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1960 British One Shilling Coin

This history of the Shilling of Great Britain goes back hundreds of years and is believed to have its origins in the 1500s. This denomination is no longer used in the United Kingdom and was phased out when the currency there went to decimals.  The British Shilling was at one time made up on silver which ended in the year 1947 and was replaced with cupro-nickel.

Take a look at the British 1 Shilling coin we have in the photos below from 1960.  It has on its obverse Queen Elizabeth II who just celebrated her Diamond Jubilee (60 years in power).  The back has the year, denomination and an English shield.  There were 27.028 million of these coins produced in 1960 and this one which we have would likely grade extra fine or better.

1905 British 1/2 Penny Coin

We are going to talk about a 1905 British Half Penny here that we own.  Glance below to see the photos.  On this coin is an impression of King Edward VII of the Bristish Empire.  He ruled from years 1901 until 1910 and was the son of Queen Victoria.  He was known for his charm and trying to maintain peace in Europe.  The reverse of the coin has the ancient symbol of Britannia on it.  It is made out of bronze, weighs precisely 5.2 grams and there were 10.125 of these minted in 1905. This one that we have would grade very fine and is a nice old English coin.

The British half penny goes way back, in fact it has 7 centuries of history.  At one time is was struck in the precious metal silver and later on was other metals like bronze.  It is no longer made and was phased out with decimization of currency in the United Kingdom.

1942 British 6 Pence Silver Coin

The silver 6 pence is a coin that was produced in the past in British coinage.  It was at least partially made out of the precious metal up until the year 1946 (when some coins were silver and others were copper-nickel).  The six pence lasted until 1971 when the currency in Great Britain was decimalized and was commonly referred to as the tanner and also the half shilling.  Its history spans a few centuries with its initial creation being the year 1551.

Below we have pictures of a 1942 British silver 6 pence coin that was designed by T.H. Paget and George Krueger-Gray.  It has on its obverse the last king of the British Empire: George VI.  On the backside is a crown symbol which splits the date.  This coin has 0.0455 ounces or 2.8275 grams of silver in its composition.  There were 44.94 million of these minted in 1942. This particular example that we have would be a fine grade.

3 Piece 10 Ten Pence British English Coins 3-Tiga Keping Koin Kuno Dari Negara Inggris UK United Kingdom

In Great Britain the modern 10 pence coin (or when it went to decimalization) started its production in 1968.  Ten of these coins would equal out to one British pound today; in the prior system 240 pence would = 1 pound.  Today’s 10 pence is composed of steel coated with nickel but from 1968 until 2012 it was actually 75% copper and 25 percent nickel.

We have 3 of these British ten pence coins following.  The oldest is from 1969 and like all 3 has Queen Elizabeth II on its front and a prancing lion on the back side.  The 1974 example is in uncirculated condition and still actually has its full mint luster.

3-Tiga Keping Uang Logam Koin Kuno Dari Negara Inggris UK United Kingdom , tiga bua uang koin 10-sepuluh pence berbeda-beda tahun: th 1969-1971 dan 1974, koin antik bergambar Ratu “Elizabeth II” dan bergambar “Singga” dibelakang-nya, Kondisi-nya beragam dari yang seperti baru almont UNC, dan bagus silahkan anda lihat foto2-nya dibawah ini, Harga hanya Rp500Ribu Rupiah untuk 3-tiga keping belum termasuk ongkir, Terima kasih,

1943 Great Britain Six Pence Coin Koin PERAK Kuno Dari Nagara Inggris 6-Eman Pence Tahun 1943

The six pence coin was initially struck back in the year 1551 and was made up until 1971 when money in Great Britain was decimalized.  Before they were discontinued 40 of them would equal one pound.  They were at one time made up of silver which no longer became the case after 1946.

So we have a British 6 Pence coin from 1943 in the pictures below.  This coin has King George VI of the United Kingdom and Empire (and first leader of the Commonwealth) on its front.  The reverse has a crowned monogram in the middle of the date.  The 6 pence in this year has .0455 ounce (or 1.29 grams) of silver in it.  This particular example would be considered grade wise very fine.

6-Enam Pence Koin Kuno Koin PERAK Tua Jaman dulu Dari Nagara Inggris UK United Kingdom,  Harga Rp 600 Ribu Rupiah Harga Belum termasuk ongkos kirim,

3 Piece 2 Two Pence British Coins Koin Kuno Inggris Tahun 1991-1985 Dan 1980 UK United Kingdom

The two Pence of Great Britain has been around in its current decimal format since the year 1971.  Back when it came out and for several years (until 1992) it was struck from bronze but in recent years was changed to copper-coated steel.  The two pence is the second smallest denomination of British coins (the 1 penny is the smallest).  This coin has seen changes in design over the years, the obverse side is now its 3rd impression of Queen Elizabeth II.  The reverse saw one revamp in 2008.

