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1930 Dutch Netherlands Silver Guilder Gulden Coin

This post is about a 1930 Dutch Netherlands Guilder Gulden Coin.  On the front we see Queen Wilhelmina who was Queen of the Netherlands for nearly 48 years.  During WWII she was in exile in the United Kingdom as the Germans occupied the Netherlands.  She was featured on Radio Oranje and was an important voice to the Dutch people during the War who did not like being occupied by Germany.

1930 Dutch Netherlands Silver Guilder Gulden Coin

This 1930 Dutch Netherlands Guilder Gulden Coin has on its reverse crowned arms and the denomination of 1 Gulden.

Koin kuno perak 1 satu Gulden dari negara Belanda tahun 1930

Koin kuno perak 1 satu Gulden dari negara Belanda tahun 1930.

The year this coin was made was also the year of the first season of the Indonesian Perserikatan football.

1941 Netherlands Indies 1/4 Quarter Gulden

In this post we have a 1941 Netherlands Indies 1/4 Quarter Gulden.  The Netherlands Indies was a Dutch colony and today is Indonesia.  On the front side of this coin we see a P designating the mint which was Philadelphia.  This was because while WWII was going and the Netherlands became occupied by Germany the US stepped into produce coins for the Netherlands Indies.

This 1941 Netherlands Indie 1/4 Quarter Gulden is made of 72 percent silver and has seen very little in the way of circulation.  My opinion of the grade is almost uncirculated.

1941 Netherlands Indies 1/4 Quarter Gulden

See the reverse below with sun inspired design:

Koin perak kuno perempat Gulden dari negara Hindia Belanda tahun 1941

Koin perak kuno perempat Gulden dari negara Hindia Belanda tahun 1941.

1956 Netherlands 1 Gulden

This posting will be about silver 1956 Netherlands 1 Gulden coin.  On the front it has Queen Juliana whose reign included the signing of papers in which the Dutch recognized Indonesia as its own sovereign nation in the year 1949.  This coin is made out of 72 percent silver.  The reverse side has an effigy of a lion with dagger in one paw and arrow in the other and with crown on top.  This Gulden also has edge letters that say:  GOD ZIJ  MET  ONS which translates into English as God be with us.  This 1956 Netherlands 1 Gulden coin appears to be a grade of very fine.

Koin perak kuno satu 1 Gulden dari negara Belanda tahun 1956 di depan bergambar Ratu Juliana dari Belanda.

1956 Netherlands 1 Gulden

Koin perak kuno dari negara Belanda tahun 1956

1943 Dutch East Indies 50 Cents Banknote

In this post we’ll talk about a 1943 Dutch East Indies (a former colony of the Netherlands which is now Indonesia) 50 Cents banknote.  At the top of the font side we see written Nederlandsch-Indie Muntbiljet (Netherlands Indies money bill).  The denomination is 50 cents which is designated as Lima Poeloeh Sen (old Bahasa Indonesia) and in Dutch as Een Halve Gulden.  On the left is a picture of the coat of arms and to the right and portrait of Queen Wilhelmina.

Please look at the back side of this 1943 Dutch East Indies 50 Cents Banknote below in the 2nd picture in this post.  The denomination of 50 cent also appears on the reverse.

Uang kertas 50 lima puluh sen dari negara Belanda Indies tahun 1943 depan bergambar foto ratu Wilhelmina.


1943 Dutch East Indies 50 Cents Banknote



1952 Netherlands Antilles Guilder Coin

Here we are going to examine a 1952 Netherlands Antilles Guilder Coin which can be seen in the 2 pictures below.  On its front or obverse side is an image of Queen Juliana of the Netherlands who was queen in the years 1948 through 1980.  This coin is made of 72% silver and has a weight of 10 grams.  Now while glancing at the back one will notice that there is a picture of the coat of arms of the Netherlands with a royal crown on top of it.  The name of this coin’s country, denomination as well as year is found on the reverse side.

Our 1952 Netherlands Antilles Guilder Coin here appears to be a choice very fine grade in our opinion.

Uang logan koin perak kuno satu 1 Guilder Gulden dari negara Antillen Belanda tahun 1952.

1952 Netherlands Antilles Guilder Coin


perak satu 1 Guilder Gulden Antillen Belanda 1952

1929 Dutch 1 Cent Coin

In this post here we have a 1929 Dutch 1 Cent Coin. Please check it out in the pictures below.  On the front is written: Koningrijk Der Nederlanden which in English is Kingdom of the Netherlands.  At the bottom is the date and in the middle is a version of the Dutch coat of arms which has a lion wearing a crown and holding a sword in one paw and arrows in the other.  On the back is the denomination surrounded by a wreath.  This 1929 Dutch 1 Cent Coin is made out of bronze and had a mintage of 20 million in that year.

This coin we have here looks like an extra fine grade.

Koin kuno satu Cent dari negara Belanda tahun 1929 tarbuat dari bahan perunggu.

