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2000 Belarus 10 Rublei Paper Currency

In 2000 the third smallest denomination of the Belarusian Rublei was the 10 and the two smaller bank notes for the 1 and 5.  On the front of the 10 ruble paper money bill is the denomination which is in purple which is surrounded by an oval shape which has geometric patterns on its outside which are green and blue.  The back side of this currency bill has a print of the national library (what it used to look like as a new one was completed in 2006) which is located in Minsk.

See the photographs of a ten Belarus Ruble from the year 2000.  This bank note is in uncirculated condition and its serial number is TA1125766.  Contact us by email: if you would like the price for this.

1992 Belarus 25 Rublei Paper Money Bank Note

The 1992 year 25 Rublei was the 7th smallest denomination Belarusian bank note made in that year.  The smaller paper money denominations include the 50 Kapeek, 1 Ruble and the 1,3,5 and 10 Rublei.  In any case 1992 was the first year that Belarus made it own paper currency and actually was initially pegged to Russia’s money.  In 2008 that changed as it now pegged a basket of currencies which include the United States Dollar.

See the pictures of a year 1992 twenty Belarusian Rublei paper money bill that we have in the following pictures.  On its obverse is a picture of a knight with extended sword on a horse and the back has an Eurasian elk.  The print colors on this bank note include: violet, red and green.  Its serial number is AO3662328.

Belarusian 20 Rublei Bank Note

Belarus is a former state of the Soviet Union that became independent upon the dissolution of the USSR.  Belarus became its own country in 1991 and it is located east of Poland, north of Ukraine and west of the Russian Federation.  Its currency is known as the ruble and there has been considerable inflation there with the highest currency bill being 200000 rublei (name for bank notes there).   This country does not issue coins for general circulation though does produce commemorative issues.

There are pictures of a year 2000 Belarusian 20 rublei paper money bill following.  On its front is a print of their national bank and the back has a impression of what the building looks like inside.  This bank note is in uncirculated condition and is serial number Ta1681073.

2000 Belarus 50 Ruble Paper Money Currency

The Belarusian 50 Ruble bank note was one of the smaller denominations of paper currency in the year 2000.  On the front of this money is Brest’s Fortress which is an old fort (including 4 gates one of which is pictured called Holmsky) constructed to protect the western border of the Russian Empire (it was assembled in the early 1800s).  The reverse side of the bank note is a World War II memorial in the shape of a star with prints of tapestry on the left and right.  This bill is largely red in color with some green and small bit orange.

We have photographs of a year 2000 fifty ruble bill from Belarus below.  This paper currency is in uncirculated condition and its serial number is the following: 5368958.

2000 Belarusian 100 Ruble Currency Bill

In the year 2000 the One Hundred Belarusian Ruble was the 5th smallest bank note currency denomination in use that year.  This 100 paper bill has a majority of green coloring on it with accents of multiple colors in the under print.  On its obverse is printed a picture of the Bolshoi opera house.  Also notice the tapestry on the left hand side of it.  The back of this paper currency is an artistic scene from the theatre with dancers.

The following are pictures of 100 Ruble from Belarus (P-26) from the year 2000.  Its serial number is eH1753791 and its in uncirculated condition.  Its watermark appears to be a ballet dancer.

1992 Belarus 1000 Ruble Currency Bank Note

The currency of the country Belarus is called the ruble and its 3 letter symbol is BYR.  This type of bank note was first printed in the year 1992 after Belarus broke from the former Soviet Union.  At one time this currency was pegged with Russia’s but a few years ago it decided to change it so it was tied to the US Dollar instead.

In the pictures below there is a 1000 Belarusian paper money bill from 1991.  It is in uncirculated condition and has a mixture of colors including blues, pinks as well as light green.  On its back is a print of the Academy of Sciences building which is in Minsk and has been around since 1928.  The frontof this bank note has a geometric shaped pattern surrounding the paper money’s denomination 1000 number.