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1915 Australia Shilling Coin

In this entry we see a 1915 Australia Shilling Coin.  On the front if it has  King George V of the United Kingdom and British Empire who in this year was badly injured when falling from a horse.  This coin is made of sterling silver and has on its reverse a H mint mark which designates that it was struck in Heaton in London UK.  There were 500,000 of these coins minted in Heaton in the year 1915.

Check out the reverse side with Australia’s coat of arms, take a look  below.

Our opinion of the grade of this 1915 Australia Shilling Coin is very good.

Koin perak kuno satu shilling dari negara Australia tahun 1915.

Australia Sixpence 1942

The Australia Sixpence coin was a coin that was made between the year of 1910 and 1963.  There were a few years during that time frame where it was not struck.   Once Australia decided to decimalise its currency the sixpence became obsolete.  Initially and up until the year 1945 they were sterling silver (.925 fine) and then from 1946 until their end they were 50% silver.  So below you’ll see our Australia Sixpence 1942 which is sterling silver and the other 7.5% is copper.  This coin has a weight of 2.83 grams.  There is a D mint mark on the back of it signifying that it was made in Denver, Colorado USA where 12 million were struck that year.  Our Australia Sixpence 1942 has some beautiful mint luster to it still.


Australia Sixpence 1942


Koin perak kuno enam Pence dari negara Australia tahun 1942.

 Australian 6 Pence 1942

2004 Australia 5 Cents Coin

Here we have an Australian 5 cents coin from the year 2004.  On its front side is an image of Queen Elizabeth II wearing a royal tiara.  The back is adorned with an artistically done picture of a Echidna which is a spiny mammal that eats ants as well as  termites (and is related to the platypus).  The are 2 variations of the reverse designer’s (Stuart Devlin) initials (SD) which are regular size and small size.  Ours appears to be the regular size.  This coin is made from the metal copper as well as nickel and it has a weight of 2.83 grams.

One can examine pictures of our 2004 Australian 5 cents coins by viewing the photographs underneath.  Our coin looks to be quite nice and uncirculated.

Koin 5 lima cents dari negara Australia.

1943 Silver Australian 6 Pence Coin

In this entry we have a 1943 Silver Australian 6 Pence Coin (can be seen below). On the front of it is the last king of the British Empire: George the VI.  The reverse has the Australian coat of arms which has a shield with a cross in its center.  On its left is a kangaroo and on the right side an emu.  Above the shield is a star which happens to be 6 pointed (representing the 6 Australian states).  There were 8 million of these struck in the D mint (made in Denver which happened during WWII). This coin is actually sterling silver (.925 fine) and it has .0842 ounces or 2.38703 grams of the precious metal in its composition.  It diameter is 19.4 milimeters.

Check out our 1943 Silver Australian 6 Pence Coin which appears to be in very fine + condition.

1943 Silver Australian 6 Pence Coin

Koin perak kuno 6 nam Pence dari negara Australia tahun 1943.

2008 Australian 20 Cents Coin Koin Dari Negara Australia Dua Puluh Cents

Here we will talk about a 20 cents coin from Australia. On the obverse side is a picture of Queen Elizabeth II facing right and wearing a royal tiara. Australia is part of the Commonwealth so this is nog unusual. The reverse or back of this coin is an artistic impression by Stuart Devlin of a duck billed platypus swimming through a body of water. The value is on the back side. This coin is made from copper as well as nickel and possesses a weight of 11.3 grams. There were 106.220 million of them made in 2008 and ours in particular would easily grade uncirculated.

See the photograph of our 2008 Australian 20 cents coin below.

Uang Logam Koin Dari Negara Australia dua puluh cents tahun 2008.

2007 Australian 10 Cents Coin Koin dari Australia Sepuluh Cents Tahun 2007

On this post we will examine a 2007 Australian 10 cents coin.  It as other commonwealth countries’ coins has the Queen of the United Kingdom and head of the commonwealth Elizabeth II on its obverse.  The back side has a lyrebird which are birds found in Australia that travel on the ground versus the air.  They are known for their keen ability to replicate sounds.  This coin is made out of a combination of copper as well as nickel.  Their were 61.09 million of these struck in 2007 and it weighs in at 5.68 grams.  This particular one that we have would likely be in extra fine condition.

