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1911 China 10 Cents Silver Coin

Inside this posting we will talk about a 1911 Chinese Empire 10 cents silver coin.  We have taken pictures of this uncommon coin which can been seen in the pictures at the bottom of this posting.  The front or obverse side has the Chinese characters for Hsung-tung (known as Puyi in English) who was the last emperor of China. He resigned as emperor in the year 1912 but later served under the Japanese (from 1934 to 1945) and was put by them in control of Manchukuo (Manchuria).  This coin is made from silver and has a weight of 2.7 grams.  On the back or reverse is an artistic  image of a dragon.

Koin perak kuno 10 sepuluh cents dari negara China tahun 1911.

China silver 10 cents coinKoin perak kuno dari negara China

1999 Chinese 1 Jiao Coin Koin dari Negara China 1 Satu Jiao Tahun 1999

Here we are going to examine a Chinese 1 Jiao coin from the year 1999.  This is a circulated common issue from China versus some of the more valuable things they produce like the bullion Panda gold coin.  In any case this one Jiao is made from aluminum, weighs only 1.12 grams and has a diameter of 19 millimeters.  The obverse simply has the value of the coin with a large lined number 1, Yi Jiao, Chinese characters and at the bottom the date.  The back side has a picture of an orchid which is a prized flower throughout the world.  Perhaps it is on the back of this as a symbol of prosperity.  Also the reverse has the words: ZHONGGUA RENMIN YINHANG which means People’s Bank of China.  Our 1 Jiao appears to be almost uncirculated.

Uang Logam dari negara China 1 Satu Jiao Tahun 1999.

2002 Chinese 5 Jiao Coin Koin dari Negara Cina Lima Jiao

This entry will examine a 2002 Five Jiao coin from China.  The front of it has the denomination and year in English.  There also as expected Chinese characters at the top and right side.  The back of it has a flower image as well as the words: “Zhongguo Renmin Yinhang” which means Peoples Bank of China.  This coin’s metal content is brass and it weighs roughly 3.8 grams.  This coin would grade at least extra fine and perhaps is good enough to even be considered almost uncirculated.

The Jiao is a subdivision of the main currency unit in China known as the Yuan (10 of which equal 1 Yuan).  As far as I can tell prior to the year 1980 coins were only in the Fen currency sub unit and then in 1980 the Jiao was introduced to Chinese coinage.

Uang logam koin 5-lima Jiao tahun 2002 terbuat dari bahan metal perunggu.

1986 Chinese 5 Fen Coin

This entry is about 1986 Chinese 5 Fen coin.  It is made out of Aluminum and weighs a light 1.6 grams (see pictures of it at the bottom) and its diameter is twenty four millimeters.  On the front is China’s national emblem or may be identified as their coat of arms.  It consists of 5 stars above the entrance to the Forbidden City in Beijing enclosed in a circle of wheat grains.  The back of this coin has its value and at the bottom the date.  This Chinese 5 Fen coin appears to be in almost uncirculated condition.

The currency of China is known as Renminbi and Yuan is the unit which others are based off of.  It has 2 subunits, the Jiao which 10 of equal one Yuan.  The other is the Fen which 100 of are equal to 1 Yuan.  Usually smaller denominated Fen coins aren’t used that often.

1980 One Jiao Chinese Bank Note Paper Currency 1-Satu Jiao Uang Kertas Dari Negara China Tahun 1980

The currency in use now in mainland China is known as the Yuan (symbol CNY) and a subdivision of it is the Jiao.  10 of these will add up to or equal 1 Yuan and as far as I can tell were last printed as a currency series note in the year 1980 (in five and one denominations).

The following are photos of 1 Jiao bank note from 1980 that is in uncirculated condition.  On its front are two men of different ethnic groups in the country of China, the Gaoshan and Manchu.  On the back site of this currency paper bill is the Chinese arms symbol.  The coloring of this money is brown, green and grey for the most part and its serial number is R6K0383932.

Mata uang dari Negara China 1-satu Jiao uang kertas tahun 1980, Kondis BARU UNC. harga kontak.

Set of 1953 Chinese Fen Bank Notes Mata Uang Kertas Dari Negara China

In China the currency is called the Renminbiin which there are 3 units.  The biggest of these units is called the Yuan.  There is also the Jiao and 10 of these equal one Yuan.  The smallest unit is referred to as the Fen and 10 of those equal One Jiao.  Yuan bank notes have been around since the year 1948.

Looking below you’ll see three Chinese 1953 Fen bills (which was the 2nd issue) that we currently have.  The first one is 1 Fen bank note (P-860C China) which is a brown color and on its obverse has a truck carrying food and 2 Roman numerals. The back of it has the Arms at center. It is in uncirculated condition.

The next bill is the 2 Fen (P-861b)  and is blue in color.  On its obverse is a propeller aircraft and on the back is also the Arms at center.  Its grade is uncirculated.

The third Fen bill we are in possession of is the 5 Fen (P862b) paper mony.  This particular bank note is green and has a large cargo boat on it.  The back is the same as the previous 2 bills and it is also uncirculated.

Koleksi 3 tiga lembar uang kertas kuno antik dari Negara China tahun 1953 condisi Baru “UNC’ Untuk harga please contact/e-mail kami di Terima kasih,