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1901 Canada 1 Cent Coin

Here we’ll talk about a 1901 Canada 1 Cent Coin.  It is composed of bronze and there were 1.1 million made that year.  The front has an image of Queen Victoria of the British Empire who married Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha whom she proposed to.  She had to propose to him because of her position of power.

The reverse side is show below and has the denomination of this coin  surrounded by an ornate chain of leaves.

1901 Canada 1 Cent Coin has seen a lot circulation and its grade appears to be very good but please form your own opinion on grade.

Koin kuno  1 satu cent dari negara Kanada tahun 1901 bergambar di depan Ratu Victoria. Uang logam ini Terbuat dari bahan metal  aluminium dan perunggu.

1960 Canadian 50 Cents Half Dollar

This entry will be on a 1960 Canadian 50 Cents Half Dollar coin which as displayed below.  On the front side there is a picture of Queen Elizabeth II (who is also the Head of the Commonwealth of Nations).  The front of the Canada 50 Cents looked like this until 1965 when the portrait of Elizabeth II was updated.  There were more than 3.488 million of these produced in 1960.  This coin is made of 80 percent silver with .3 ounce of the precious metal in it.  On the reverse side appears the year and demination as well as a crown of top of a coat of arms.

Our 1960 Canadian 50 Cents half dollar coin appears to be extra fine in its grade.

Uang logam koin perak kuno 50 lima puluh Cents dari negara Kanada tahun 1960.


1960 Canadian 50 Cents


Koin perak kuno 50 lima puluh Cents dari negara Kanada tahun 1960

1964 Silver Canadian 10 Cents Coin Koin Perak Kuno Dari Negara Kanada Sepuluh 10 Cents Tahun 1964

1964 was one of the last few years Canada produced silver coins for circulation.  Below you’ll see one that we have which is a 1964 Canadian 10 cents.  On the obverse is Queen Elizabeth II of the UK and leader of the Commonwealth who is celebrating her Diamond Jubilee (as a side note there are collectors coins commemorating this event).  On the reverse of this 10 cents from 64 there is a take a on the Bluenose sailboat which is an important symbol in Nova Scotia and Canada.  It was the winner of the International Fisherman’s trophy for several years in a row but this boat met its end while serving as a working vessel when crashing on a coral reef in the Caribbean.  This coin is 80 percent silver and has .0594 ounces of the precious metal in it.  Our example looks like it grade fine.

Koin Perak Kuno Dari Negara Kanada Sepuluh 10 Cents Tahun 1964. Berat kadar perak sebesar 1.6839 grams.

1996 Canadian Toonie Coin Koin Uang Logam 2-Dua Dollar Dari Negara KANADA-CANADA

This post is about the Canadian 2 dollar coin which is known as the Toonie.  It has on its front an impression of Queen Elizabeth II (designed by Dora dePedery-Hunt) of the United Kingdom and leader of the Commonwealth of Nations and who has had the second longest reign (only Queen Victoria had more years).  The reverse side has an image of a polar bear and was created by Brent Townsend.  This coin has been in existance since 1996 and has 2 components an inner portion and an outer ring.

See the photos of a 1996 Canadian 2 dollar coin that we have.  This one is average circulated in its condition and doesn’t have any value above face at this point. There were 375.483 million of these minted in that year and it weighs 7.2999 grams.

Canada 2 Dollar Koin TOONIE uang logam 2-dua dollar dari Negara KANADA-CANADA tahun cetak/produksi pada th 1996 koin antik bergambar wajah Ratu Elizabeth II D.G.Regina.dan dibelakang koin bergambar Beruang Hutan. Kondisi lumayan bagus gambar angka dan tulisan-nya timbul sangat JELAS…

1927 Canadian Nickel 5 Cent Coin

See the picture of a 1927 Canadian Nickel or 5 cent piece that we have following.  This coin has George V, King of the British Empire on its front.  Under his reign Britain’s influence grew world wide while other Eurpean powers did the opposite (especially after WWI). The design of the obverse was from Sir Edgar Bertram Mackennal who was an Australian sculptor.  The reverse of this coin has an image of a maple leaves as well as the value and date.  It was desigend by WHJ Blackmore. This 5 cent pience is made out of the metal nickel and its total weight is 4.6 grams and in 1927 there were 5.285 million made.  After examination this coin would be considered almost uncirculated and has some value to it.

The history of the 5 cent piece in Canada goes back to 1858 when it was a small silver piece.  Its current version came into play in 1922 when the use of the metal nickel was initiated.

Royal Canadian Mint Set Proof From 1971 Seven 7 Pcs Komplete Coin Collection Koleksi Koin 7 Buah Tujuh Biji Dari Nagara KANADA-CANADA

In the following pictures we have Canada’s version of the proof set made by the Royal Canadian Mint.  This particular one is from the year 1971 and includes 7 coins in total.  There is a dollar, quarter, 10 cent piece, penny etc.  There is no silver with this one as Canada ended circulated coins with the precious metal in 1968.  Though interestly in 2012 they started to make an all silver proof set (their first go at one ever) and it looks attractive.  In any case this a really nice add on to a collection of coins and collector sets.

