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1837 Hard Times Token Phoenix Rising out of fire Substitute for Shin Plasters May Tenth

Hard times tokens are a collectible I have recently become interested in.  Here we have an example of a 1837 Hard Times Token on its front it has a phoenix rising out of fire about which says substitute for shin plasters.

1837 Hard Times Token Phoenix rising out of fire Substitute for Shin plasters

On the phoenix appears the date of NOVR 1837.  So this was issued during the panic of 1837 and used as small money because government issued coinage was so scarce.  The causes for this I’m aware of stem from a hot bank lending market for western lands and President Andrew Jackson’s administrations attempt to cool it by requiring real estate transactions to be settled in only gold and silver.   I guess you might say it culminated on May 10, 1837 when banks in NYC made a decision not to honor commercial paper in full for specie (which was gold and silver).  This time period started from in the mid to late 1830s and extended into the early 1840s.  It was a  difficult period economically in American history and is known as the hard times.

Now have a look at the reverse side:

016It has the date of May Tenth 1837 which was the day that NY banks would longer allow commercial paper to be redeemed for gold and silver.


Here we are going to talk about a Thomas Jefferson 3rd President Token which was made by the Scovill Manufacturing company.  It exhibits on its front side that the 3rd US President and Commander in Chief was in office from 1801 until 1809.  Jefferson had to deal with Barbary Pirates during his administration and even before as they were a problem for the United States as early as 1784.  The year he became President had the ruler of Tripoli demanding tribute for to allow US boats to pass into the Mediterranean without capturing and ransoming crew.   Jefferson refused and in response sent the Navy and Marines to fight these pirates.   Also his Presidency presided over the Louisiana Purchase which there was some strong domestic disagreements to.  After it was finalized the Lewis and Clark Expedition was arranged.

Token Kuno di depan foto Thomas Jefferson adalah Presiden Amerika Serikat yang ketiga


See the reverse of this Thomas Jefferson 3rd President Token next:

Thomas Jefferson Token 3rd President USA



It highlights some of the accomplishments of the Sage of Monticello.

Token Kuno di depan foto Thomas Jefferson adalah Presiden Amerika Serikat yang ketiga.

Benjamin Harrison Commemorative Token Medal

This post will be about a Benjamin Harrison Commemorative Token Medal which is made out of brass metal.  It has an effigy of the 23rd President of the United States of America on the front with the years of this administration which were 1889 through 1893.  In the election of 1888 Harrison defeated Grover Cleveland only to lose to Cleveland in the next Presidential election.  He was the only President to come from the State of Indiana and his home can be toured there.  He was also a veteran of the American Civil War serving a majority of the time with the rank of Colonel.  The back of this token mentions more about Benjamin Harrison including that he the grandson of another President who was William Henry Harrison.

Token Kuno di Presiden Benjamin Harris dari Amerika Serikat.

Benjamin Harrison Commemorative Token Medal


George Washington Commemorative Token 1st President USA

In this entry we’ll have a discussion on a George Washington Commemorative Token which was produced by Scovill Manufacturing Co and is thought to be approximately 60 to 100 years old.  On the front is an image of the 1st President of the United States of America: George Washington.  He believed strongly in democracy and even though held extraordinary power after winning the American Revolutionary war he did not make himself King or Emperor for the sake of the Republic.  Washington also refused to be President for more than 2 terms.  In the second picture is the reverse side which honors Washington though he did get paid as President but refused pay when leading the Continental Army in the American Revolution.

This nice token honors a great US President.

George Washington Commemorative Token 1st President USA





1863 The Federal Union Must and Shall be Preserved Civil War Token Koin Token Bersejarah Dari Amerika Serikat Tahun 1863 USA

Civil War tokens have become popular with collectors and they are a nice way to remember a very troubling time in American history.  They were created out of necessity because citizens were hoarding any metals that had value.  Gold, silver and believe it or not even copper coins were hoarded as inflation during this particular period was gut wrenching as well as people had little faith in paper money.  This caused a hardship for businesses as they had a hard tie trading without coinage.  To address this issue private mints started to make patriotic themed Civil War tokens.  There are various renditions of them, all of which have value to collectors.  Some are quite rare and valuable.  Civil War tokens were only made between 1862 until 1864 as congress banned them in 1864.

See the following pictures for a 1863 Civil War token that we have.  On the front of this 159 year old collector’s item is the patriotic slogan: “The Federal Union Must and Shall be Preserved.”  The back has “Army and Navy” written on it (with a wreath around it) and below which are 2 crossed swords.

