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Mata Uang Asing Koin Kuno Uang Logam Antik Dari Amerika Serikat Koin Patung Liberty Tahun Pembuatan 1925 Dan 1930.

Buat para pencinta pengemar dan kolektor mata uang asing koin kuno duit lama jaman dulu ini kami ada beberapa untuk dijual apabila anda berminat silahkan anda bisa menghubungi e-mail kami langsung di Terima kasih, Thank you. Koleksi koin antik 5-lima 5-buah keping Koin kuno uang logam berdiri patung Liberty tahun pembuatan 1925. 1926. 1927-1927-S Dan 1930 Koin Dollar dari Amerika Serikat, Dengan kondisi sangat bagus dan bagus hurup dan angka tulisan nya ada yang masih timbul dan ada yang sudah terkikis silahkan anda cermatti di foto-foto yang telah kami pajang,   five piece Old American Coin Liberty Standing Quarters Dollars Coins Year Made Date: 1925 And 1930.

The Standing Liberty quarter has quite a design featuring an impressive image of lady liberty on the front and a flying eagle on the reverse.  The designer whose name is Hermon MacNeil had some issues with the mint in getting the quarter’s design finalized but the end product is great.  It seems though that it could easily be subject to wear,, this goes especially coins that are heavily circulated where the date is worn off which is particularly an issue with the early years. It will be challenging to collectors to find uncirculated examples of standing liberty quarters.  As far as putting together a full set of them, it will be quite challanging especially in high grades.  This coin was made from the year 1916 until 1930. One very notable and sought after Standing Liberty is the year 1916 which even in just good grade has a value of a few thousand dollars.  There were only 52,000 of those (1916) minted. Another desired one of these coins is the 1923-S.  Thank you for visiting wish you all have a wonderful day ! 🙂 Terima kasih telah berkunjung ke butikmewah semoga hari-hari anda sangat menyanangkan 🙂

Washington Quarters Coins Old Coins Year 1932-1964 Washington Head Type Quarter Dollars Collection. Mata Uang Asing Koin Dollar Amerika Koleksi Koin Silver Amerika Foto Album Duit Koin Kuno Uang Logam Silver Lama Tahun 1932 Sampai Tahun 1964.

Koin Antik Mata Uang Asing Koin Dollar Amerika Koleksi Koin Silver Washington Amerika Foto Album Duit Koin Kuno Uang Logam Silver Lama Untuk Koleksi Tahun 1932 Sampai Tahun 1964. Washington Quarters Coins Old Coins Year 1932-1964 Washington Head Type Quarter Dollars Collection Collectors Old Silver American Coins,

As I’ve mentioned before the 1932-D and 1932-S are highly sought after by collectors but are their others?  The answer is yes, if you’re lucky enough to have any of the years in 65 grade or better they will be worth a bit.  Another noteworthy Washington Silver is the 1937 double die obverse.  When the coin was struck there was an error on the front or head and the easiest wat to tell this is by examining the writing on the coin close.  “In God We Trust” as an example will appear doubled. In any case this is a valuable coin even in just good (grade 4) and exceptionally Valuable if uncirculated (in the thousands of dollars).  Did this situation happen in other years?  Yes in the 1942-Denver on the front again but it also to find ones where the reverse was doubled die as well. Another specimen in particular is the 1950 D/S.  This is where there was an S initially printed as the mint mark on the coin and then it was stamped over with a D.  One that is uncirculated 64 grade will go for about $900.  The reverse happened this particular year as well: D initially with S stamped on top and this example is valuable as well though not quite as much at $600 for a 64 grade.

Washington Silver Quarters Year 1932-D-S And 1955-D-S + Tahun 1964, Koleksi Tahun pembuatan untuk koin logan silver tahun 1932 D-S dan tahun 1955 D-S: 1932, 1939-1934-D, 1935-1935-D, 1936-1936-S, 1937-1973-D, 1939-1939-D, 1940-1940-D-1940-S, 1941-1941-D-1940-S, 1942-1942-D-1942-S, 1943, 1944-1944-D-1944-S, 1945-1945-D-1945-S, 1946-1946-D-1946-S, 1947-D-1947-S, 1948-1948-D-1948-S, 1949-1949-D, 1950-1950-D-1950-S, 1951-1951-D-1951-S, 1952-1952-D-1952-S, 1953-1953-D-1953-S, 1954-1954-D-1954-S, 1955, 1956-1956-D, 1957-1957-D, 1958-D, 1959-1959-D, 1960-1960-D, 1961-1961-D, + 1964,

Apabila anda berminat untuk mengkoleksi mata uang asing uang koin kuno jaman dulu silahkan anda bisa menghubungi e-mail kami sekarang juga, Thank you, Terima kasih,

Koleksi Uang Lama Koin Kuno Koin Antik Uang Logam Silver Amerika Washington Quarters Tahun 1932-1964 Collectors Old Coin

George Washington’s image first appeared on the Quarter in the year 1932 with an American eagle on the back and until 1964 were 90% silver.  Their values have gone up in value quite a bit in recent years especially because of a dramatic increase in the price of the precious metal silver.  As an example any of these Washington Quarters (1932-1964) will have a minimum value of $6.06  if silver is $33.52 per ounce.  This can be calculated by taking .1808 ounce (which how much of the precious metal is in 1 of those quarters) and multiplying it by whatever the market price per ounce of silver is.

Now other than having a material value because of their silver content, certain 1932-1964 Washington Quarters will have collector or numismatic value.  Variables that determine their collector worth could be year, where they were minted, how many were made and of course their grade.  The most sought after examples of Washington silver quarters are the year 1932 variety made in Denver or San Francisco (marked D or S below the eagle on the back of the coin).  They only made just over 400,000 of each.  If someone is lucky to have one of these they could be worth $150 in just good (grade 4) to several thousands of dollars in a higher uncirculated grade (like 65).

Below you’ll find some of examples of 1964 Washington Quarters that are uncirculated.  Notice the toning or coloration?   In fact they were in a roll for decades. Now when you get into the uncirculated grades( 60 and above) it gets very difficult to judge their number grade because the small nuances between for instance 63 and 65.












Now the following (below) are a few more examples of earlier Washington Quarter that are very good or fine grades. We have many of these types of coins if you are interested in any of these examples or are looking for any particular coin let us know. Thank you and Enjoy !










Koleksi koin antik uang jaman dulu uang  lama duit lama koin kuno uang logam silver dari Amerika atau dari Negara-negara lain untuk para pecinta dan kolektor uang lama mungkin anda  berminat untuk mengkoleksi koin antiknya lebih banyak lagi uang kertas kuno dan koin koin kuno jaman dulu kami bersedia menbantu mencarikannya untuk anda kalau anda berminat silahkan bisa hubunggi e-mail kami langsung di . Collectors coin. Untuk sekarang ini kami hanya punya beberapa koleksi  mata uang asig kuno uang kertas antik dan koin silver kuno dari Negara USA Amerika, Canada, Inggris dan Australia , Terima Kasih Thank you,