The cent is a sub unit of the currency in Australian which is their dollar.  The AUD (which is the symbol  for the Australian Dollar) has become very popular for trade recently, in fact it is the 3rd most popular in the world behind just the USD and the Euro.

1979 Australian 2 Dollar Bank Note UNC Uncirculated Condition Uang Kertas 2-Dua Dollar Valuta Asing Dari Negara Australia Tahun 1979 Kondisi BARU Dan Sempurna !!!!

Below we have photographs of a 1979 Australian 2 dollar currency bank note.  The year is not printed on the bill but we know that it is in fact that year by looking at the signatures on it which are: HM Knight and John Stone.  The front side of it has an image of John Macarthur (who lived in the years 1767-1834) who was an innovator that brought the wool industry there to prominence.  The back of this currency note has an impression of William James Farrer (1845-1906) who was a scientist in the field of agriculture.  His work had a substantial impact to the production of wheat in Australia.  This paper money is enclosed in a special protective envelope (and part of a series produced for collectors in the early 1980s called Banknotes of All Nations).  Its serial number is JTY 087384 and this 2 dollar Australian bill is in uncirculated condition clean fresh crips PERFECT……

The AUD or the Australian Dollar has been the currency there since 1966.  It replaced the short lived Royal which in turn replaced the Pound (which had been utilized since 1910).

Koleksi Duit Kertas Australia Uang kertas antik jaman dulu tahun 1979 uang kertas 2-dua dollar mata uang asing valuta asing dari Negara terkenal dengan Kanguru-Kangaroo-nya Negeri “Australia” Uang kertas ini didepan bergambar seorang pengusaha terkenal penbisnis wool bulu domba terkaya di Australia yang bernama “John Macarthur” dan dibelakang uang kertas ini bergambar foto seorang pengusaha besar pertanian pohon gandum untuk dijadikan terigu pangan di Australia beliau adalah William James Farrer, 2 TWO DOLLAR AUSTRALIA Nomer Seri: (JTY 087384). Kondisi-nya BRAND NEW UNC Baru sempurna tersimpan terjaga rapih belum pernah dibuka dan masih disegel didalam amplop kertas uang kertas ini sangat cocok sekali untuk dijadikan sebagai penambah koleksi kolektor uang-uang kuno anda!…. Apa bila anda berminat untuk menbeli dan mengkoleksi uang kertas kolektor ini silahkan hubungi kami sekarang juga via e-mail , kontak kami via telepon atau kirim kami pesan singkat sms, di-Nomer yang telah kami sediakan, Terima kasih, Thank you, Guy’s……Enjoy And Happy Collecting Cheers…… !!!!! 🙂

Australia 1936 Half Penny

In the following images there is a Australia 1936 Half Penny coin.  It is made from Bronze and features on its front a crowned King George V of the British Empire who was in power from 1910 until 1936.  One his quotes was: “After I am dead, the boy will ruin himself in twelve months.”  He was referring to his son who indeed only had a short time in power though abdicated for marriage reasons.  On the reverse side of this Australia 1936 Half Penny are the words: Commonwealth of Australia plus the year: 1936 and denomination of One Half Penny.  There were 2.562 million of Australia 1936 Half Pennies made in this particular year.  This example that we own is in almost uncirculated grade and for the price email us at

Australia first started making the half penny in the year 1911.  It ceased being produced in 1964 before decimalization was implemented.  They are quite a nice addition to a world coin collection of coins and stand out in the cents category because of their large size.

Australia 1936 Half Penny

1943 Silver Australian Shilling Coin

Here we have in the pictures below a 1943 Australian 1 Shilling Silver coin.  It has an image of George the VI who was the last king to reign over the British Empire.  This coin’s silver weight is .1680 ounces (5.65 grams)of the precious metal.  On the back side of it is an image of a ram as well as the denomination and year inside of 2 stars.  There were 16 million of these made and this appears to have been struck in the Sydney mint.  This one in particular that we have is in fine condition and is a decent coin to have in one’s collection especially for those that like silver coins like myself.

The Australian shilling had a nice long production of 50 plus years of being struck.   Its initiation was in 1910 and it was  discontinued in 1966 when the currency there was put into decimal form.  A shilling coin was called or known by its nickname of deener.