Kolektor….Token tua jaman dulu sudah berumur lebih dari 150 tahun token langka dan sangat jarang sekali bisa ditemukan keberadaan-nya The Federal Union Civil War Token koin token bersejarah jaman peperangan di Amerika Serikat tahun 1863 bergambar pohon jaitun olive dan bertulisakan Army And Navy, Kondisi-nya lumayan masih bagus walaupun sedikit kotor tetapi gambar dan tulisan-nya masih terlihat jelas wajar dan harap dimaklum kalau token ini tidak terlihat semulus dan tidak sesempurna lagi karna token ini sudah berumur ratusan tahun beruntug sekali kami masih bisa memiliki koin token yang langka ini, Apa bila anda berminat untuk mengkoleksi token unik yang sudah berumur ratusan tahun ini silahkan hubungi kami sekarang juga lewat telepon, sms, atau email.

1863 Patriotic Army Navy Civil War Token Coin Collectible Very Rare Token Coins USA Token Koin Kuno Antik Unik Dan Langka Token Bersejarah Bangsa Negara Amerika Serikat Tahun 1863

In 1862 as the civil war raged on small money seemed to become an issue as it became scarce (as people were stashing away government made coins because of their metal content).  This became a bit of a headache for businesses so private mints made their own currency for a while in the form of Civil War tokens.  This was until the US government outlawed that practice in the year 1864.

Many of these tokens had patriotic themes.  We have an example of an 1863 Civil War patriotic “Army Navy” token which can be viewed below.  It has an image of a woman on the front with 13 stars struck around the rim of the specimen.  On the back the words “Army” & “Navy” are imprinted and surrounded by a wreath and at the bottom there are 2 swords that cross.  This token has a fair amount of toning on the front but the details remain intact with minimal wear (perhaps a very fine specimen). Please take a look on the picture below.

1863 Patriotic Army Navy Civil War Token Collectible Very Rare Token Coins Token Koin Uang logam koin kuno koin token bersejarah jaman peperangan di Amerika serikat, tahun pembuatan-produksi pada tahun 1863 Koin bersejarah ini sangat unik dan langka patut untuk dipelihara dan dijadikan koleksi-koleksi koin antik anda, Karna kelangkaan dan keunikan koin token ini banyak sekali para pencinta pengkolektor koin kuno mereka mencari-nya dan ingin memiliki-nya, dan berapun harga yang ditawarkan pasti akan dibeli-nya, Token koin bersejarah ini bergambar seorang foto wanita dan dikelilingi oleh 13-tiga belas bintang dan dibelakang koin token ini bergambar tulisan aksara besar bertulisan “ARMY&NAVY” den dikelilingi oleh pohon batang daun gandum,

1863 Patriotic Civil War Dix Tokens American Tokens Koin Logam Token John A Dix Bersejarah Amerika Serikat Tahun 1863

In the year 1863 when the American civil was going on there were tokens produced that were patriotic.  These were not made by government mints but rather by private entities.   Perhaps the most well-known among them is called the Dix token.  They got their name from a noteworthy politician of that time (John A Dix) that famously said when addressing an officer in charge of bringing cutter boats from New Orleans to New York: “If anyone attempts to haul down the American flag shoot him on the spot.”  His name today honors the army base in New Jersey: Fort Dix.

The front of the 1863 civil war patriotic dix token is adorned with the American Flag (in the middle) with 13 stars around it.  The following words are engraved: “This is the flag of our Union.” On the back is written:  “If anybody attempts to tear it down shoot on the spot.”  These words go in a circle around the name of the man that inspired them: Dix. So below we are lucky to have 5 specimens of this particular copper token from the year 1863:

1863 civil war patriotic dix token

5-lima keping Token Kuno Token antik koin logam token bersejarah Amerika Serikat token jaman peperangan di Amerika Dix Token pembuatan untuk tahun 1863 didepan bergambar Bendera Amerika dengan 13-tiga belas gambar Bintang dan dibelakang token bergambar tulisan besar “DIX” dan  bertuliskan “Sebuah kutipan patroitic dari seorang politisi terkenal di USA yang bernama John A Dix ” Kondisinya bisa anda lihat di foto-foto yang telah kami pajang ini, Apabila anda berminat untuk menbeli token koin ini silahkan anda bisa menghubungi e-mail kami langsung di Thank you , Terima kasih,