Royal Canadian Mint Set Proof From 1971 Coin Collection Set proof komplete Koleksi Lengkap 7 tujuh buah tujuh biji koin kuno tahun 1971 uang logam antik dari nagara KANADA-CANADA Royal CANADIAN Mint, Koin antik kondisi BARU Sempurna terbungkus rapi didalam kotak kaca dan box warna hitam terbuat dari bahan kulit domba, Koin lengkap super keren sangat sempurna untuk dijadikan dikoleksi kolektor koin-koin antik anda! , Harga Rp 4 Juta Rupiah, Maaf harga belum termasuk ongkos kirim,

Set Of 4 Four 1973 Canadian One Dollar Currency Bank Notes Koleksi 4-Empat Lembar Uang Kertas 1-Satu Dollar Dari Negara KANADA-CANADA Tahun 1973

See a set of four 1973 Canadian dollar currency bills that we have in the pictures following.  Their serial numbers go in in order sequentially and all of them are crisp and uncirculated.  The lowest numbered one is ECP7321408, the next 3 are the same except they end in higher numbers (9, 10 and 11).  This indicates they were sold as a set special for collectors. On the obverse is Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom and the lead of the Commonwealth.  The reverse side has an image of boats on the Ottawa River and in the background the Canadian Parliament building.

The Canadian dollar’s (CAD) history goes back to the year 1871 when currency reforms were initiated.  Prior to that the different provinces had their own monies including British Columbia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia etc.

4 Empat lembar uang kertas 1-satu dollar dari Negara “KANADA – Canada”, Koleksi lengkap seri number berurutan berbeda-beda tetapi tahun-nya sama  th: 1973, Uang kertas jaman dulu uang kuno antik tahun 1973 bergambar wajah RATU Elizabeth II Ratu dari Negara Inggris , Kondisi BARU Sempurna UNC fresh clean crisp PERFECT!. Uang kertas kuno jaman dulu ini bertulisakan , BANK OF CANADA – BANQUE DU CANADA. UN 1 ONE DOLLAR CANADA. THIS NOTE IS LEGAL TENDER – CE BILLET A COURS LEGAL. OTAWA 1973. Ditanda tangani oleh, Sous-Gouverneur .  Deputy-Governor.  Governor-Gouverneur, Kode nomer seri berurutan :  (ECP 7321408) (ECP 7321409) (ECP 7321410) (ECP 7321411), HARGA SUPER SPESIAL SUPER MURAH HANYA RP 2 JUTA RUPIAH UNTUK 4 EMPAT LEMBAR EMPAT KOLEKSI.

1941 Newfoundland One Cent Coin

Newfoundland was a colony of Great Britain and then a Dominion before eventually becoming part of Canada in the year 1949.  At one time it had its own currency, the Newfoundland dollar and cent subdivisions.  At one time it had gold coinage as well as silver.

Below you’ll find photos of a coin that I don’t see very often and it is a 1941 Newfoundland 1 small cent.  It is made from bronze and has on its obverse and image of King George V (his reign was from 1936 until 1952) who was the last king of the British Empire and first overseer of the Commonwealth of nations.  The reverse side of this Newfoundland one cent has a pitch plant splitting the year date.  There were approximately 800,000 of these made and there were 2 people involved with creating the design who were Percy Metcalf (the front design) and Walter J. Newman (the back ).  This particular specimen that we have is in very fine grade.

1955 Canadian Silver 10 Cent Coin Koin Perak 10-Sepuluh Cent Dime Dari Nagara KANADA Tahun 1955

In 1955 Royal Canadian Mint struck 12.237 million 10 cent pieces.  This coin has on its obverse the image of Queen Elizabeth II (just achieved 60 years as queen or the Diamond Jubilee) of the United Kingdom (and head of the commonwealth).  On the back side is what is known as the Bluenose sailboat (racing and fishing) a symbol of Nova Scotia and Canada.  This coin has 0.0594 ounces or 1.68396167 grams of silver in its content.

See the pictures that follow of a 1955 Canadian 10 cent piece.  Now there is a good amount of wear on this coin though the letters are still intact.  This example would perhaps grade a good or g4.

Uang logam Duit regeh koin kuno terbuat dari PERAK asli mata uang dari Negara KANADA tahun 1955 koin 10-sepuluh dime 10 cent, bergambar Ratu Elizabeth II ,

2011 Canadian Loonie One Dollar Coin Image Of Queen Elizabeth II Uang Logam Koin Loonie 1-Satu Dollar Dari Kanada “Canada”

In Canada the mint produces a one dollar coin which often goes by the name Loonie.  On its front is an image of the queen of the UK and common wealth countries: Elizabeth II.  The rear of this golden colored coin bears the bird called the Great Northern Loon.  Even though the Canadian Loonie is gold in color its true content was roughly 92% nickel with a bronze coating (8%).  This was until 2011 before being replaced in 2012 with steel with brass outer coating.  This type of 1 CAD coin has been around since 1987.

See a 1 dollar Canadian Loonie that we have in the following photos.  It would grade as uncirculated and interestingly already has some toning.

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Duit Logam Koin 2011 Dari Kanada – Canada, uang logam koin 1 satu dollar dari Negara “Kanada” koin baru produksi cetak untuk tahun 2011, Koin 1 dollar Canada koin loonie warna ke emasan foto depan bergambar Ratu Inggris Elizabeth II dan foto belakang bergambar bebek, kondisi-nya seperti baru almost UNC bersih clean and shiny tidak banyak tersentuh oleh tangan, Harga silahkan kontak, PS kami punya banyak ribuan keping uang logam koin baru yang 1-satu dollar dari Kanada ini apabila anda berminat untuk menbeli nya lebih dari 1 atau ratusan keping silahkan beritaukan kami, beli lebih dari 1-satu keping atau beli banyak ratusan bahkan ribuan akan kami kasih discount yang super spesial untuk anda !