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2004 Brazil 5 Centavos Coin

Below we have pictures of a 2004 Brazilian 5 Centavos coin that have in our collection.  It is struck from the metals copper (which is the plating) and steel (core).  On the front is an image of Jesus Christ as well as a dove in flight.  The back has the year, value inside of vertical lines and to the right a artistich design (which has curving lines inside of which are stars).  This Brazilian 5 Centavos weighs 4.1 grams and there were more than 262 million of them made in the year of 2004.  Our particular example is quite nice and has some traces of mint luster on it.  With that said it appears that it would grade in almost uncirculated condition.

The Brazilian Centavos is a sub division or sub unit of Brazil’s currency which is known as the Real.  One hundred Centavos will equal out to one Real.

Uang Logam dari Negara Brazil 5 lima Centavos tahun 2004.


1980 Brazilian 1 Cruziero Coin Koin Dari Negara Brazil Satu Cruziero

This post is about a 1980 One Cruziero coin from Brazil which can be viewed in the photos underneath.  It has on its obverse an artist’s impression of a sugar cane stalk with a field in the background.  Also the name of the country is designated: Brasil.  The back of this 1 Cruziero has the value as well as year.  This coin is made from stainless steel and has a weight of precisely 3.23 grams.  It is a relatively common issue with 690.497 million made.  Ours appears to have not seen any circulation.

The Cruziero was a form of currency used in the country of Brazil at one time.  Eventually it had to be discontinued as the effects of inflation were too great.  For nearly 20 years now Brazil’s currency has been the Real.

Uang logam koin dari negara Brazil satu cruziero tahun 1980.

1990 Brazil 1000 Cruzeiros Currency Bank Note

Today Brazil’s currency is known as the Real but at one time it was the Cruzeiro.  This name was used as this country’s money for decades, the third and final issue of it being printed in the year 1993.  Inflation became a problem in Brazil in the 80s and into the 90s and likely the reason why the Cruziero is no longer the currency.

Check out a Brazilian 1ooo mil Cruzeiros bank note that we have in the pictures below.  On its front is an image of Cândido Rondon who was a well known explorer and military officer.  He notably was part of the expedition exploring the River of Doubt (which included former US President Theodore Roosevelt).  On the back of this paper currency bill are images of native children with tribal tattoos as well as food from the Amazon area.  This bank note that is below is in uncirculated condition and its serial number is A7057042858A.

2001 Brazil Dois Two Reais Banknote Uang Kertas Mata Uang Dari Negara Brazil

Brazil has been using the Real (or Reais) as its currency since the year 1994.  Prior to that there was numerous switches to its money because of inflationary issues.

Take a look at the year 2001 Two Reais banknote (P-249 Brazil pre fix C) that we have below.  It was the first year that this particular denomination was used.   The front of this paper bill has the sculpture symbol for the Republic of Brazil.  The words “Banco Central Do Brasil” are also on the obverse on the top left hand side.  The bottom right has the serial number of this banknote which is C2336080742A.  The back of this paper currency bill is adorned with pictures of sea turtles and “Dios Reais.”  The coloring scheme of this money is pleasant with light blue, white, green and grey coloring.

Uang kertas mata uang dari Negara BRAZIL 2dua reais seri untuk tahun 2001 BANCO CENTRAL DO BRAZIL 2 REAIS , Depan uang uang bergambar seorang patung wanita, dan gambar belakang bergambar 4 empat Kuya, Kode bernomer seri: (C23336080742A) Kondisi Sempurna Crisp Baru !. Almost UNC.

1988 Quinhentos 500 Cruzados Bank Note From Brazil Mata Uang Dari Negara Brazil

The current currency used in Brazil is called the Real and has been in use since 1994 and actually has been relatively stable over that time.  Prior to that the currency was actually changed 5 times since 1970 and from the 1986 until 1989 the Banco (Bank) Centro Do Brasil issued paper money in the form of Cruzados.

In the following pictures you’ll see a 1988 Quinhento (or 500) Cruzados bank note (P-212d Brazil) that we have.  It is in uncirculated condition will no wear or folds whatsoever.  On the font of this paper bill is a front profile of the notable Heitor Villa-Lobos who was a famous Brazilians composer (he is also considered the most recognized Latin American composed up tothis point).  On the back side of this five hundred Cruzados bank note is another picture of Villa-Lobos with a conductor’s wand with what appears to be a river in the background.