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1927 Dutch 10 Cent Silver Coin Uang Logam Koin Perak Kuno 10 Sepuluh Cent Dari Negara Belanda Netherlands

In 1927 the Dutch (or those of the Netherlands) produced a 10 cent silver coin.  Its composition is 64 percent of the shiny precious metal and as far as weight is concerned it has .0288 ounes of silver in it.  On the front was the Queen of the Netherlands, Wilhelmina I whose rule was the longest in Dutch history: the years 1890 until 1948 and that is written in Dutch on the obverse: Wilhelmina Koningin Der Nederlanden..  Her reign started in 1890 and ended in abdication in favor of her daughter Juliana in 1948.   Queen Wilhelmina was  a strong voice in motivating the Dutch resistance against German occupation during WWII.  On the back of the coin one will find the denomination of 10 cents struck as well as a wreath.  There were approximately 2.3 million of these made in 1927.

See a 1927 Dutch silver ten cent in the pictures below.  Though this coin has some discoloration on its obverse, it does not have much in wear at all.  Perhaps it would grade very fine.  For questions and inquiries go ahead and send an email to

Uang Logam Perak Duit Receh Koin Kuno 10 Sepuluh Cent Mata Uand Dari Negara Belanda Netherlands koin tua tahun 1927 . Koin kuno ini terbuat dari Silver Perak asli.

Koin perak kuno 10 sepuluh Cents dari negara Belanda tahun 1927 tarbuat dari bahan enam puluh delapan persen perak depan bergambar foto waja Ratu Wilhemina.

1923 Netherlands Dutch 5 Cent Coin

At one time The Netherlands (Dutch) made a 5 cent piece coin to circulate for currency.  This particular coin has an interesting look to it as it is square and was made from 1913 until the year 1943.  On its front are the words: KONINGRIJK DER NEDERLANDEN which in English is Kingdom of the Netherlands.  The back has an orange branch with the denomination splitting the date in half.  Though its color is silver its content is copper nickel and the weight of this coin is 4.5 grams.  There were about 10 million struck in that year. See below for pictures of a 1923 Netherlands 5 Cent .  This particular example that we have is in very fine condition.   Feel free to email us for inquiries at


1923 Netherlands  5 Cent Dutch

Koin persegi empat koin langa dan jarang koin kuno antik dan unik dari Negara “BELANDA”uang logam recehan bentuknya yang sangat unik berbentuk persegi empat koin lim-c 5C produksi dicetak pada tahun 1923 coin cantik bergambar bunga dan design-nya yang unik, Bertuliskan 5’c “KONING RIJK.DER. NEDERLAND”

1898 Munt Van Het Koningrikk Der Nederlanden 2 ½ Guldens Dutch Money Guilder Wilhelmina Silver Coin Uang Logam Perak Guldens Koin Kuno Dari Negara Belanda

The Dutch (Netherlands) called their currency Guldens (or in English called the Guilder) before they was discontinued in the year 2002.  The Netherlands is part of the European Union today and that is why Euros are now used as the currency there. Below you’ll see a 1898 Dutch 2 ½  Guilder that we have.  It has an image of Wilhelmina Koningin (Queen of the Netherlands) on the front of the coin.  She was queen for nearly 60 years and was a key figure of Dutch resistance during WWII.  On the reverse of the coin there is a picture of a royal crown below which is a lion with a dagger in its right paw and holding arrows in its left paw.  This coin has a silver content of .7595 ounces or 21.53 grams.  Unfortunately the condition of this specimen is perhaps just good.  The front of the image is worn but the rim and back is decent with no real fading of letters.  This coin is 114 years old

1898 Munt Van Het Koningrikk Der Nederlanden 2 ½ G uang logam Guldens berumur sudah 114 tahun uang logam koin perak koin KUNO Koin jaman dulu dari Negara Belanda Dutch Netherlands, Uang logam perak pembuatan untuk tahun 1898 bergambar wajah Putri Princess Wilhelmina Helena Pauline Maria sebelum beliau menikah dan setelah beliau menikah nama-nya diganti menjadi “Ratu Wilhelmina Koningin” Koin ini sudah berumur 114 tahun sangat tua sekali didepan koin ini kondisinya kurang begitu bagus gambar angka dan tulisan-nya tidak begitu timbul dan dibelakang koin ini kondisinya lumayan bagus tulisan angka dan gambar-nya masih terlihat,  Tetapi tetap saja koin kuno ini masih bisa dikoleksi dan masih banyak dicari oleh para pencinta pengemar koin kuno dari berbagai Negara, Kondisi-nya bisa anda lihat sendiri di foto-foto yang telah kami pajang ini. Untuk harga silahkan kontak e-mail kami di , Thank you Terima kasih.