We have 3 of these coins below.  The first is a two Pence from 1980 that features the first design of the obverse.  This particular example is in very fine condition and there were 260.2 million of these struck this year.    Notice we also have examples from 1985 and 1991 well.  The 1991 two pence has retained some of its mint luster and would grade extra fine.

Duit receh jaman dulu tahun 1991, 1985, dan 1980, 3-Tiga buah 3 keping koin kuno uang logam dari Negara Inggris UK United Kingdom, 2 Two Pence Bergambar Ratu Queen Elizabeth II D.G.REG.F.D. Kondisi seperti Baru dan bagus bisa anda liaht difoto yang telah kami pajang diatas ini, Terima kasih, 2 pence, two pence, 2 pence coin, two pence coins, 1980 2 pence, 1991 two pence, two pence 1985, UK coins, British coins, Uang logam Inggris, Koin kuno dari Inggris, Duit logam Inggris, Mata uang dari Negara Inggris, Harga Hanya Rp 1 Jt Rupiah Untuk 3 Keping,

1937 And 1948 British Penny Coins UK United Kingdom Koin Antik 1Satu Penny Uang Logam Kuno Dari Negara Inggris

The history of the British penny goes back more than millennia (1000 years) to a time where they were actually were used for things like paying off invading viking armies so they wouldn’t pillage the land.  The penny of Great Britain was struck in silver for many centuries and started around 6 or 700 AD. It contained the precious metal until the early 1800 when copper was implemented in the coin.

The following pictures illustrate British pennies coins that we have from 1937 as well as 1948.  On their obverse is King George VI of the British Empire.  On the reverse is the ancient representative of Britannia.  They are made out of bronze and the royal mint made 88.89 million of them in 1937 and 63.96 million in 48.   The 1937 example is in better condition and would grade very fine and the 1948 is likely fine.

Uang recehan tahun 1937 dan 1948, 2 buah dua keping uang logam duit kuno koin antik mata uang dari Negara Inggris UK ,British penny 1 satu penny bergambar wajah Raja Inggris yang ke VI yang bernama King George dan belakang koin bergambar simbol military kerajaan di Inggris Britania, bertuliskan hurup aksara: One Penny Georgivs VI D:G: OMN: REX F: D:IMP. 1937 dan 1948 , Kondisi Very fine sangat bagus, Untuk harga silahkan kontak,  Terima kasih, Thank you.

1983 Great Britain £1 Pound Coin

One of the more widely used currencies on the world is the GBP Great Britain Pound Sterling.  Its origins go back 1200 years and at one time signified 1 true pound of silver.  The British abandoned using silver altogether in circulated coins in the year 1946 though the Royal Mint still produces proofs and special issues for collectors that still has the precious metal in them.

See the following photographs for a 1983 One Pound Coin that we have.  On its obverse is Queen Elizabeth II and its back has the shield of Great Britain as well as the denomination.  This coin is made out of nickel/brass and perhaps would grade very fine.  There were approximately 443 million of the Great Britain £1 pound coins made in 1983.

1948 British (English) Half Crown Coin Image Of “King George VI” Koin Kuno Setengah Crown Dari Negara Inggris Tahun 1948

The British half crown was initially struck in 1549 and finished its run in 1967 just a few years before the decimalization of the currency.  They were composed at least partially of silver up until 1948 until switching to cupro-nickel.  When it was currency 8 of them would equal one pound.

See below for a 1948 British half crown coin we have that appears to be in an extra fine grade.  On its obverse is King George VI of the British Empire (whose reign was from 1936-1952) and on the back is a shield divided in fours inside of which are English symbols.  This coin weighs 14.14 grams and is composed of copper and nickel.  There were approximately 71 million of these made that year.

Uang logam koin tua koin kuno dari Negara Inggris tahun 1948 uang perak jaman dulu uang logam bersejarah Inggris bergambar foto Raja Inggris yang bernama “King George VI “ FID.DEF.IND:IMP HALF CROWN 1948 GEORGIVS VI D:G:BR:OMN:REX. Kondisi koin ini sangat bagus coba dilihat gambar angka dan tulisan-nya sangat bagus dan terlihat timbul dengan jelas sekali seperti almost UNC,

1916 One British Penny Coin Uang Logam Tua Koin Kuno 1 Satu Penny Dari Negara Inggris Tahun 1916

The British have used the penny coin for hundreds of years to conduct trade.  In the year 1971 the British (new) penny went into use in the decimal system (100 of them will equal one pound).  Prior to that they were fractions of a pound (it would take 240 in the old system to equal 1 pound).

See the following pictures of a 1916 British Penny coin we have that would grade good.  This coin features King George V of the British Empire (who was in power from 1910 until 1936).  The back of it has Britannia: a Roman influenced ancient symbol of Great Britain.  This specimen is rather large weighing about 9 grams and is composed of bronze.

Koin jaman dulu koin kuno antik uang logam tua dari Negara Inggris koin yang sangat tua jama dulu ini diproduksi pada tahun 1961.  uang logam 1 satu penny :Georgeivs V DeI Gra:Brittt:Omn:Rex Fid:Def:Ind:Imp: ,