Kondisi EF Extra Fine

1929 Dutch 1 Cent Coin


Koin kuno satu Cent Belanda

1959 Netherlands Dutch 2 ½ Guilders Silver Coin

Here we’ve got a 1959 Netherlands Dutch 2 ½ Guilders (Guldens) silver coin.  On its obverse is an image of the former Queen of the Netherlands Juliana.  Also on the obverse are the words: Juliana Koningen Der Nederlanden which is Dutch for Juliana Queen of the Netherlands.  The reverse has the year of the coin, its value, the country as well as the Dutch coat of arms with a crown on top.  This coin has .3472 ounce or 9.84295 grams of silver in it.  Its total weight is 15 g and it diameter is 33 millimeters. There were 7.2 million of these struck in 1959.  This was the largest denomination of coinage that the Dutch made for several decades.

Below are 2 photos of our 1959 Netherlands Dutch 2 ½ Guilders Silver Coin.

1959 Netherlands Dutch 2 ½ Guilders Silver Coin

Uang Logam dua setengah guldens dari negara Belanda tahun 1959

Uang Logam dua setengah guldens dari negara Belanda tahun 1959.

1980 Dutch Netherlands 1 Gulden Coin Koin Dari Negara Belanda Satu Gulden 1980

This post will examine a 1980 Dutch Netherlands 1 Gulden coin.  Though it appears silver in appearance it is actually made from the metal nickel and has a weight of 6 grams.  The last time circulated silver Gulden coins were made was back in 1967. On its obverse or front side is the former Queen of The Netherlands: Juliana facing right.  She abdicated or gave up her throne in 1980 after which her daughter Beatrix became Queen (and still is currently).  Juliana notably lived to be 94 making her the longest lived former monarch.  The reverse side of this coin has the crowned lesser (or condensed) version of the Dutch coat of arms.  This is a lion with a sword in its right hand and holding a set of arrows in its left.

We have pictures of our 1980 Dutch Netherlands 1 Gulden coin below.  It has quite a nice mint luster to it and perhaps it would be considered a high almost uncirculated grade.

1971 Dutch Netherlands 10 Cents Coin Koin Kuno Dari Negara Belanda Sepuluh Cents Tahun 1971

This entry will be about a 1971 Dutch Netherland 10 cents coin.  The images of the front and back are underneath.  Notice this particular example is in quite nice condition, uncirculated in fact.  Its metal content is nickel and its weight is a light 1.5 grams.  On the front is the late former Queen of the Netherlands: Juliana whose reign was from 1948 (after Wilhelmina abdicated) until 1980.  During her time Indonesia and Suriname were recognized as independent nations.  The Netherlands has a day to remember Dutch Queens which falls on April 30 which is Juliana’s birthday.  The back of this coin has an image of a royal crown on top of the denomination and the year.

The former currency of the Netherlands (they use the Euro now) was the Gulden (or Guilder in English).  The cent was a subunit of the Gulden. The Guilder was initiated back in the 1600s and for centuries used precious metal gold and silver in the coinage both of which were eventually discontinued.  The last circulated silver coin was in the 1960s.

Uang logam kuno dari negara Belanda koin antik jaman dulu tahun uang 10 sepuluh cent tahun 1971 bergambar Ratu Juliana Koningin Der Nederlanden, Koin mini berukuran sangat kecil sekali berat hanya 1.5 grams. Kondisi Seperti BARU Almost UNC  mulus bersih gambar dan angka-2-nya timbul dengan JALES…..

1941 Dutch Netherlands Silver 10 Cents Coin Mata Uang Dari Negara Belanda Koin Perak Kuno 10 Cent

In 1941 the Dutch produced silver ten cents coins and they have .0288 ounces or .816 grams of the precious metal in them.  They have on their obverse Queen Wilhelmina I of the Netherlands (who was in power from 1890 until the year 1948).  On the reverse is a wreath inside of which is the denomination of 10 cents as well as the year of 1941.  Bear in mind that some Netherlands ten cents had other metal compositions including zinc.  Now these coins look different, in particular they have a design with tulip flowers and dots on the front.  The back of the zinc coin has the denomination between branches.

See a Dutch 10 cent silver peace that we have in the proceeding pictures.  This particular one that we have is in almost uncirculated condition.

Koin PERAK kuno antik Mata Uang Asing Dari Negara Belanda Netherlands Koin Perak Kuno duit tua jaman dulu uang logam 10 sepuluh cent tahun 1941 bergambar Ratu Belanda yang bernama “Wilhelmina Koningin” 10 Cents 1941 Der Netherland, Kondisi seperti Baru tidak terlalu banyak tersentuh oleh tangan , gambar angka dan tulisan-nya terlihat sangat jelas dan timbul bagus, Untuk hanga silahkan anda bisa kontak kami langsung via e-mail atau kirim sms ke no telepon yang telah kami sediakan di contact phone & email, Terima kasih,