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2001 Croatian 1 Lipa Coin Uang Logam dari Negara Kroasia Satu Lipa Tahun 2001

Here we are going to examine a 2001 Croatian 1 Lipa coin (please see the photographs at the bottom).  On the obverse side is the name of the country: Republika Hrvatska (or in English Croatia) as well as the value (which appears to be on top of sprigs and leaves) and at the bottom is the coat of arms for that country.  The back of this 1 Lipa coin has the word Kukuruz which in English means corn and an image of a couple of ears of corn.    This one Lipa is constructed out of aluminum and weighs only .6999 grams.  Its diameter measures 17 millimeters.  There were 2 million of these made in 2001 and our coin appears almost uncirculated.

The Lipa is a unit of the currency in Croatia which is the Kuna (which started in the year 1994).  One hundred Lipa equal one Kuna.

Uang logam dari negara Kroasia satu Lipa tahun 2001.

1991 Croatia 25 Dinara Error Money Bank Note

Croatia started printing its own money in the early 1990s after it broke from the former country Yugoslavia.  At first it was known as the Dinara for a few years before the creating of the Kuna (printing started for the Kuna in 1993).

Below we have a 1991 year 25 Croatian Dinara bank note.  It like other currency paper bills from this country in 199 had a picture of genius scientist Ruder Josip Boskovic (who lived from 1711-1787) on the front.  On the left has the words printed Republika Hrvatska (Republic of Croatia) as well as the signature of the finance minister.  The reverse of this paper bill is an impression of the Zagreb cathedral.  Now our particular Dinara money bank note is an error bill.  The error is that denomination (25) of water mark on the back has the 5 inverted.  This Croatian Dinara is uncirculated and its serial number is 2080447819.

1991 Croatian One Dinar Bank Note

The currency of Croatia is called the Kuna (symbol HRK) and this has been the money there since 1994.  Prior to the Kuna there was the Croatian Dinar which was around for only a few years after that country split from Yugoslavia.

The bank note below is a 1991 Croatian Dinar which was in fact the first year that this currency was printed.  It features on its obverse Ruder Boskovic 1711-1787 (who was born there) whose contributions to science were great including atomic theory, first to find that the moon has no atmosphere etc.  On the top right of this paper money are illustrations of scientific calculations.  The back of this one dinar has the Zagreb Cathedral on it which is the highest structure in Croatia and was first constructed in 1093.  This bank note from Croatia’s serial number is I6771378 and it has not been circulated.  It is crisp with no wear and no folds.