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1943 Canadian Silver Quarter Coin

The Canadian quarter or 25 cent has been around for greater than 130 years, it was first struck in the year 1870.  From its first year of minting until 1968 these had silver in them (bear in mind 1968 had some coins that were 50% silver and others that made entirely in nickel).  Keep in mind 1967 was also a mixed year with some with 80% and others with 50% of the precious metal.  Now from 1920 until 1966 all quarters made in Canada were 80% silver while years prior to those (1870-1919) were 92.5% of it.

See the pictures of the 1943 Canadian quarter that we have.  Its obverse has King George the VI of the British Empire on it.  Its back has an image of a Caribou.  This coin has a good amount of wear on its back and because of that may grade very good.

1919 Canadian Silver 5 Cent Coin

Canada’s five cent coin at one time was comprised of silver; this was prior to 1922 which was the year that nickel was introduced as the metal it was comprised of.  This particular denomination, 5 cents was first utilized in the year 1858 and is still being struck today.

See a 1919 silver Canadian five cent coin that we have in the pictures below.  On its obverse is the King of the British Empire at the time:  George the Fifth.  The reverse has on it the denomination as well as a wreath with a crown at the top.  The year of 1919 is on the bottom and this coins overall weight is 1.299 grams.  Its silver content is .0336 ounce and its grade is fine with wear on the front image but the lettering is quite nice.

Uang Perak asli uang logam koin kuno perak dari Negara “Kanada” koin jaman dulu sudah berumur 93 tahun bergambar Raja George yang ke 5-lima, koin antik 5 lima cent dicetak diproduksi pada tahun 1991. Kondisi sangat bagus sekali angka gambar dan tulisan-nya masih telihat dengan jelas dan timbul.