions.  In any case the front of the Barber Quarter has a impression of Laby Liberty’s head with a cap and olive branch.  The reverse side is a heraldic eagle.

1926 Silver Standing Liberty Quarter (Philadelphia Mint)

During the roaring 1920s in America the Standing Liberty was being produced by the US mint.  It like other quarters in the US was 90 percent silver (that is until 1965)and has .1808 ounces of the metal in its makeup.  This coin was the brain child of Hermon Atkins MacNeil who also was the creator of part of the sculptor work on the Supreme Court building.  The work is known as the  the Justice The Guardian of Liberty.  Mac Neil was American and from was born in the state of Massacheusetts.

Check out a 1926 Standing Liberty silver quarter coin in the pictures following.  It has Lady Liberty on its front standing and the model used to inspire this image was Doris Doscher (who was an actress and model).  The back of the coin is a creative impression of an eagle in flight.  This coin that we have is in about good condition.

silver standing libery quarter coin

eagle in flight back of US coin

American Standing liberty silver 25 cents

the back of a US coin from 1926

1930 Standing Liberty Silver Quarter Dollar (Philadelphia Mint) Koin Perak Perempat Dollar Lady Liberty Tahun 1930 Koin Kuno USA

Below you’ll see images for a 1930 Standing Liberty silver quarter dollar made in the Philadelphia mint.  On its obverse is a vision of Lady Liberty standing up and being portrayed as a deity.  The back has an eagle with its wings spread and in mid-flight (impressive).  Standing Liberty quarters like this have .1808 ounces of silver in their content (90% of it is made out of the precious metal).  This 1930 Standing Liberty Silver Quarter that we have specifically would grade fine.

The Standing Liberty silver quarter was designed by American sculptor Hermon Atkins MacNeil and was made between the years 1916 and 1930.  Hermon’s signature mark is found to the right of Lady Liberty’s feet and the mint mark (if not from Philadelphia is to the left of the feet).  What set in motion the making of this design was mint director Wooley’s initiative to replace the Barber series.  Check out our 1930 Standing Liberty Silver Quarter found in the photos directly below.

1930 Standing Liberty Silver Quarter Dollar

 Koin Perak Perempat Dollar Lady Liberty Tahun 1930

.1808 ounces of silver

Koin Kuna Perka dari Amerika Tahun 1930

Koin Perak ” Perempat Quarter ” Dollar Bergambar Nyonya Lady Liberty Lagi Berdiri dan di belakang koin bergambar burung Elang lagi terbang diangkasa/udara, Koin Perak Kuno Antik Jaman Dulu Dari Negara Amerika Serikat Tahu Cetak Produksi pada th 1930 uang perak ini dicetak diKota Philadelphia, Kondisi sangat BAGUS gambar tulisan dan angka-angka-nya masih timbul terlihat dengan jelas…! Untuk harga  silahkan kontak , Terima kasih!

If you like this you may want to look at our 1927 Standing Liberty Quarter.


1940 S Washington Silver Quarter Coin

The United States mint struck silver Washington quarters in San Francisco in the year 1940.  This particular coin (that we have one which can be viewed by looking at the pictures below) is not the most common date with a mintage of only 8.24 million.  The example we have would be graded a low good like g4.

George Washington was the first President of the United States of America as well as the great military commander of the colony forces during the American Revolution.  Under his leadership America won the war and independence from England.  He was the only US President in history to be elected unanimously by the electorate.  Though he was a man of great power, he never used opportunity to increase it which he could have after the war was won (or could have run for a 3rd Presidential term).  He is highly regarded by scholars and citizens always appearing in the top 3 positions in surveys of  best US Presidents.


1940 s quarter

1940 San Francisco silver Quarter

obverse of a 1940 US Quarter Dollar

Koin Kuno Perak dari Amerika Washington Quarter


We talk about 1939 quarters in this post.