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Vintage Gold Tone and Mother of Pearl Necklace Kalung Antic Berlapis Emas Dan Mutiara Laut

In this post we will speak of a vintage gold tone necklace with mother of pearl stones.  Please see it below.  The stones have a very beautiful color to them, exhibiting various shades reminiscent to a peacock’s.  This piece is not signed by any designer ( it has been gone over thoroughly to check for any signatures) but the workmanship of it is of high quality.

This necklace’s weight is about 100 g and it has a length measurement of roughly 49 cm (or 19.5 inches).  The width measurement is approximately 2.5 cm (or 1 inch).  There are no issues with wear and it is in excellent shape.

Kalung antic berlapis emas dan mutiara laut.


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Anne Klein Signed Vintage Lion’s Head Silver Tone Belt or Necklace

Here we will talk about a silver tone Anne Klein vintage stretchable belt which can also be worn as a necklace (if looped around).  This beautiful piece is signed “Anne Klein” on the back of the lion’s head.  There are some scratches to be found on the lion’s head but they are light in nature and not that noticeable.  The rest of the piece (stretchable belt part) has no visible wear.  Overall its state would easily be considered at least good but all things considered its looks very good.

Without stretching this belt it would fit a 70 cm waist or 27 1/2 inch waist.  It can stretch out to fit 90 cm or 35.5 inches.

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Sabuk singa vintage antik dari designer Amerika Anne Klein


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Vintage Givenchy High Fashion Necklace Black Enamel Gold Tone

This posting will be on a high fashion necklace by French fashion designer Givenchy and it is signed .  View it in the pictures following.  Notice how beautifully the black enamel finish is integrated into the gold tone.  The motif of this piece is very elegant and tasteful.  This necklace is hinged and is vintage from the 1970s.

The collar’s diameter measurement ranges in between 35.5 and 39.3 cm (or 14 to 15 1/2 inches).  The width of this necklace is about about 2.5 cm or an inch.  Its weight is 118.1 grams.  An assessment of its condition is that is at least very good with minimal wear found on the inside of the piece but its not that noticeable especially when worn.   With that said this is a real quality vintage high fashion necklace that is made to last.

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Kalung antik cat halus glazur dan berlapis emas dari designer Givenchy.


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Gold Tone Hinged Vintage Choker Necklace Kalung Antik Berlapis Emas

Here we will have a glance at a vintage (believed to be from the late seventies or early 1980s) gold tone hinged fashion necklace.  Please examine the pictures of it below.  Perhaps the best way to describe this piece is it has a  minimalist fashion and it catches one’s eye as inviting. There is no designer’s signature on it and it weights in at 88.2 g.

This splendid necklace has a diameter on the inside of 30.48 cm (12 inches) and its width is 2.2 cm (7/8 of an inch).

This piece has a hinge that allows it to be put on easily and as far as its condition is concerned it is superb.



Kalung antik berlapis emas.  Price Harga $149.99 USD

Red Enamel and Gold Tone Plated Vintage Bracelet

In this post we have a hot red enamel and gold tone plated bracelet.  Take a look at it in the photos below.  It has a beautiful deep red finish, is metal hinged and is signed as  © Craft Made in USA.

This piece is 1.9 cm wide and the weight of this beauty is 75.2 grams.  Its diameter is 6.35 cm (2  1/2 inches) and should be good for a wrist up to 19 cm around (7 1/2 inches).

This bracelet is from the 1980s and is in really nice shape, excellent really.  There is no trace of any wear on it.

Gelang antik cat halus glazur dan berlapis emas dari designer Craft Made in the USA.



Price Harga $225 USD


Absolutely Gorgeous Etruscan Style French Gripoix Poured Glass Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings Set

Here we are going to talk about a wonderful and stunning  necklace, bracelet and earrings set.  It has beautiful blue, orange, red, pink, green and yellow French Gripoix poured glass stones.  The style of this necklace is of Etruscan fashion and its finish appears to be of brass.  There is no designers signature but in any case this set is clearly of very high quality and it is vintage from the 1970s.

This gorgeous stand out set has a total weight of 185.2 grams.  The necklace has a weight of 155 grams , the clip on earrings 22.6 g and the bracelet 67.4 g.

Some of the other important measures for the necklace are that the necklace is 48.26 cm long and 1.9 cm wide.  The bracelet is 19 cm long by 1.9 cm in width whereas the clip on earring are 5 cm long x 1.9 wide.

Now this set’s condition it is a least VERY GOOD vintage with some normal wear as per its age.  There are absolutely no stones missing as seen in the picture below.

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Vintage Swarovski Signed Choker Necklace

This entry is about a wonderful Swarovski (signed with the swan logo) choker necklace.  This piece is made with beautiful black enamel, rhinestones, and there are also faux pearls on the ends.

This necklace has a weight of 71.5 grams and its condition upon examination is very good or better.  The length measurement is approximately 40.64 cm and the width is 1.9 cm (at  its widest point).

A beauty of a piece that is ready to put on and wear now!

If you have any questions about this choker necklace feel free to email



Kalung dari Swarovski Harga $285 USD


KJL Kenneth J Lane Necklace Gold Tone and Rhinestone Necklace

Here we are displaying a necklace by famous American costume jewelry designer Kenneth J Lane.  It is a signed piece and the signature is found on the hangtag as @KJL  This piece comes along with the red KJL bag seen in the pictures below.  The design is quite lovely with gold tone in a basket weave pattern surrounded by rhinestones.  This piece is believed to be 20+ years old and its condition appears to be excellent with little visible  wear and can definitely be worn and enjoyed right away.

This necklace measures approximately 1.9 cm wide and 38.1 in length and this piece has an  extension as well that is 5 cm.

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Thank you Terima Kasih




 Kalung berlapis emas dan rhinestones dari designer KJL.  Price Harga $229.99 USD Free Shipping

Beautiful Cleopatra Style Gold Tone Wide Vintage Necklace Unsigned Givenchy

Here we have a fabulous Cleopatra style wide gold tone plated (berlapis emas) necklace (kalung).  This stand out jewelry piece is an unsigned example from the designer Givenchy.  This gorgeous necklace is  43 cm long (panjang) and 3.175 cm wide (lebar).  Its condition appears to be excellent (kondisi sangat baik) with just slight wear to its finish.


Take a look at our unsigned Givenchy Cleopatra style wide gold tone necklace in the photos below and send an email to with any questions.


DSC08112Harga $399.99  USD

Vintage Mermaid Brooch Pin Unsigned Hattie Carnegie Piece

In this post we are going to have a look at a exquisite brooch that is in the form of a mermaid.  This is a vintage custom jewelry brooch from the 1960s and it is unsigned piece from legendary American designer: Hattie Carnegie.  It is made from gold tone (plating) as well as faux jade and coral plus rhinestones.  It appears that some rhinestones are missing though they could be replaced.

All things considered this gorgeous brooch pin is in very good condition for its age.

If you have questions regarding this lovely piece please send an email to  Thank you Terima Kasih



Harga $299.00 USD